World-breaking record: 1,000,000 words in 2 years! Stella Purple, bestselling AUTHOR, international award-winning GRAPHIC DESIGNER and ENTREPRENEUR. AMA about the ups and downs of indie-publishing, how a FULL-TIME author bought her first house!

Stella Purple
Apr 4, 2018

My niche is: reverse harem/polyandry (romance sub-genre) & high fantasy (action/adventure is a must, often times with paranormal/fantasy, or sci-fi).

I enjoy writing for fun, both for indie publishing and fanfics :) Just last year, I broke my own record of 1,000,000 words for over 100 stories & series in less than 2 years!

When it's high, it's so high; when it's low, it's so low. Writing has been such a roller-coaster journey for me. Ask me anything about the ups and downs of writing!

I am a BIG fan of watching films and reading (anime, manga, webtoons, TV show, movie, K-drama, cartoon, novel---no specific preference in that order). They are my regular source of inspirations!

As a graphic designer, I also design my own book covers and social media kit.


Stella Purple says:

This AMA will end Jun 30, 2018 4AM EDT

Stella Purple says:

This AMA will end Jul 31, 2018 4AM EDT

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How do you juggle it all with being a student at the same time?
Apr 11, 5:05PM EDT0
Would like to tell about some of your biggest clients or perhaps the most challenging design job so far?
Apr 10, 1:25PM EDT0
What’s one big idea you have for the future that you’d like to make happen?
Apr 10, 12:21PM EDT0
What are your secrets to being a successful entrepreneur?
Apr 10, 6:06AM EDT0
What would you say was the highlight moment of your career so far?
Apr 8, 10:48AM EDT0
For writers who are trying to balance art and life, how would you motivate them to stay motivated in pursuing their passion?
Apr 7, 9:51AM EDT0
What do you want to focus more this year? Writing or Designing?
Apr 7, 5:35AM EDT0

Writing! I'm currently working on one of my personal projects.

Apr 9, 2:04AM EDT0
What do you think is the ideal balance of writing what you’re passionate about and understanding what’s drawing readers in the industry?
Apr 7, 3:37AM EDT0
Do you only design your book covers or do people hire you to do work for them as well?
Apr 6, 12:59AM EDT0

I do a side gig with my studio to design for other international companies. But I found that most individuals do not have the budget to hire a professional studio, unless we're talking about big publishing companies.

Apr 9, 2:19AM EDT0
What kind of software do you use for graphic design?
Apr 5, 10:48PM EDT0

What any other graphic designer use in common: Adobe, particularly Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Apr 9, 2:09AM EDT0
How did you get to be both a writer and a graphic designer? Did you study both?
Apr 5, 10:43AM EDT0

I have a Bachelor degree for graphic designer, but I've been honing my writing skills for the past 9 years.

Apr 9, 2:12AM EDT0
Who gets to read and see your work before it's launched and presented to readers in terms of writing and designing?
Apr 5, 2:35AM EDT0

My editor saw to the writing part. I did the design myself.

Apr 9, 2:13AM EDT0
What are you current fascinations and how is it feeding into your work?
Apr 5, 1:17AM EDT0
How would you describe your approach to graphic design?
Apr 5, 12:23AM EDT0
Do you possibly have any self-imposed rules that you like to live by?
Apr 4, 3:22PM EDT0
How have you honed your graphic designing skill over the years?
Apr 4, 3:22PM EDT0

While I have invested myself in learning graphic design before college, I found that I've gained deeper understanding once I studied it from professionals. Years in college taught me to open up my views to the world and pay attention down to the tiniest details. Less is more, and more white space is always better. ('White space' in design terminology.)

Apr 9, 2:15AM EDT0

Which book inspired you the most and why?

Apr 4, 8:07AM EDT0

Someone already asked a similar question, so I'm just gonna quote that ;)

Right from the first time I picked up Twilight back in my early teens. That was when I understood the scoope of success writing could achieve, while producing much more storytelling materials compared to if I do it through drawing. (Back then, I was aspired to become a mangaka/comic artist before I dabbled in writing.) I've come a long way since.

Apr 4, 11:33AM EDT0
Do you like Japanese manga and anime?
Apr 3, 9:30PM EDT0

Says so in the short paragraph above 🔝 ;)

Apr 3, 11:08PM EDT0
What kind of research do you do before writing a book? Do you read about a certain topic or do you prefer talking to people about it who are experts in it?
Apr 3, 8:24PM EDT0

I open myself to any research material or inspiration all the time and take notes when it's important, so that by the time that a story is fully taking form in my mind, I only to need to use those notes to help me fill in the minor details. My sources can come from any form of art (such as films, manga, animations, etc. — doesn't nessecarily have to be in the same genre), or even daily life/my surrounding. Even simple actions in life can inspire me to form a good string of words!

Apr 3, 11:07PM EDT0

Curious, how many hours a day are you able to sit at the computer and write?

Apr 3, 7:34AM EDT0

At the moment, I'm comitted to working on a long series full-time, so I'm in my office at home for most of the days :)

When I was writing for commissions, I had a certain guidelines that I can easily follow (that, combined with the gold rush), allowed me to write up to 10,000 words a day at the kickstart of the business.

Now that I'm writing for my original series, estimatedly 1,000 words/1 chapter a day, mostly because I want to take the time and make sure everything's in order :)

Right now, I just wish I can write nonstop without having to bother about other stuff like eating, etc. I once read a writing-advice book where the author only needed 2 weeks to complete a novella, completely isolating herself from the rest of the world! (She only kept snacks in jars to sustain herself.) Maybe I should do that too, now that I think about it....

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Apr 3, 11:02PM EDT0
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