They Say It's Yer, Er, I Mean Mine... Birthday! So Feel Free to Ask Me Anything About My Newly Released Book, The SoupyGato Show, and So Much More!

Daniel j Harris
Oct 1, 2018

Come And Have Some Virtual Birthday Cake with me, Plz!

"In the distance, you faintly hear Celebration by Kool And The Gang and the realize you are at the wrong site ;)"  The SoupyGato Show vast library of jams will be in full usage as questions are hurled at the host, Me.... 

I will be reading from my recently published first book Thy Looney Bin Journal as well as music from the also recently re-released NagMet cd Water is Conscience. Ask me about the very 1st All Styles From All Over the World music podcast and or what is it like in Europe compared to USA... and so much more.  Prizes! Surprizes! Fits All Sizes! 

please be wise

please be cool

please be join me Monday October 1st 1pm-7pm here.   (LIKE US)   (personal)

kindle and paperback from amazon

press release and reviews


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How has writing shaped your perspective of life?
Sep 18, 2:02AM EDT1

Hi Mary, I was going to answer this life because it's a great question and I made notes and wanted to be more int the moment and speak directly to you. I was (am still a little) bummed (not at ama, things happen and I have had too many myself to be at the site and staff, but just that it happened, my b-day even) so I am going to do an FB live or zoom or something. I would love it if you joined. 

Oct 13, 4:30PM EDT0
How would you describe your writing style?
Sep 16, 6:34AM EDT1
What would you like people to learn about your from your writing?
Sep 16, 3:39AM EDT1
How long did it take you to write your book? What was the experience like?
Sep 15, 4:12PM EDT1
Who are you reading lately and, especially, who are you reading that you think people aren't reading enough of?
Sep 14, 12:45AM EDT1
How do you balance your different responsibilities — to your writing, music, to your personal life, etc?
Sep 13, 8:20AM EDT1
What’s next for both your music and writing?
Sep 13, 3:03AM EDT1
Do you see a more intrinsic connection between music and writing? If so, what is it?
Sep 12, 6:14PM EDT1
Can you talk about more about The Soupy Gato and how was the show born? How long have you been doing this podcast?
Sep 11, 4:49PM EDT1
What elements make a good podcast? How do you stand out?
Sep 11, 5:17AM EDT1
How would you define success and how important is it for you?
Sep 11, 4:07AM EDT1
What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?
Sep 11, 2:27AM EDT1
How do you prepare when you are recording a new episode of your podcast?
Sep 11, 1:36AM EDT1
How has music influenced your life?
Sep 11, 1:04AM EDT1
Is The Looney Bin Journal based on your life? Is it an autobiography?
Sep 10, 11:38PM EDT1
What made you decide to write The Looney Bin? How would you describe the book?
Sep 10, 8:13AM EDT1
How do you decide on your podcast topics?
Sep 9, 4:58PM EDT2
Which music genres are your favorite ones? How did your love of music come about?
Sep 8, 11:32PM EDT1
How do you get and stay involved in what's going on in the music industry?
Sep 8, 10:32PM EDT1
Do you remember the first time you truly loved a song? Which one was it and what made it special?
Sep 8, 9:45PM EDT1
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