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Ukpeme Akpan Okon
May 13, 2018

Everyone possesses great potentials. We are talented.

I am inspired to share and receive beneficial discussions on how to achieve fulfillment. I support learning and continuous learning but also encourage my readers to desist from characterizing their potentials and talents, solely through a plethora of credentials.

I have been engaged in writing for a long time and still writing.

Your valuable thoughts are essential to write right.


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Do you have any suggestions to help people become a better writer? If so, what are they?
May 18, 11:12PM EDT0

To become a better writer:

  • Be original,
  • Bring your inspiration to the writing table,
  • Be confident,
  • Organisation is necessary,
  • Pay attention to your health,
  • Embrace creativity,
  • Avoid being perfect but pursue excellence,
  • Persevere,
  • Don't compare yourself with other writers,
  • Collate your writings,
  • Save your work on retrievable devices,
  • Write more, if you can,
  • Sequel writing is not compulsory,
  • Improve on your writing,
  • Don't be fearful of criticisms and bad reviews,
  • Seek assistance,
  • Identify with writing groups,
  • If you want to publish your work, conduct a research on your chosen mode of publication,
  • Be focused and motivated.

Thank you.

May 19, 7:58AM EDT0
You are a Writer, Lawyer, Mentor, Ambassador for Peace. How do you manage all these roles?
May 18, 9:49PM EDT0


I smiled as I read your question, because I have other roles, which are not included among the ones I indicated.

I manage being a Writer, Lawyer, Mentor, Ambassador for peace, and so on, very well. The crucial reason is : I enjoy these roles. I derive great joy from engaging in the endeavours that present these roles. The prime management model I use is organization. 

My advice to persons with multi-roles:

  • Steer clear of being inundated with uninspiring responsibilities,
  • Be certain that you have the time for your inspiring activities,
  • Utilize your roles to positively affect humanity and society.
Last edited @ May 19, 6:47AM EDT.
May 19, 6:43AM EDT0
How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
May 18, 8:16PM EDT0


In my interactions, I realised that I positively affected people , as a mediator, mentor and coach. I acknowledged my calling, to inspire people. Hoping to extend this experience, I decided to write a motivational book - my first book, which is almost completed.

My experiences from writing articles, speeches and reports are valuable.

May 18, 9:39PM EDT0
What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?
May 18, 5:55PM EDT0

To be productive, I apportion time between my work and writing.

By this method, I am able to avoid conflict of schedules.

Sometimes, my creativity button activates,  during my work schedule. Other times, my work seeks to enter my writing space.

I resist the likely consequence of targets setback and stick to the schedule I organize, for my work and writing.

Thank you for your participation, Juel.

May 18, 7:48PM EDT0
Aside from talent and business skills what can an writer work on to find success in their careers?
May 16, 6:09AM EDT0

Success is relative. Wealth, fulfillment and popularity are among the criteria of success.

In addition to talents and business skills, writers can succeed in their careers:

  1. By inculcating ethics,
  2.  By keeping account of their income and expenditure,
  3. By refraining from complacency,
  4. By supporting aspiring writers,
  5. By identifying with communities of writers, to leverage their skills.

Thanks for asking.

May 16, 11:56AM EDT0
Where do you find your strength and your courage to stay calm yet strong?
May 16, 6:01AM EDT0


Calmness is one of the values I hold very dear. It pacifies me and keeps me collected, during challenging times.

I find strength predominantly in my believe in Divine assistance, to grant me peace amidst my experiences.

I also find strength within myself. I constantly self-inspire to stay calm. I realise that many regrettable actions could be prevented, if people kept calm before acting. Tolerance of others strengthens my calmness.

The courage to stay calm, even when I'm thought or seen to be weak, is strengthening. 

May 16, 11:12AM EDT0
Is most of your time spent on editing, as opposed to just writing down a first rough draft?
May 15, 10:55PM EDT0

I spend more time writing a draft than editing. Writing is more engaging for me.

Typographical errors are easily corrected, when I use a computer , unlike preparing a draft on paper, for subsequent transfer to a digital device. Editing my contents -for grammar precision,  spelling and concepts is easier and saves time , as I type. 

I desist from trying to write perfectly. There is likely to be something to edit at each editing round. It is more practical for me to read over my draft twice.

