Lisa Hodorovych

I am a Jersey girl working on getting her first story published!


I am a Jersey girl working on getting her first story published!


My name is Lisa! I am from New Jersey! Ever since I can remember I loved to write stories! I remember in my elementary school there was a small "book publication" that some parents ran! I always wrote a story for them to publish and loved when I got my book handed to me when it was done! I've actually been trying to find those in my house, but to no avail!

However, I didn't realize I wanted to become a writer until my sophomore or junior year in high school! I began writing a story! I loved creating the characters, plot, dialogue, etc and I wanted to learn more! I wanted to perfect my craft! That's when I decided I wanted to major in Creative Writing when I went to college!

While in college I wrote for it's newspaper and I worked for it's literary magazine! I loved every moment of it! The writing, the editing, holding the final copy in my hand after it was published! That's when I knew I was in the right place! I chose the right profession in my life!

The bad news is, I graduated from college in 2009 during the lovely recession! No jobs in writing or publication were available! Nobody would hire me! From there I took any job I could find; mainly in retail! But last year, as my 30th birthday came, I made the decision to live my dream! I wanted to become a published author and I wanted to create my own publishing company! It's taken me sometime, but I am doing it!

I am living my dream!


Writing; Editing
  • I have been editing for a friend for over two years now! I wrote for my college newspaper! I currently write for an online publication called TapInto!

  • Bachelor's in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University