Irene Jane Holmes

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Inspire Fun Imagination can Increase Joy in reading in any lifetime to come.


Inspire Fun Imagination can Increase Joy in reading in any lifetime to come.

I am Author Irene Jane Holmes. I have 3 published adventure books. My newest book was published May 2018, "Little Boys Beach Adventure" Book 1; Treasure hunt & Magical Ocean Adventure. Children, Juvinell book from ages 2-14. I recommend this full color illustration picture book for all ages from 0-99 because even if children cannot read they love to look at the images and hear some of the words in the book. Any parent, guardian, grandparents or even your aunt and uncle, teachers would love to read this book to the kids. This is why I say any age would love to explore with the family at the beach in this beach while children learn to share and learn to watch out for safety while having a fun time reading the book or even just looking at the images if really fun and exciting for any age, especially children. The illustration picture book was published by Author Centrix.

I have 2 other adventure books. One is "ABC 123 Color Animal Kid published Aug 31, 2015, by Book Ventures. This is a fun full-color picture book for children to explore with a boy who learns his animal's facts from a-z and learns his phonics numbers, colors and more. Exploring the forest of animals is fun for children to smile and laugh as he or she looks at all the images of a boy looking at all the animals from a-z. The fun book for anyone to help teach children their basic education, in words, letters, numbers, colors, senses and comprehension and more.

My other book "Boys Adventure at the Wild West" is a Ghost Town Adventure. Experience the wild west with the explorer boys who find treasure, caves, trap doors and more, as they experience supernatural ghost mysteries, with the most deadly creatures who can make you deathly sick. Everyone will learn about helping others, solving problems and more. This Full-color picture book has images on the chapter heading of every chapter. Published by Author House Publishers.'

I am a senior student at Southern New Hamshire University. I am majoring in Creative Arts, Creative Writing; Specializing in Screenwriting. I have written a script for school "The Mountain man and his Women's Physic Vision Feelings" Wom the Best Show award in Fall of 2017 at the "Documentary Film Festival." I won a Best of the script Film reader trailer in March of 2018. You can check out my script video and my book @ Check out my learning blog has a sneak peek inside my books teaches children, juveniles to adults at any age any skill by reading a book, poem or even song lyrics..


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