The Lady Behind The Pen ; Author Shaniya Dennis Ask Me Anything

Shaniya Dennis
Dec 2, 2017


Have you read one of the books by Author Shaniya Dennis? Do you have questions? Do you want to know why or how Shaniya came up with her storylines? Do you have questions about her life?  Maybe you just want to meet the lady behind the pen. Maybe you just want to have a conversation and hear about Shaniya's testimony. Well Now is the chance, you can ask the author anything, and she promise to answer everything honestly. 

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Do you write regularly for magazines or newspapers?

Dec 8, 10:48PM EST0

Why you choose 'The Lady Behind The Pen' this title ?

Dec 7, 10:32AM EST0

How long do you finish one book? Which one took you the longest to write?

Dec 2, 8:35PM EST0

If you will have to choose another career, what would it be and why?

Dec 2, 5:56PM EST0

Why are you so passionate about writing?

Dec 2, 3:48PM EST0

I'm passionate about wrting because it takes me to a different world, its like nothing or no one else exsits but my thoughts 

Dec 3, 6:23PM EST0

Tell me about the lady behind the pen name. Why are you effective as a writer?

Dec 2, 2:28PM EST0

I'm just a young woman with a dream, I inspire well my writing inspires everyone to chase their dreams 

Dec 3, 6:25PM EST0

Where do you get your inspiration for the storyline, Shania?

Dec 1, 9:28PM EST0

The characters just come to me. 

Dec 3, 6:25PM EST0

Why are you successful in your writing career Shania?

Dec 1, 12:51PM EST0


Dec 3, 6:26PM EST0

Where did you grow up and was writing part of you?

Dec 1, 12:38PM EST0

I grew up in Columbus Ohio, writing was apart of me I just never took it seriously until the death of my father.

Dec 3, 6:27PM EST0

When was the first time you discovered the love of writing?

Dec 1, 8:31AM EST0

I was on punishment, I Was a young teenager and  i just started writing a short story because of how bored I was. After then writing became just like breathing,

Dec 3, 6:28PM EST0

Do you always talk from experience or you rather do research?

Nov 30, 5:14PM EST0

Research mainly, I write urban fiction some things I experienced but most things come from imagination and research.

Dec 3, 6:29PM EST0

What has been her most successful literary work to date?

Nov 30, 9:23AM EST0

Crazy About My Savage series.

Dec 3, 6:29PM EST0

What's the biggest setback you have experienced?

Nov 26, 10:11PM EST0

Becoming a independednt author, its the best thing but also it set me back a lot because I had to build a name for myself alone. 

Dec 3, 6:30PM EST0

What has been the hardest part of creating a book?

Nov 26, 5:05PM EST0

Time framing, everything has to add up. So when it comes to time every age every year has to macth, the storyline. 

Nov 26, 7:08PM EST0

Releasing part two in a short time period. 

Dec 3, 6:31PM EST0

Did you undergo training/seminars which helped better your ability to group words into literary pieces?

Nov 26, 1:22PM EST0

no, i actually didnt.  I learned as I went along, I'm actually still learning. 

Nov 26, 7:07PM EST0

What was your first book and was it successful?

Nov 25, 1:56PM EST0

First published book under a publishing company was Crazy About My Savage.  The book was pretty sucessful.  I landed at number 1 3 on the charts on my release date!

Nov 26, 1:48PM EST0

Are you always doing some writing or do you also go on vacation without consideration about it?

Nov 25, 11:03AM EST0

For the most part,  I'm always writing, I do get writters block occasionally, which cause for me to stop writing for a few days. 

Nov 26, 1:46PM EST0

What is the name behind the pen name and how are the two names related?

Nov 25, 10:12AM EST0

The name behind my pen name is my name Shaniya Dennis.  The two names are related because they are both me.

Nov 26, 1:45PM EST0

How many books have you written so far?

Nov 25, 9:51AM EST0

Six. Two was self published, two was under another publishing company and two was under my very own publishing company. 

Nov 26, 1:43PM EST0

Who was your best supporter who encourages you to continue on with your writing career?

Nov 25, 7:08AM EST0

My biggest/best supporters is my parents. My dad past last year in august 2016,  he is what encourages me. He believed in me when I didnt believe in myself,  I just want to make him proud!

Nov 26, 1:42PM EST0
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