Sara L Daigle

Award winning Indie Author


Award winning Indie Author

I started my writing career when I was an eight year old child by looking up and the night sky and imagining what life would be like on other planets and moons in the solar system and across the galaxy. I began to write these stories down. What would these worlds be like? What would life there look like? What types of beings would there be? In between the classic science fiction books and the romance novels I devored, I began to learn more about self development and spiritual growth, exploring metaphysical themes in an effort to tap into transcendental truth and share my journey. Slowly my world took shape and became real, over countless versions and re-writes.  

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to make a master. After many, many years of practice, I was accepted by Merry Dissonance Press and published my first novel Alawahea: Book One of the Azellian Affairs in 2015. It has since won multiple awards in various different categories across several different contests.

I am now working on Book 2 of the Azellian Affairs, scheduled for release in Spring of 2018. 

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  • BA in Anthropology/French