This Lupus Survivor’s Story of Survival and Recovery is Truly Worth Asking Anything About in Her AMA Session

Maria L.
Feb 8, 2018

RL Dunn’s greatest feat might be defeating Lupus, but that isn’t the only thing she survived. She has been through ordeals of strokes and loss of mobility, coupled with the challenge of mothering a cancer survivor, all of them setting her out to tell her story through a romantic suspense series as well as an AMA event. Below are some interesting responses you might like to check out from the thread:

QUESTION: What words of wisdom or advice would you give any young adult facing any life-threatening illness?

First take a breath. Next is to ask for emotional support. You are not in this alone. Don't rely on family and friends to be your sole sounding board. Remember, they are dealing with this too. And finally, ask questions...if a physician doesn't take the time to explore every aspect of your disease with you or you don't have good communication change physicians. 

QUESTION: What was the first thought that ran through your mind when the doctors told you that you had just 3 to 6 months to live?

Not gonna happen. After that, I made plans as if it was. I funeral planned. Wrote good bye letters to my kids. Organized my paperwork--will, proxy, website passwords and then I made a conscious decision to leave nothing unsaid.

QUESTION: What is a typical day like for you? What do you do on a daily basis and how do you organize your time?

If it is a "good" day as far as feeling ok. I wake up late morning. Stretch and head to the shower, where I meditate for ten minutes. Get dressed. Eat brunch. Straighten up and make a meal plan. Handle any household paperwork, make some phone calls, try to answer emails and write. MAke dinner, clean up, spend some time with kids, try to answer any emails not taken care of, write some more and head to bed. If it's a "bad" day, I still make myself, stretch and take shower and then i try to accomplish one thing and mostly sleep.

QUESTION: Do you have a 'bucket list' of things you would like to do in life?

I don't think of it as much as a bucket list as a list of wants. I'd like to see my children happy in their chosen career with a family and kids. And now that my husband is retiring, I'd like to spend time getting reaquainted. 

QUESTION: Is there a possibility of someone being a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? Why?

Yes. News and non-fiction are two genres that require the facts free of emotions. I think for fiction, the writer needs to at minimum to understand emotion and best to be able to convery emotion to make thier characters alive.

Know more about RL Dunn’s works as you view her complete AMA event here.

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I just wanted to say how much I admire your determination and your courage. I often feel that we can conquer many things if we admit to our reality and then fight as hard as we can to improve things.. keep up the good fight!

May 7, 3:31PM EDT0

Do you attribute part of your recovery to mental attitude or faith?

Mar 8, 11:43AM EST0
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