Michael Darkone

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I love to write, sing & play video games.


I love to write, sing & play video games.

Michael Darkone was born in Painsville, Ohio in 1984, the youngest sibling out of two. His older sister Jessica of David and Marybeth. After his father Dave became a powerplant engineer they traveled around the world. Part of his childhood were spent in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, where his mother's family was at the time. After Michael's grandmothers passed away he found work in the school district of Monroeville, a nearby residential private school for the mentally challenged.In the spring of 2006, Michael studied Culinary Arts & Clerical Office at Forbes Tech in Monroeville. Pennsylvania.In the fall of 2007, Michael began teaching high school Special Ed classes at Sun Rise Academy, the public high school in Monroeville, Pennsylvania Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.In the winter of 2009, Michael wrote his first screenplay called The Devil's Companion which is based on paranormal events that happened on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.n the summer of 2014, Undead was published through Amazon. Shortly after Internal Damages was published in December.In the fall of 2014, On October 14th, Michael appeared on Gay Life Television which is located on the East Side of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. Had a interview with Daveo Falaveo about his novel Undead.In the winter of 2014, Michael studied Criminal Justice at University Of Colorado.


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