Writer of comics Daughter of Titan and others is here for an AMA extravaganza!

Richard Mooney
Jul 9, 2018

Ever wondered how to make a comic, where do you even begin? Well, as the creator and writer of Daughter of Titan I'm here to help! Anything from script writing to building and managing a creative team. From promoting your comic online and on Kickstarter to getting physical copies into the grateful hands of fans, I've done it all! Check my work out on Instagram and Facebook!




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What are some of the best online platforms that has a lot of comic enthusiasts where one can promote their comic book?
Jul 16, 2:47AM EDT0

If you can get your comic on comixology then you're doing something right. But otherwise, there are loads of Facebook groups who focus solely on comics and of course on Instagram you have #comics. These as some of the places you would be best starting with. 

Jul 16, 6:45AM EDT0
What are some tips you can give on having a successful Kickstarter campaign?
Jul 15, 5:25AM EDT0

Promote early. Start building up to the kickstarter months in advance. The very successful Killtopia comic raised 16k in a month, why? Because they had been promoting for an entire year!

Jul 16, 6:42AM EDT0
What other comics have you worked on and how would you rate their success?
Jul 13, 10:29AM EDT0

My first comic was written for a male grooming company. It has about 14,000 followers on Instagram and has been sent around the world.

Then it would be Uptown Chronicles which is mainly limited to Ukraine/Russia because of the creator. It has however done very well. One day, the creator just sends me a picture of the news where my face is on a news report. Crazy haha

Jul 15, 6:11AM EDT0
Are there many strong female characters in comics?
Jul 13, 2:44AM EDT0

No sadly, especially when compared to their male counterparts. What few we have though we must celebrate. My peesonal favourite is Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan).

Jul 15, 6:07AM EDT0
What is the narrative hook of Daughter of Titan?
Jul 13, 1:17AM EDT0

Alena Amar discovers she is the last descendent of the worlds only true superhero, Titan. She goes out to reclaim the mantle and draws the attention of the descendant of Titan's arch nemesis, who still has a score to settle.

The narrative hook is that she lives in a world where augmentations negate her powers. In a world where technology is improving human capabilities every year, will the notion of a superhero be pointless one day?

Jul 15, 6:04AM EDT0
How did you come up with Daughter of Titan? Was it inspired by any real life characters?
Jul 12, 11:31PM EDT0

The plot is a mash of some of my favourite things: mech suits, Lovecraftian horror, shady governments and diversity. I also just got sick of the straight-white-male narratives in comics and so decided to create the story I wanted to read. There were no real life inspirations sadly.

Jul 15, 5:58AM EDT0
Are there small publishing companies that work solely on publishing comic books? Would they be a good place to start or would you recommend going about major household names?
Jul 12, 6:54PM EDT0

I'd recommend making a good quality comic and letting them come to you. Small publishers clambered over each other to get Daughter of Titan on board. But most of them have no real business structure in place, so in the end I chose none of them. Create more quality, sell at conventions and promote online. These are the areas you should be focussing all your energy. If you do, then the household names will come to you.

Last edited @ Jul 15, 5:36AM EDT.
Jul 15, 5:36AM EDT0
Which social media platforms you find to be best for promoting comic books in general and yours specifcally?
Jul 12, 3:36PM EDT0

Instagram definitely. I was surprised how little traction DoT was getting on Facebook, but then on Instagram there has been steady growth since the launch 2 months ago.

The Gale for example is a cool little comic that has thousands of followers on Instagram but couldn't make it work on facebook. So they closed their page. Whereas Killtopia does terrible on Instagram but phenomenally well on Facebook. I guess it's where you audience is, you just need to experiment and find out where they are.

Last edited @ Jul 15, 5:31AM EDT.
Jul 15, 5:28AM EDT0
Are there any online courses or resources where one can explore what it means to be a comic book artist?
Jul 12, 5:20AM EDT0

Not that I know of. But I'm a writer so that doesn't mean it isn't out there

Jul 12, 8:32PM EDT0
Besides the writing, art work and promotion, what more goes into the publishing of a comic book?
Jul 11, 7:35PM EDT0

Let's not forget the negotiations with letterers, fights with your editor, the research into kickstarter success, the waiting (god the waiting) the physical exertion of carrying 300 copies of your comic home up a hill from the post office and the hours writing out the addresses of every customer who backed or ordered a copy of your comic.

Jul 12, 3:44PM EDT0
What is the most challenging aspect of launching a new comic?
Jul 10, 3:47PM EDT0

Getting people to pay attention. Thanks to the internet, so many creators can get their work out there, but that creates a saturated market. You need to have a real narrative hook and some killer art to give yourself even a chance of getting noticed.

