Carmen Beecher

Oil Painting, Collage, Writing


Oil Painting, Collage, Writing

I worked for the Air Force as an Illustrator for many years and during that time promoted security and conservation of resources with weekly comic strips, as well as all the other duties of a graphic artist working for the military. Now I am a full-time artist, traveler, writer, and whatever else I want to do. Lucky me! I joined the "Daily Painter" movement and sell small paintings (as well as large ones) online. I do the occasional collage when I feel inspired and messy. I wrote and illustrated a memoir about my childhood in Central Florida that tells of a world the tourists don't know. I am a true "Florida Cracker," which is not a derogatory term; it stems from the cowboys who cracked their whips while herding cattle in the old days. Like most every other artist, I am still figuring out how to market art, and I am still seeking perfection, an elusive quest if there ever was one.


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