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Cynthia D'Alba
Mar 11, 2018

I'm a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance, Western Contemporary Romance, and lately Romantic Suspense.  I've been published in traditional publishing (Samhain Publishing - now closed), Indie Publishing, and in numerous multi-author collections. I am so multi-published in medical and nursing journals.

I live in Arkansas and Florida (during the winter! I'm a snowbird. Ask me if you don't know what a snowbird is!) I am a breast cancer survivor (Diagnosis was triple negative breast cancer. Ask me about that if you don't know what triple negative means.)

I hold a bachelor degree in nursing, was licensed as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Nurse Practitioner. I also hold master degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and Business Administration. I earned a doctorate in Higher Education Administration. 

I've worked as a nurse, a nursing educator (Obstetrics), large medical center medical coordinator (Department of OB/GYN at UT Memphis), Coordinated Prenatal Screening, Did prenatal counseling, Ran a Urology Practice, Worked as Graduate Program Coordinator (U. of Memphis, College of Business) and Assistant Dean (U of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Business. So ask me anything about pregnant women, labor and delivery, genetic counseling, higher education (being a student or teaching at a university), medical practices, doctors (was married to one at one time!) If I posted a Curriculum Vitae, I'd look schizophrenic with all the different fields I worked! 

I write about cowboys, lawyers, doctors and just starting to write retired military. 

So... ask me anything! About writing, publishing, whatever! I'm an open book!

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What kind of cowboy books have you written? Where did you get the storylines from?
Mar 15, 8:22AM EDT0
What caught your interest in Romantic Suspense? Was it easy to write?
Mar 14, 10:19AM EDT0

Easy? Yes and no, It can be difficult to keep up the suspense, amping it up with each event, Takes planning, 

Why? I wanted to write in Elle James's Kindle World of Brotherhood Protectors and it needed to be RS. I enjoyed it a great deal and plan to continue doing so

Mar 14, 11:19AM EDT0
Why do you call yourself a snowbird? Do you continue to be a snowbird even now?
Mar 14, 9:39AM EDT0

Snowbird - Someone who "flies" south for the winter to avoid snow. 

Yes. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to travel south during the winter months 

Mar 14, 11:17AM EDT0
Why did you start writing in the retired military? How did you prepare yourself before starting it?
Mar 13, 3:18PM EDT0

Elle James asked me to write in her Kindle World, Brotherhood Protectors. It is a fictional organization comprised of retired military, I did a lot of online research! 

Mar 14, 11:20AM EDT0
If you want to change something about your life, what will it be?
Mar 13, 10:57AM EDT0

My lack of exercise. I've never been an active person and it's gotten worse as I've aged. 

Mar 13, 11:31AM EDT0
What are the biggest problems and stigma that are faced by breast cancer patients?
Mar 13, 2:18AM EDT0

I've faced no stigma at all. Only loving support. 

Biggest problems - can't begin to answer that for all cancer patients. 

For me, the biggest help was family support. 

Mar 13, 4:28AM EDT0
How can a person work in multiple fields at the same time without losing track in any of them?
Mar 12, 2:30PM EDT0

I'm not sure what you are asking. Please clarify

Mar 13, 4:29AM EDT0
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Is romance writing your favorite niche? How do you get ideas for your books in general?
Mar 12, 9:13AM EDT0

Without doubt, Romance is my favorite genre. With all the bad news in the world, I enjoy the falling in love again and knowing I'll see a happily ever after. Ideas for books are everywhere. Stories on the news. Stories from friends. But mostly, they come from my brain.

Mar 13, 4:30AM EDT0
What is the status of the prenatal screening in your region today?
Mar 11, 9:43PM EDT0

I don't know as I have been out of prenatal screening and the medical field since 1996.

Mar 13, 4:31AM EDT0
What are the best tips you will give to the nurses on work-life balance?
Mar 11, 9:34PM EDT0

Tough question, 

I think, as much as possible, leave the job at the job. Be in the moment when you are with family

Mar 13, 11:31AM EDT0
What created your interest in academia? How do you rate your service in academics?
Mar 11, 4:05PM EDT0

The challenge

Mar 11, 6:07PM EDT0
What kind of writing projects other than books are you taking?
Mar 11, 1:19PM EDT0


Mar 11, 2:01PM EDT0
Have you done self-publishing? What are the tips and advice for the beginners?
Mar 11, 1:03PM EDT0

Yes. Tips..Hire a good editor. Hire a book cover designer. Be perpared for a lot of work outside of the writing

Mar 11, 2:01PM EDT0

Are you a writer full time? What did you have to do to become a bestselling author?

Mar 11, 12:37PM EDT0

Yes,. Fulltime writer. 

I write books I want to read. That gives me something in common with my readers...we like the same things. I try to reach out to my readers the best I can, 

As far as best selling - Luck. Pure luck

Mar 11, 2:01PM EDT0
What types of writing did you do for lawyers? How easy was it to handle this subject?
Mar 11, 12:11PM EDT0

You misread. I did not and have not ever worked FOR lawyers nor written work for lawyers. 

I've had lawyers as characters in my books

Mar 11, 1:50PM EDT0
Will you ever go back to the roles that you had played in your past? If so, what kind of preparations you will make?
Mar 11, 9:58AM EDT0

No, That's the past. Water under the bridge. 

Mar 11, 1:50PM EDT0
How difficult was to find the traditional publisher for your first book?
Mar 11, 9:42AM EDT0

Hard. I sent out a query. Got rejected all around but one editor liked my voice and asked to see something else. That's how I sold. BUT that was in the past. Today's market in traditional publishing is tough

Mar 11, 1:52PM EDT0
What kind of preparation/training and ongoing study do you recommend to upcoming writers?
Mar 11, 3:37AM EDT0

Join Romance Writers of America. Join a local RWA chapter. Take ever writing class you can on point of view, character development, setting and scene, etc. 

Mar 11, 1:52PM EDT0
As a nurse, what are some of the best ways that one should deal with pregnant women?
Mar 10, 5:57PM EST0

I don't really understand what you are asking. Pregnant women are women. Treat like you would any human... with respect and kindness

Mar 10, 9:42PM EST0
What inspired you to study nursing? What do you like the most about being a nurse?
Mar 10, 4:59PM EST0

Seriously? Poor career guidance. Back when I was in college, girls were shunted A LOT into teaching and nursing. And probably lack of imgination on my part

Mar 10, 5:28PM EST0
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