A cautionary approach to forestall the loss of contents, from days, weeks, months or years of writing : writers should save their works on external devices and send their drafts,  in stages, to their electronic mail addresses or other channels of communication.

Thanks,  for your question. 

May 16, 10:14AM EDT0
Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?
May 14, 8:55PM EDT0


I try to be original in writing. Unimaginative writing can subdue creativity.

I do not expect every reader to accept my writing style ; readers in this group are entitled to their opinions and tastes.

I believe that my delivery will appeal to many readers, who identify their reading needs and wants in my work.

May 15, 10:22AM EDT0
What authors did you dislike at first but grew into?
May 14, 5:15PM EDT0

I did not dislike, to eventually like any author.

Many people think that authors have read many books. Besides the books I have read, for academic purposes, I have not read many books.

Nonetheless, I like the books I have read and the authors' writing styles. The memories are vivid.


Last edited @ May 15, 9:56AM EDT.
May 15, 9:56AM EDT0
What other artistic pursuits (if any) do you indulge in besides creative writing?
May 14, 1:42PM EDT0


I encourage the utilization of talents. Besides creative writing, I am engaged in singing, acting and dancing.

May 14, 6:18PM EDT0
How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?
May 14, 10:23AM EDT0

I have one unpublished and half-finished book.

Besides my first book , which will be published soon, I have written several articles that have been published.


Last edited @ May 14, 6:11PM EDT.
May 14, 6:10PM EDT0
How long on average does it take you to write a book?
May 14, 9:49AM EDT0

Ana, it takes me about six months to write a book.

If I am writing a voluminous book, it will take a longer time. 

May 14, 6:01PM EDT0
What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters?
May 14, 8:57AM EDT0

Hersphinx, I owe them respect and gratitude.

Although I will replace their names in the book,  I would consider asking and informing them of my intention to tell their stories.  I will respect the aspects of their stories they prefer to remain private.

I owe them gratitude , for the opportunity to use their story to write my story.

May 14, 5:56PM EDT0
What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
May 14, 8:54AM EDT0

I was granted an honorarium for participating at a workshop for Judges, based on a paper I wrote and presented.

That was the best money I have received and spent, as a writer.

Thanks for your question.  It reminded me of the insightful deliberations at the workshop.

May 14, 5:45PM EDT0
s a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?
May 14, 7:10AM EDT0

I am a zealous advocate of peace.

I would choose the dove, to represent this concept.

Thanks, Mmalahoo.

May 14, 4:16PM EDT0
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your writing career?
May 14, 12:03AM EDT0

I have a keen enthusiam for writing, Terika.

Regardless of the hindrances I encounter, I have no regrets being a writer.

May 14, 4:04PM EDT0
Does having a big ego help or hurt writers?
May 13, 11:46PM EDT0


Ego, a connotation of self-esteem and self-confidence should be evinced by writers. Self-worth , ensures that you value your capabilities and your dignity remains intact. You will be unperturbed by demeaning people and circumstances.

A  "big" ego will not hurt writers, but they should be wary of overconfidence.

Last edited @ May 18, 1:37PM EDT.
May 14, 3:56PM EDT0
Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?
May 13, 11:42PM EDT0

Mawaddah, I supose that persons could be writers if they don't feel emotions strongly.

Emotions vary and people respond differently to particular emotions. For instance, someone could strongly present as a happy person, whilst another person could present strongly as being impatient (dissimlar but distinct emotions ).  Two persons could be considered to be kind but the degree of kindness may differ .

Some writers write with emotions ( strong and basic). An ardent reader is able to decipher that. Other writers write impassively, based on their understanding of principles, circumstances and other topics that captivate them.

May 14, 3:34PM EDT0
Who would you say is your greatest writing influence in terms of your own writing style, and why?
May 13, 11:17PM EDT0

I hold authors in high regard. The intellectual efforts they apply  in writing should not be belittled. It is not that simple to write ( even a one-page letter).

Considering the books I have read, I recognised the numerous writing skills of the authors and enjoyed the diversity of talents.

In terms of my writing style, I am not influenced by anyone. I advocate originality in writing. 


May 14, 9:56AM EDT0
How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?
May 13, 7:40PM EDT0

My first book will be published soon.

I expect a successful outcome.

Thank you.

May 13, 9:39PM EDT0
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