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Contemporary erotic fiction author


Contemporary erotic fiction author

I'm a 'fairly-new-to-the-scene' indie author of the Definition series. I soft launched published my novella (it thinks it's a novel, it has about 43k words lol!), Definition of Flawed at the end of October 2017. Since then I've gone on to publish Stripped and Craving. I've got pre-orders up now for the next one in the series; Redemption. Absolution is the final book in the saga.

I began writing in March 2015 and had the Definition series completed by January 2016. It's since been re-written several times lol!  Resigning from my day job was never a consideration until the day I returned to work after a holiday to discover the company had made my colleagues redundant and I was expected to pick up a lot of their work. Doing four people's jobs was extremely difficult so with the emotional support of my husband, I resigned.

I've been writing full time since December 2016 and can't imagine my life being any other way, although I have been toying with the idea of looking for a part time job to subsidise my publishing expenses lol!


Ex-print professionalnow full time authorpreneur juggling thirty skittles at one time!
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