Jul 11, 7:39AM EDT0
How do you generate a following for a comic book or series? How did you promote yours?
Jul 10, 4:07AM EDT0

Promote regularly on social media. This is key. Things move so fast online that as soon as you post, it is lost in a sea of other posts. But regular posting and consistent posting will catch the eye of more people. Post sketches, script segments, behind the scenes footage, and there are plenty of other things you can do, like host and AMA. It's all part of a greater marketing strategy to get Daughter of Titan in front of as many people as possible!

Jul 10, 4:38AM EDT0
Can someone really be considered a comic book artist if they do the dialogue but not the artwork?
Jul 10, 4:05AM EDT0

No. They can be called a comic book letterer.

Jul 10, 4:34AM EDT0
Who do you think are some of the underrated comic book artists of this generation?
Jul 9, 3:46AM EDT0

Fiona Staple's art really helped get into Saga by Brian K Vaughn. It's just different to other comics out there and although she has earned lots of plaudits from within the comic community, but outside it she is an unknown.

Withing the indie community there are loads of artists that deserve to be more recognised. Craig Paton, the artist for indie sensation "Killtopia" has been creating sone stunning art in his first outing as a fully fledged comic artist.

And of course Monika Laprus Wierzejska, whose art was so inspiring to me, I had to get her on board for Daughter of Titan. 

Jul 9, 6:34AM EDT0
What advice do you have on how to draw one's comic book characters consistently?
Jul 8, 1:01PM EDT0

Pay for a good artist :P

But realistically I know most artists warm up each day by sketching a character from multiple angles. Drawing a character head on can help you get better at drawing a character, but multiple angles gives you the confidence and consistency you will need to do an entire comic.

Last edited @ Jul 9, 6:36AM EDT.
Jul 8, 1:07PM EDT0
What did you find particularly tricky about writing the dialogue for Daughter of Titan and how did you resolve this difficulty?
Jul 8, 6:41AM EDT0

The trick is to speak it out loud. Lock yourself away in another room and act out the scene. Anyone looking in would find it cringey to watch, but it's invaluable to watch. Then let several people read the script. Finally, if you pick up an editor, they will check your dialogue. 

To be really sure, after the artist is done, but the letterer hasn't begun yet, go over the dialogue with the art again. See if it fits. 

Jul 8, 11:26AM EDT0
What's the usual salary for a comic book artist?
Jul 8, 5:44AM EDT0

A freelance comic book artist not attached to a major company can earn $0 a year. But a different artist in the same situation can earn $100,000. Quality, how you market yourself and how many jobs you successfully take on can contribute to this. These factors apply to artists at every level. At Marvel and DC, it depends on the project you are working on but a good artist with year round work can expect a salary of at least $30,000

Jul 8, 11:24AM EDT0
What is the plot of Daughter of Titan, and why did you choose a female lead character for your comic?
Jul 8, 4:38AM EDT0

A young Muslim woman living in a dystopian city in what is now a deeply fragmented America discovers she is the descendent of the last superhero Titan, who died over a hundred years prior. Utilising the robotics skills of her best friend Suzanne to construct the "Titan Suit" she goes out to try and make a difference. Her exploits however, catch the attention of the decendent of Titan's arch nemesis, and he has a score to settle.

I decided to choose a female hero because I wanted to give women better representation in comics. In comics, women are most likely used as narrative devices to inspire the male characters (princess locked in castles, woman in the fridge syndrome) or as eye candy for male readers. I want to contrinute towards a positive change that includes women on an equal footing. Alena Amar is Muslim and her best friend Suzanne is gay. Neither of these aspects play into the narrative of the comic, but it has given the comic a boost as people who previously felt that comics were the domain of "straight-white-men".

Jul 8, 11:20AM EDT0
What drew you to the particular style you adopted for your comics and how did you refine and make your style unique in comparison to other comic artists?
Jul 8, 4:29AM EDT0

When I saw Monika's arteork on the comic "EXIST" I fell in love with it. I feel that her artwork is a prime example of the quality that can be found on the indie market: unique in style and technically brilliant.

Jul 8, 11:10AM EDT0
In what ways can a comic book artist bring together elements in Comics to communicate their perspective as an artist?
Jul 8, 2:53AM EDT0

I always give my artists a high degree of freedom. My latest blog post deals with how two artist have produced very different results, not just stylistically, when given artistic freedom to express themselves within the script. But really that's as far as I can go not being an artist myself.

Jul 8, 11:05AM EDT0
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