Arica Quinn

Mother, Grandmother, Author, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur


Mother, Grandmother, Author, Writer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

She says it and she’s keeping it real.  She “The Author” writes her myth just as we all do daily in our mind and stories we tell to each other, but she tells her story about you from your lovers identity of you.Arica is a hot mess on the planet of we’re not ready yet. She looks at the souls of men and women and translates what she discovers into literary works of art. She is fire and always ready to give you some truth that reflects from personal experience before trying to change you or sell you some BS you can get elsewhere.An articulate speaker, motivator, and encourager. Her  writing plays like your own personal soundtrack wherever  you’re standing at every moment of your life. Inside your head, man and woman just enjoy the lounge, her voice, herstory and her light.


Lead TeacherBusiness BankingPersonal BankerCustomer Service
  • 20+ year childcare industry

  • 5 years banking industry

  • 20+ years customer service industry

  • 10 years networking.

  • A.A. Computer Graphic Design forPrint