Michelle Buffonge

Relationship Therapist For Single Professional Women


Relationship Therapist For Single Professional Women

A Post Graduate in Relationship Therapy from the prestigious and highly reputable Relate Institute, in conjunction with Hull University.​ I completed my practical training at Relate where I gained invaluable experience working with couples, individuals in relationships and single men and women. I quickly developed a passion to work with Single Professional Women wanting a loving committed relationship but constantly experiencing a variety of relationship issues including dating the wrong men, settling for undesirable relationships and repeating the same disastrous and painful patterns without understanding why.

​I specialise in working with single professional women who are tired of settling for unfulfilling relationships and are serious about finding and keeping a loving committed relationship or marriage but know they need to work on themselves before this can happen.

​​'Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it' ~ Rumi​

My gift is to assist single women to identify and overcome visible and invisible barriers you have built against love which operate against you in your quest for real love. Identifying these barriers not only enables you to overcome your blockages but it also helps you become more prepared for love so you're ready and available to finding, keeping, giving and receiving the love you deeply desire.