Yet to be published writer, and blogger, who enjoys the art. Ask me anything #AMA

Lindelani C. Mnisi
Apr 15, 2018

Hi there I am, Lindelani, poet and avid writer. Still working on getting published, but in the mean time here to happily share what  experience, in writing, I can.

I began developing a passion for writing in my early teens, and have since enjoyed sharing my work on various platforms. From poetry, to blog articles, and a lot of everything else in between, I've explored with other forms of writing. 

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Do you like gardening? Do you also have your own vegetable garden?
Apr 22, 4:41AM EDT0
When did you choose to go vegan? How do you feel about it now?
Apr 21, 2:00AM EDT0
Which articles and topics are best for your readers and which article was discussed and commented on the most?
Apr 21, 12:22AM EDT0
How do you treat cooperations? Are there jobs that you reject and how do you try to stay true to yourself?
Apr 20, 11:34PM EDT0
Which of William Shakespear's work has remained your favourite for years and why?
Apr 20, 4:48PM EDT0
What impact do you think social media has on your career?
Apr 20, 12:19PM EDT0
Have you considered self-publishing your poems? Why or why not?
Apr 19, 9:55AM EDT0
Do you like classical poetry? Who are some of your favorite poets? What do you like about them?
Apr 17, 10:17AM EDT0
What kind of art do you enjoy besides your own?
Apr 17, 4:38AM EDT0

I enjoy all forms of art, from the art of dance, to the art of cooking. I also see everything as an art, and so practice most arts to some degree. 

Apr 19, 8:57AM EDT0
What kind of poetry do you write?
Apr 17, 12:43AM EDT0

Slam poetry, which is more emotional and free form. 

Apr 19, 8:53AM EDT0
How did you decide to become a vegan? How has your life changed since then?
Apr 16, 11:21AM EDT0

Let's see, the short version... I was in need of some motivation in life so I decided to try something new, something reinventing and so far I'm just so glad to have upped my fiber intake and Vegan memes (but honestly my body feels kind of rejuvenated). As for the long version, you can read about it on the blog. 

Apr 16, 11:47AM EDT0
Are you an avid reader as well as a writer? What kind of books do you like to read?
Apr 16, 10:23AM EDT0

Yes I would say I am. The brilliance of reading is that it inspires you more and more to write (well for me it does). What do I read? Mostly a lot of self-help books, studies (I like to learn things), and every once in a while when I find a good one novels. 

Apr 16, 12:04PM EDT0
How has being a poet influenced your life?
Apr 16, 6:29AM EDT0

It's given me a voice to speak about things that matter to me, writing poems has been my form of therapy, and I'm more interesting to the ladies (mostly the ones who do like poetry) 

Apr 16, 11:54AM EDT0
What other writings do you do besides poetry?
Apr 16, 4:21AM EDT0

Well I write articles for my blog, and dabble in short stories from time to time. Ultimately I would like to write, and publish, que novel one day. 

Apr 19, 8:50AM EDT0
What do you do for a living besides writing?
Apr 16, 12:26AM EDT0

Well currently I'm a struggling artist. I'm staying at my uncle's place while I attempt to find a way of making a living through the things I am passionate about. 

Apr 19, 8:49AM EDT0

Besides poetry, what other literary genres do you dabble in?

Apr 15, 6:41PM EDT0

Blogging (if that counts as a genre), I write - and make - music, fiction, and formal writing when I, or someone, needs a document of some kind. 

Apr 19, 8:52AM EDT0
Where can one find some of your poems?
Apr 15, 1:38PM EDT0

Currently I've made my poems available on my other blog, my YouTube channel under the title "Introspective" and I recently put together a four track audio collection: feel free to check it out, I would appreciate it. 

Apr 16, 12:07PM EDT0
Who has been a major influence in your life and had a major role in becoming the person you are today as a writer?
Apr 15, 8:14AM EDT0

One of my biggest influences, when it comes to writing, would have to be Sir William Shakespeare. What's so inspiring about him is how much he made a name for himself as a writer, and how even to this day he remains world renowned. So in short I'm inspired by his legacy. Otherwise my biggest inspirations in life in general would be my amazing parents. 

Apr 15, 9:57AM EDT0
Do you think poetry has a big audience and why?
Apr 15, 1:13AM EDT0

Two words: Maya Angelo. I once thought that people were only interested in old poets, and writers from history (i.e the Shakespeares and Aristotles), but I've come to realize that poetry still runs deep in our culture and society. So do I think poetry has a big audience? Yes, maybe not as big as chart toping music and blockbuster films, but poetry continues to be celebrated at art festivals, in book groups, and other facets of our lives. It may not seem evident as poetry is often enjoyed/consumed in a more subtle manner. 

Apr 15, 10:08AM EDT0
You mentioned exploring other forms of writings, what are they?
Apr 14, 9:22PM EDT0

Well over the years I've come to notice the true power, and use of writing, I'm sure you're familiar with the old adage, "the pen is mightier than the sword", which opened me to realizing just how far the spectrum of "writing" is. So I've tried copywriting, I've written a fair number of speeches by now, I've attempted - and are still pursuing - a few research papers, and I will often write down short stories, thoughts, and script ideas.

Apr 15, 10:16AM EDT0
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