World-breaking record: 1,000,000 words in 2 years! Stella Purple, bestselling AUTHOR, international award-winning GRAPHIC DESIGNER and ENTREPRENEUR. AMA about the ups and downs of indie-publishing, how a FULL-TIME author bought her first house!

Stella Purple
Apr 4, 2018

My niche is: reverse harem/polyandry (romance sub-genre) & high fantasy (action/adventure is a must, often times with paranormal/fantasy, or sci-fi).

I enjoy writing for fun, both for indie publishing and fanfics :) Just last year, I broke my own record of 1,000,000 words for over 100 stories & series in less than 2 years!

When it's high, it's so high; when it's low, it's so low. Writing has been such a roller-coaster journey for me. Ask me anything about the ups and downs of writing!

I am a BIG fan of watching films and reading (anime, manga, webtoons, TV show, movie, K-drama, cartoon, novel---no specific preference in that order). They are my regular source of inspirations!

As a graphic designer, I also design my own book covers and social media kit.


Stella Purple says:

This AMA will end Jun 30, 2018 4AM EDT

Stella Purple says:

This AMA will end Jul 31, 2018 4AM EDT

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In which softwer do you create your covers for the books?

Jun 30, 10:45AM EDT0
How do you distribute your time between writing and designing?
Jun 14, 3:06AM EDT0
What do you do when you’re running out of time on a project?
Jun 14, 1:28AM EDT0
What do you do when clients or stakeholders give you negative feedback on the designs you prepare for any project?
Jun 13, 2:48PM EDT0
What type of design work do you enjoy the most; print or digital? How do you find transitioning between the two?
Jun 13, 11:19AM EDT0
Are there any historical or high fantasy TV/films/books that influenced your writing?
May 26, 10:05AM EDT0
What are some of the new projects that you are currently working on?
May 26, 7:03AM EDT0

Which has been the most successful channel in selling your book?

Last edited @ May 26, 4:51AM EDT.
May 26, 4:35AM EDT0

Amazon, no doubt.

Jun 1, 11:57PM EDT0
What do you do when you’re not writing?
May 26, 3:35AM EDT0
Who is your favourite high fantasy character so far and why?
May 25, 9:27PM EDT0

How many of your friends bought your book?

May 24, 4:14AM EDT0

I don't think my friends are aware that I write 😂 And even if they do, none of them are actually fands of reading. So – none?

May 25, 11:02PM EDT0

What's your trick when (or if) you encounter writer's block?

May 22, 8:57PM EDT0

Listen to what others are doing — whether it's in music, movie, or other books. The right tone can help shape your mindset when working on a story.

Still not working? Might be a sign that you should take a break, empty your thoughts. When you get some ideas, it's time to rearrange your thoughts and get to work :)

May 22, 11:36PM EDT0

What's your next upcoming project that you're really looking forward to?

Apr 27, 12:08PM EDT0

I have many projects in time, in various different theme and setting. I don't have anything solid to offer yet, but do stay up to date to see future projects ;)

May 25, 11:03PM EDT0
How do you juggle it all with being a student at the same time?
Apr 11, 5:05PM EDT0

I started the writing commissions after I already graduated, so there was no qualm about it at all — just in time when I needed a job, too!

May 22, 11:37PM EDT0
Would like to tell about some of your biggest clients or perhaps the most challenging design job so far?
Apr 10, 1:25PM EDT0

Working on a project is always easy and hard at the same time.

Easy because when you're working on the field of your expertise, you're always one step ahead in anticipating what's needed. Constantly research for new inspiration (my personal fave is Pinterest), that way you'll always stay on trend and have a trusty collection of your own (always use pin boards on things you like!). 

Hard because external elements can influence your progress of work. Sometimes you might be at a crossroad on what the client wants and what you think is better, so often times you'll spend time just to reach a middle ground.

May 22, 11:42PM EDT0
What’s one big idea you have for the future that you’d like to make happen?
Apr 10, 12:21PM EDT0
What are your secrets to being a successful entrepreneur?
Apr 10, 6:06AM EDT0
What would you say was the highlight moment of your career so far?
Apr 8, 10:48AM EDT0

Reached 1,000,000 words in 2 years! I got enough money to buy a pretty nice house from working on that ;)

May 22, 11:43PM EDT0
For writers who are trying to balance art and life, how would you motivate them to stay motivated in pursuing their passion?
Apr 7, 9:51AM EDT0

Right now I'm in my point of life when I am pressured to create art to generate more money. My advice is to schedule a holiday so you won't get too stressed out by this. Art is not like any steady desk job, so you can't treat it the same way. You'll have to constantly search for inspiration in order to introduce new and fresh way to retell a story.

May 22, 11:45PM EDT0
What do you want to focus more this year? Writing or Designing?
Apr 7, 5:35AM EDT0

Writing! I'm currently working on one of my personal projects.

Apr 9, 2:04AM EDT0
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