The Naked Truth About Being A Writer. AMA

Margareth Stewart
Sep 15, 2018

Hi everyone, I have self-published, I have published blogs and articles, I have compiled anthologies, and I have published novels. I have paid to be published and I have also been accepted in traditonal publishers. I have published in Amazon and out of Amazon - anyway, the fact is, somehow the life of a writer has become quite fancy and, ready to find out the truth... 


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Do you have a special setting or environment in which you are a more efficient writer? What is this environment like?
Sep 16, 6:00PM EDT1

Oh, yes, part of the writing result is due to a place you feel comfortable with - where you just sit and type! It is my living room - in which I have a big table, my desktop and a chair with a comfy pillow - tea and glasses!

Sep 16, 8:02PM EDT0
How do you overcome fear and build confidence as a writer?
Sep 15, 9:57AM EDT1

You can´t be fearful if you are a writer, much the less judgemental, you have to strip yourself in front of the audiance and bleed! No fears attached. In order to build that confidence, you must pray and find your own voice. It is damn hard to find your own voice, it is your uniqueness - for instance when you see a Picasso, you just know it´s him, it could not be anyone else, that is it!

Sep 15, 10:28AM EDT0
Are there any “shortcuts, special exercises, magic bullets, or incantations” to being a productive writer?
Sep 15, 9:19AM EDT1

No short cuts, it is painful and hard-working! 

Sep 15, 10:25AM EDT0
On average, how long does it take you to write a novel?
Sep 15, 4:50AM EDT1

From the very first draft to the final production, it may take a year to two. My both first novels Open/Pierre´s journey after war and Mademoiselle-Sur-Seine took 2.

Sep 15, 10:24AM EDT0

Do you have an MFA? If so, do you feel like it was a necessary gateway to enter publishing, or if you don't, did you ever feel held back by not being part of an MFA program?

Sep 14, 9:40PM EDT1

I do not hold MFA, but I´m a PhD. Studying, reading and getting into new grounds is always on the route of a writer!

Sep 15, 10:23AM EDT1
How has your life changed your writing over the course of your career?
Sep 13, 6:24PM EDT1

It has not changed much in terms of the things I do and I have always done, but I´d rather say my mind became fluid, like a river going freely...

Sep 16, 1:08PM EDT0

OPEN/Pierre´s journey after war by M.S. -

available as E.BOOK at the link below

Benevolence Becomes Way of Life for a Man Who Loses His Entire FamilyOPEN - Pierre's Journey after Warby Margareth StewartPsychological, 105 e-pages.Publisher-Shelf Price: $4.95

After his young family is killed during aerial bombings of France in WWII, Pierre survives in near despondency, eventually embarking on the vagabond life as his outlet for grief and for time to ponder revenge. Despite suffering continuous reflections of his tragic past, Pierre journeys across continents bestowing kindness to other troubled souls

Sep 13, 6:14PM EDT0
Do you have a target amount of words or pages for each of your books and write up or do you just know when enough is enough?
Sep 13, 3:22PM EDT1

I always have a word-count target, and I´m totally driven by it!!!

Sep 13, 6:03PM EDT0
What do you do if your inspiration strikes in an inconvenient place and how do you capture that moment before it gets away from you?
Sep 13, 1:10PM EDT1

It always does (lol) while driving, in the bus, while jogging, in the church, and also in the toilet - I get a piece of paper and write it down. I have a collection of those pieces which will be turned into a book of poems and quotes///

Sep 13, 6:04PM EDT0
What is your best advice to those writers struggling with the publishing process?
Sep 13, 5:16AM EDT1

Keep struggling if you do believe your story.

Sep 13, 6:11PM EDT0
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a full-time writer?
Sep 13, 4:44AM EDT1

I have no idea, I am not one. I have 3 jobs.

Sep 13, 6:09PM EDT0
What is one subject or genre you would never write about or in and why?
Sep 13, 4:11AM EDT1

Horror - (I get afraid. I am a story believer by heart.)

Sep 13, 6:08PM EDT0
How would you describe your writing process?
Sep 13, 4:07AM EDT1

Hard work and discipline.

Sep 13, 6:07PM EDT0
Would you say you’re a one-book-at-a-time kind of author or can you work on multiple projects at once?
Sep 12, 3:25PM EDT1

Multiple projects in writing and also reading!!!

Sep 12, 11:42PM EDT0
When did you decide to publish your first book? How did you feel when you got your first sale?
Sep 12, 2:42AM EDT1

I could almost not believe it; It took me 2 years to finish and have it published. But, champagne also takes 2 years to get ready ;)

Sep 12, 11:43PM EDT0
After experiencing multiple platforms for writing, what, in your opinion makes a good story and why?
Sep 12, 2:41AM EDT1

Being original, finding your own true voice and style!

Sep 12, 11:44PM EDT0
Can you name your top favorite or most influential authors and your reason for liking them?
Sep 12, 2:22AM EDT1

I have read so many of them and everything that ever came to my hands and I felt like reading it. From the very classicals, to modern ones and even experimental literature nowadays. If I say just one name it would not be fair to all of them. From Russia, to UK, to Latin America, Africa, to Italy, USA and so on. 

Sep 12, 11:53PM EDT0
When did you begin writing? Do you recall your first story? What was it all about and what was your inspiration behind it?
Sep 12, 2:03AM EDT1

I have always written a lot and everywhere. My first story was a sin (lol) I wrote at the school desk, then I came to the priest and told him I could not resist writing everywhere. He was very nice and said it is a very humane habit, since the beginning we have been writing in caves and stones everywhere/ "Never mind", as long as it is a good story it is not a sin :), so I kept it up and tried to avoid desks :) 

Sep 12, 11:47PM EDT0
Do you view writing as a career, labour of love, hobby, creative outlet, therapy, or something else?
Sep 12, 1:23AM EDT1

All of them, but at the same time none of them. I feel it is my duty towards a story that occured to me. And writing a good story is the least I can do about it. So it´s a kind of void with lots of responsability. 

Sep 12, 11:50PM EDT0
What would you like to write about that you have never written about before?
Sep 12, 12:25AM EDT1

My next book is a thriller, called Zero Chance and I never wrote this genre before, it is going to be quite challenging !!!

Sep 12, 11:48PM EDT0
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