Hannibal Tabu

The Buy Pile @CBR, sourcebooks @AspenComics, 2012 @TopCow Talent Hunt winner. Novelist, journalist, poet, DJ, husband, dad, jerk @itskomplicated @operativenet @hannibaltabu


The Buy Pile @CBR, sourcebooks @AspenComics, 2012 @TopCow Talent Hunt winner. Novelist, journalist, poet, DJ, husband, dad, jerk @itskomplicated @operativenet @hannibaltabu

Born in Rockford, Illinois; raised in Memphis, Tennessee; matriculated in Tacoma, Washington and broadcasting live from Los Angeles, Hannibal Tabu is a writer, a brother, a husband, a misanthrope, a son, an emcee, an uncle, a poet, a father, a designer, a nephew, a romantic, a storyteller, and by god, a fan. He spent more than ten years doing the journalist thing for Vibe, Slave Trade, MTV Online, Rap Pages, America Online, the Los Angeles Sentinel, Spinnerrack.com, Speak and The Source. Hannibal has worked as a web designer/producer and graphic artist for American Honda, eHobbies.com, Quicken.com, Express.com, the California Association of REALTORS, DisneyChannel, NextPlanetOver.com, Toyota Motor Sales, Kaiser Permanente, California Bank & Trust and many more. As a poet, Hannibal has been published in The Drumming Between Us, (sic) Vice Verse, Drumvoices Review, Voices From Leimert Park and other anthologies, as well as being author of the collection BORN BENEATH AN ANGRY STAR and co-author of FLIGHT MANUAL. As a novelist, he's written THE CROWN: ASCENSION and FARAWAY (both available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Smashwords) and the upcoming sci fi political thriller ROGUE NATION. He's the winner of the 2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt; writer of WASO: WILL TO POWER and WASO: GATHERING WIND for Stranger Comics; PROJECT WILDFIRE for Legends Press; FATHOM, SOULFIRE, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS and ASPEN UNIVERSE SOURCEBOOKS for Aspen Comics; SCOUNDREL and IRRATIONAL NUMBERS for Wunderman Comics; and co-writer of an issue of WATSON AND HOLMES (alongside 2 GUNS writer Steven Grant) for New Paradigm Studios. For six years he was the editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Herald-Dispatch group of newspapers, and uses his Operative Network website (www.operative.net) to publish his poetry, market what he's doing, rant at the world and emit strangled cries for help. In addition to all that, Hannibal collects comic books, has scores of action figures, DJs private parties, is a Mac OS zealot, sings and sometimes even hosts karaoke, practices a form of spirituality based on ancient Egyptian belief, and goes to bed every day, secretly hoping that half the world will commit suicide in his honor.


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