Annabel Hertz


Annabel Hertz is the author of Seeing Green, a story about environmental politics told from the 'fresh and feminist' perspective of a young, multicultural activist. She also works as a research, communications and strategy consultant-advisor to think tanks in the areas of climate change, sustainability and security—and as a fledgling entrepreneur and a visual artist. Previously, she taught International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy, was Global Governance Fellow at the World Economic Forum and held senior advocacy and executive roles with NGOs—including re-building WorldWIDE, a former UN organization dedicated to women's leadership for environmentally friendly projects and policies. She began her career working in disarmament diplomacy at the UN, following on her experience as an anti-nuclear testing/weapons activist (which garnered her a thank you kiss from Gorbachev). She draws on this background In Seeing Green to introduce new audiences to the world of NGOs—including its underdogs and its humorous aspects—and to show the multidimensionality of women in politics.

Annabel holds a MPA from Harvard’s Kennedy School, a MA in International Relations (IR) from San Francisco State, and a BA in Politics from the University of California, and has completed two years of doctoral studies in IR, executive education in business, and adjunct studies at the University of Sussex and the UN/Ralph Bunche Institute. Her non-fiction work has appeared in publications such as the Huffington Post, the Globalist, Financial Mail, and Harvard Program on Negotiation. Her adopted home is DC, but she has also lived in Geneva, New York, Paris, and Kingston, JA. Like Arcani, Seeing Green’s protagonist, she grew up in San Francisco and lives on espresso and avocados.


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