Apr 23, 2018

4 Best Selling Books in 4 months.I try to live an INTENTIONAL life and make everyday a MASTERPIECE even with challenges. AMA about the process of writing and publishing my books,my fashion journey for two decades to continue to inspire lives.

I'm an award-winning, bestselling author of three independently published novels and an instructor of an online course for self-published authors. Ask Me Anything about self-publishing a book.

Freelancing 101 Publisher and Marketer /Neuro Marketing/ Ask Me anything, share anything (Masterclass of learners)

Publishing Consultant here to meet you! Ask Me Anything!

Mommy first Entrepreneur second 😊 Ask me Anything?

Apr 24, 2018

Writing poems is a lot of fun for me. Ask Me Anything!

I took my grief and used it to write a children's book series. I help others heal through writing. AMA!

Social Media Manager and Digital Content Writer- Ask Me Anything

Self-publishing Veteran, with VP publishing house experience. Pick my brain and #AMA

Creating fiction that bites: AMA about how I create fiction and my writing.

Apr 27, 2018

Ask me anything about the People and Places in the history of Coca-Cola which are revealed along "The Coca-Cola Trail"

Ask Me Anything: What Leads to Creative Content Generation?

New author of a Victorian romance novel, Her Secret Husband. Ask Me Anything about romance novels, being an author, publishing, or marketing.

If you want to get a fresh perspective on writing to see how all types of writing can help you become a well-rounded writer, then this AMA is for you. I have written for Nollywood (Nigeria's film industry), online news blogs and magazines and self-published two novels. Ask Me Anything.

Apr 30, 2018

AMA: I use my knowledge as an architect to educate about design, history, and urbanism while writing about fashion on my blog

I'm Raquel Byrnes, Author of the steampunk zombie thriller, The Tremblers, and creepy gothic mysteries. Let's talk about the craft of writing and what moves you in art and books. Ask Me Anything!

Are you trying to have a baby? (TTC) Ask Me Anything about infertility with author and fertility coach Kristen Darcy.

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