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Author - YA and Historical


Author - YA and Historical

I'm an author of mainly YA and historical fiction. My background is in Ancient History, but I find lots of different time periods interesting, and I write non-fiction on Ancient, Medieval and Church History.

I am from Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, although I've lived in a few different places and have an unplaceable accent. People occasionally mistake me for an American!

I graduated from the University of St Andrews, categorically the best university in the world, and I thought I was done with exams, but in fact I went on to do a couple of diplomas in unrelated subjects, and even ended up taking Latin A-Level for fun (it's a long story).

I'm an inveterate reader, an enthusiastic dancer, a devout Christian, an affectionate auntie, and a rather intense conversationalist.

Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn or my website if you want to connect.


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  • Professional author for over ten years

  • Ancient History MA


  • University of St Andrews

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