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Feb 18, 2018

"The Authors Show" is a publishing industry podcasting pioneer that has been providing professional interviews for authors since 2005, offering participants multiple benefits that authors serious about marketing their work need to consider, especially inasmuch as these benefits have long lasting effects. "The Authors Show" broadcasts interviews on multiple online "channels", each featuring one individual author for a full 24hrs Monday through Thursday, and 3-day weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun). We share with all participating authors our own pool of readers & listeners by broadcasting their interviews on our network, putting their work in front of thousands of potential book buyers they would otherwise not reach. In addition, we include them in our substantial weekly online outreach to traditional & online media, search engines, bloggers, and multiple social media platforms. "The Authors Show" also leverages its pool of thousands of authors and other publishing industry relationships, calling on them to give books to its Give a Book, Get A Smile literacy initiative to benefit the under privileged communities challenged with reading skills or access to books.


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Who are your favourite authors and literary heroes?
Feb 24, 7:47AM EST0

My favorite author of all time: famous 20th century French author Herve Bazin, who was also President of the "Academie Goncourt" in France.  He was famous for his satarical, biographical based, novels, especially one: "Vipere au poing" (Viper in the Fist"); I read just about every book he wrote.

Feb 24, 10:06AM EST0
Do match specific authors with specific hosts for interview or in there one general interviewer?
Feb 24, 7:05AM EST0

Yes, I do match the authors with specific hosts depending on book genre, as each host is different in style and in book genre preference.  Sometimes authors request a specific host, so I honor those requests too.

Feb 24, 10:00AM EST0
Was “The Authors Show” the first title you came up with for the podcast or were there multiple and what did they include?
Feb 24, 4:09AM EST0

The original title was "AZ Authors" as I live in Arizona, and the show was an online TV show and I was interviewing AZ authors only.  But the word spread quickly and very soon authors were flying from all over the west coast,  to be video taped on the show.  I no longer could call it then AZ Authors, and thus changed the title to "The Authors Show".  The word continued to spread and authors came from all over the country and even from Europe.  That is when I then added the online radio version, to make it easier logistically.

Feb 24, 9:57AM EST0
Where there any obstacles you experienced when you initially launched the show and how did you overcome them?
Feb 24, 2:51AM EST0

I was very lucky and hit no obstacles at all, all went very smoothly.  I was in virgin territory as podascating was new then with very few doing it.  And maybe they were some challenges, but I tend to look at those as as opportunities instead.

Feb 24, 9:51AM EST0

Hi, there, tell me, how much does all of this cost?

Feb 23, 7:00PM EST0

We produce and broadcast all audio interviews at no cost.  You can read about our business model at

Feb 23, 7:03PM EST0
If you could interview one of your literary icons, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Feb 23, 3:48PM EST0

Winston Churchill.  I love history, and he is a big part of Europe's 20th century history.

Feb 23, 5:08PM EST0
Why did you develop a podcast specifically for authors?
Feb 23, 3:09PM EST1

I will repeat my answer to a previous person: Back in early 2000 I had a business networking organization with multiple chapters and holding lots of networking events for entrepreneurs and other business people; I had also written a small book on networking.  Back then I was hosting a radio show on business topics and a TV producer heard me will driving home after work.  We met and he offered to produce an online TV show for me, as he predicted online audio/video would become big.  This was the very beginning of online radio/tv when the TV networks were not on it yet.  I decided to do a show about authors, as at the time nothing like that was done for them, and I too had written a book(let).  I quickly had authors flying from all over the country to my green screen studio, some even from overseas. Then I started the radio version, and within 72hrs of that launch I received over 700 interview requests from authors all over the world. 12+ years later.... here I am , still with the show and having now 2 additonal hosts to conduct interviews.

Feb 23, 5:05PM EST0
Why should authors choose your podcast to showcase work to potential buyers?
Feb 23, 3:08PM EST0

We focus only on authors, nothing else; we prepare/conduct/produce/broadcast the entire audio interview for free, and provide very affordable book marketing options to authors, utilizing their interview;  we do lots of behind the scene marketing; we have been doing this professionally for 12 years, and we do it very well.  Feel free to check out our testimonial page.  

Feb 23, 5:02PM EST0

What are essentials every good author should know?

Feb 23, 11:53AM EST0

The vary basic: being an author is a business, and needs to be treated that way; writing the book is the easy part, marketing is the real challenge;  not everybody is going to like your book, accepting it will make your journey as an author so much more pleasant; do not expect your publisher to do all the marketing for you, you must jump into that action with both feet.  Have patience, patience and more patience.  

