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My name is Lisa Orban, and I was born in Galesburg, IL a long time ago on a hot summer day. Due to various shenanigans by the adults in my life, my time in Galesburg was short and the family moved to Quincy, IL where we settled down for a good long stay.

Things were rolling along for a while inside the confines of Quincy, and I rolled with them. There were several divorces, marriages, different schools, friends lost & gained, and many, many moves throughout all this activity. Until, quite unexpectedly, I found myself in foster care at 16, much to my surprise.

Upon turning 18, I ran away as fast as I could to Phoenix, AZ where I lived for 3 years. Got married, had two sons, made many mistakes, and then eventually, ran for my life back to Quincy, where I still live to this day.

I went to college, earned an Associates in Psychology, raised 5 kids, got married, and divorced, several times, bought a house and eventually settled down to live the life I've always wanted, as the ringleader in a madhouse of anarchy. I now write books, take in human strays in need of help, travel, and pretty much do whatever I want, and I'm quite happy about it.

I became an author in 2015 with my first book, It'll Feel Better when it Quits Hurting, and I haven't stopped since. I currently have 8 books out, in 4 genres. If you'd like to learn more about my misadventures in living and writing, visit my website, The Talking Book with Lisa Orban.







Memoirs | Okay, Picture this... series

It'll Feel Better when it Quits Hurting

Wine Comes in Six-Packs


I'd rather Starve than Cook!

(a cookbook for people who hate to cook)

Political Satire

If I were Dictator: a tongue-in-cheek guide to saving our democracy

Adult Coloring Books

Visual Vertigo: Volumes 1 - 4


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