Amanda Blackwood

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Former Kidnap Victim out to change the world


Former Kidnap Victim out to change the world

Bio from the book, "Detailed Pieces of a Shattered Dream"

Amanda grew up in a military household.  She met and got to know many people of many different cultural backgrounds while living on the military bases across the country, and has had plenty of chances to travel abroad.  In fact, she was born in Germany.  She's traveled to England, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Ireland in recent years, and even lived in Scotland for a brief period of time.  Cultural diversity has been the backbone of her existence since a very young age. 


She was never a fan of her hair color as a kid.  Her mother said she hated her hair color when she was 15 or 16 and decided to bleach it blonde, but it took multiple attempts, and for some time her hair fluxuated between neon orange and straw (the color AND the consistency).  Her mother said it was a "mousy gray" color, but she was a natural strawberry blonde as a baby, and by High School other kids were teasing her for being a "ginger" among those with "normal" hair.  Kids can be cruel.  Even she was a practical joker and prankster as a kid, and still makes people laugh with her antics - though they're usually aimed at herself now instead of at her older brother. 


She's done a wide variety of jobs, from being a server and bartender at Colombo’s in Eagle Rock California, to flying the friendly skies as a Flight Attendant, and finally working full time helping to staff large concert venues in Colorado.  Her love of adventure defines her.


Life is what happens when something else is planned.


At the age of 19, Amanda's life took a drastic turn down a very dark path.  She married a much older man in an attempt to escape her already dramatic life and was looking for a way out of trouble when the word "trouble" was completely redefined for her. Locked away in a small room with no food, no water, no bathroom, and no company other that the screams of other trapped girls down the dark, deadly hallway, she had ample time to rethink her life. 


When she escaped, she didn't go back for the other girls whose screams haunt her dreams even now.  For many years she wondered where they were and even if they survived their captivity.  She never was able to find out any information on them or her captor, but she's finally found a way to fight back. 


The goal of the organization she's founded is to show the redhead kids who have been victims of bullying that they have live support, but also to save approximately 100 human trafficking victims for each of the 6 victims that were left behind when she escaped. Some people have told Amanda that it’s an impossible task, but once completed, she plans to achieve many more such ‘impossible’ goals with future Redheads Unite! events in additional states in the years to come.


So many victims are never found, but Amanda promises she'll never stop until she finds the girls she left behind. 


There's a good chance that means she'll never stop.


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