Last edited @ Feb 23, 1:21PM EST.
Feb 23, 1:19PM EST0

Is there a data storage upload limit for podcasts?

Feb 22, 7:58PM EST0

It totally depends on the platform used.  Many offer free limited data storage, and you may upgrade the amount of data by paying a fee, which also varies with the amount of data stored.  Each individual file uploaded is also usually limited in size, but that limit is generally quite generous and is no problem for audio files.  

Feb 22, 8:07PM EST0

What are the copyright and content restrictions on podcast content?

Feb 22, 3:34PM EST0

All content on The Authors Show is copyright material and cannot be downloaded nor copied in any form, without our written permission.  If your question is more general in nature, you then need to check with each podcast and/or an attorney for legal advice.

Last edited @ Feb 22, 6:56PM EST.
Feb 22, 6:54PM EST0

What is ROI and how do you measure it?

Feb 21, 7:56PM EST0

I am pretty happy with my return on investment, which I measure not just based on revenues, but also adding time elements to the investment.

Feb 22, 1:51PM EST0

What was the name of the book that sparked your love affair with reading?

Feb 21, 7:52PM EST0

Due to lack of time, I no longer read much.  When I do read now, it is always nonfiction, and I favor audiobooks as it allows me to multi-task.  But I read a lot when I was younger, always French literature, in French of course.

Feb 21, 7:57PM EST0

What are some of the methods a person can use to build a wider podcast following?

Feb 21, 12:51PM EST0

Choose your topic carefully, produce a quality podcast, be consistent in posting new episodes, post on multiple platforms, engage your audience, use social media.  Be patient,  building the audience will take lots of time.

Feb 21, 1:10PM EST0

Do you track the success of your authors after their interview?

Feb 21, 8:01AM EST0

No we do not.

Feb 21, 9:35AM EST0

What are you reading now? What is your favourite book of all time? Why?

Feb 20, 6:56PM EST0

I am currently reading a book given to me by an author guest on The Authors Show: "Rescue Thyself - Change in Sub-Saharan Africa Must Come from Within" by author Sylvanus Adetokunboh Ayeni, a Nigerian neurosurgeon.  As to my favorite book of all time:  not one but several, by famous 20th century French author Herve Bazin, who was also President of the "Academie Goncourt" in France.  He was famous for his satarical, biographical based, novels, especially one: "Vipere au poing" (Viper in the Fist").

Feb 20, 7:12PM EST0

How has podcasting changed over the years?

Feb 20, 6:04PM EST0

Just before this past weekend I conducted another book marketing workshop for authors and explained to them the evolution of podcasting within the context of book marketing.  I started The Authors Show in 2005, and back in 2006 only approx 22% of the US population over 12 years old was even aware of podcasting; by 2017 that number was 60%, the progress has been fueled immensely by mobile devices like cellphones.  Also, the big radio/tv networks have now integrated podcasting in their business, and this is further fueling the appeal of podcating to the mass.  Technological advancements have enabled great quality improvements especially for video podcasting (vidcast).  I first started with video, not audio, and I can see the evolution of quality now compared to 12 years ago.  Things will continue to evolve.  But podcasting well is not that simple, and it is time consuming. Anything of quality takes time.

Feb 20, 6:55PM EST0

How do you market "The Authors Show" ? What are your tips for a successful network marketing?

Feb 20, 5:56PM EST0

There is no one size fits all marketing strategy. How you market yourself will vary with the widget you are trying to promote/sell.  A far as The Authors Show is concerned, we heavily promote all author interviews  each day by sending regular press releases, doing multiple postings on social media platforms and reposting as often as possible the postings done by the authors; we conduct annual contests and do workshops for authors;  we also keep the website optimized at all time, and post some of our interviews on multiple platforms.  Authors also do their own promotional efforts, and that helps all our show guest, and the show itself.  It is an overall win-win.

Feb 20, 6:39PM EST0

How do you pick the authors you feature?

Feb 20, 4:25PM EST0

Authors submit the interview request form on our website; our process is multi-level which includes researching them and their work prior to moving them forward. 

Feb 20, 5:07PM EST0

I see that the company only takes requests from agents, and publishers. Do you take requests from writers as well?

Feb 20, 10:11AM EST0

That is incorrect.  Most requests do come from authors directly, and we do also take request from industry professionals.

Feb 20, 10:16AM EST0
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