Written about health, sex, finance, politics, economics and travel....ask me anything about dog-training too.....

Mar 8, 2018

Made a living writing about finance, economics and politics but passions are health, travel, exercise [pilates], movies, reading  and dogs - ask me anything about career shifts, reinventing oneself, the challenges of moving countries, fitting into a new society and community, adapting to a new culture, how much of one's own to keep and how much to shed or at least not flaunt. 

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Do you have pet dogs? How many? What are their names?
Mar 13, 3:01PM EDT0
What’ the best way to get rid of writer’s block?
Mar 13, 12:23PM EDT0
How many books have you written so far? Which one are you most proud of?
Mar 13, 6:16AM EDT0
Is it possible to teach an old dog new tricks - literally?
Mar 13, 5:37AM EDT0
How do you train your dogs? What are some tricks they can do right now?
Mar 13, 5:22AM EDT0
Where did you work as a translator? What all languages you master?
Mar 10, 7:55PM EST0
What made you write on all these topics? Do you do thorough researches before writing anything on the subject or chose to write topics where you can add what you think about that particular subject/topic?
Mar 10, 11:25AM EST0
What has been your best piece of writing so far in terms of both fiction and nonfiction?
Mar 10, 8:43AM EST0
What's one topic that you really want to write about but haven't written yet?
Mar 9, 9:20PM EST0

Where can people find your writings online?

Mar 9, 4:47PM EST0

Have you ever visited Thailand? I find that, while most expats fit in and understand the frustrations which might come with living in a different socirty, some become "Bashers" or "Apologists",Those that see everything that is wrong with Thailand and those that, wearing rose-tinted glasses, believe everything is perfect and cannot debate truthfully in a balanced manner.  Neither type can really be said to fit in to their host society.What are readers' views, either on Thailand or other countries?

Mar 8, 9:56PM EST0
How can a society change by simply moving to another state or country?
Mar 8, 9:16PM EST0

What have you struggled with most adapting to a new culture? How did you manage it?

Mar 8, 8:42PM EST0

My recipe for dealing with "Culture Shock" is to integrate into the local community and, without forsaking the standards of your own national culture and values, try to see and do things their way.There will still be some frustrations but it can be helpful to discuss these with, in my case, Thai friends.Though it is true that Thais can be extreemly shy (don't let the smiles deceive you) and may not want to discuss your anxieties with you. They see that as being in conflict with you. In my experience, some Thais feel that even constructive debate, which you may regard as potentially helpful, is too much like conflict in their opinion. 

Mar 8, 10:08PM EST0
You mention towards the end of your AMA that you should own to keep or shed, what are you referring to? Is it materialistic or spiritual?
Mar 8, 7:59PM EST0
What political issues do you focus on in your novels?
Mar 8, 4:46PM EST0
When was the last time you had to move countries?
Mar 8, 2:23PM EST0
Learning a new language can be quite difficult. Did you learn how to speak the language before moving or did you learn as you lived there?
Mar 8, 11:25AM EST0
How much exercise is needed to help with depression?
Mar 8, 8:09AM EST0

What would you say would be the first step in reinventing yourself?

Mar 8, 1:16AM EST0
Are your novels focused on domestic issues or international issues?
Mar 7, 9:53PM EST0
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