Sean Davis

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Writer, poet and international backpacker.


Writer, poet and international backpacker.

I've always fashioned myself as a writer. Currently, I blog about my travels across the globe and a myriad of other topics. I'm scouring the world for any literary agent I can find to get my fiction novel published. 

My passion is to create. I write my own screenplays, I act and produce as well - and I'm working on a web series that I hope to finish before the year is out. There's no greater rush than when I'm staring at a blank word document. It's an open canvas. Although having my passport stamped and diving into new cultures is a close second. 

I feel that the quality of my content is worth compensation. It baffles me that a writer has to "struggle" for their whole lives while carrying a pen and pad just for the craft. It can be a way to earn a living.

It's imperative that every human being strives to exhaust every skill at their disposal and maximize their potential during their lifetime. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. I'll succeed or I'll fail but I will give everything I have to realize my dreams.


  • B.A. - Journalism

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