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I'm a Writer, a Dreamer, an Achiever! :)


I'm a Writer, a Dreamer, an Achiever! :)

M.P. (Mituri Pradip) Sharma is a Writer, a Print Journalist, a Technical Writer, a Business Analyst, a Test Lead, and a Marketing & Communications/Public Relations Head for Nim-Véda Australia. Though she has a varied background, what has remained constant is her absolute obsessive love for writing, having written sporadically throughout the years.

Mituri began her career as a print journalist while in school and continued to work as one while completing her university education in journalism, writing for a variety of local papers, university publications, online materials, and glossy magazines. Even though a brief dissolution with the journalism world lead her down the path of Business Administration and Information Technology (with postgraduate degrees in both), she soon accepted the fact that writing was going to be plaguing her, happily or otherwise till she was no more.

A previous recipient of the Australian based Michael Harrison Award for Print Journalism, Mituri’s forte and passion lie firmly in fiction writing. Armed with plenty of stories where as a child she would be lost in an imaginary world she had created for hours at an end, it turns out the habit never left.

Mituri still finds that her imaginary acquaintances provide her with a source of entertainment whenever and wherever and she truly hopes that you will allow her to take you on the ride to some of these “worlds” as she sees it!


  • Previous Recipient of the Michael Harrison Award for Print Journalism. Written for a number of Australian local papers

  • News Corp & the second largest national publishing house

  • Express Publications.

  • Masters of Business Administration

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