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Hunter S. Jones
May 1, 2018

Catch up with Hunter S, Jones and the authors of Sexuality & Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare.  Learn more about the scandals and romance that shaped Great Britain and ultimately influenced the United States…Nashville, Tennessee during the Union Army’s Occupation during the Civil War, settlement of the American West, impact on U.S. fashion, and the development of America’s first art form in the sultry brothels of New Orleans.




This provocative collection of essays depicts the cultural and societal kinks of the British because the truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to love. Eight essays chronicle the pleasures and perils of the flesh, sharing secrets from the days of the Anglo-Saxons, medieval courtly love traditions, diabolical Tudor escapades—including those of Anne Boleyn and Mary Queen of Scots—the Crown and Succession of female monarchs, and the ‘prudish’ Victorian Era. This scholarly yet accessible all-female project brings to light the myriad varieties of sexual and cultural mores which shaped history and the effect on women and gender roles into the early twentieth century.

“A fascinating new book” -Mail On Sunday and Daily Mail, U.K.

"A balance of both entertaining and educational reading in equal measure” -Dr. Roxanne O'Neill  


Pen & Sword Books

Amazon UK



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Of all the characters in your book, which character would you say was ahead of its time and in what way?
May 7, 1:27AM EDT1

Undoubtedly it was Lillie Langtry. She made her own way in a world where women had no rights. She launched a successful theatre career, established a vineyard, owned estates, theatres--truly a role model and trailblazer. I love her!

May 7, 8:53AM EDT0
What kind of research did you do before writing this book?
May 6, 5:55PM EDT1

Much of my research had been done on various topics--I'm into the US Civil War & do a lot of independent research; same with New Orleans history. It was a matter of discovering how the U.K. Victorian social mores shaped the globe, as well as the impact it had during the Civil War & beyoned. Great question! 

May 7, 8:50AM EDT0
What is the key to keeping the peace between so many partners you work with?
May 6, 1:17PM EDT1

Everyone had a different topic to write about, so it wasn't a competition. That's probably why? Thanks for dropping by! 

May 6, 4:14PM EDT0
Is there a big market for history books? How was the sales for this book?
May 6, 12:27PM EDT1

Thanks for asking! I don't know. It's only been released, so stay tuned. Cheers!

May 6, 4:11PM EDT0
What do you hope people take away from reading your book?
May 4, 5:26PM EDT1

Heya! Great question! I want people to read the book & understand that human nature is the same as it was 1000 years ago, plus see the many ways sexuality has influenced our culture in the UK & US. Thanks for asking!

May 4, 6:37PM EDT0
Why did you decide to co-author this book rather than write it on your own?
May 2, 11:29AM EDT1

Most history books are written by men. I wanted a group of female writers so that each of us could reach a new audience of readers. Thanks for asking! 

May 2, 12:31PM EDT0
What’s the experience like co-authoring a book with other authors? Did you always agree or were there also some conflicts?
May 2, 7:12AM EDT1

We all get along remarkably well. If anyone had a concern, we addressed it democratically. If the change was deemed to be the best for the project, we made the changes. Thanks for stopping by!

May 2, 7:25AM EDT0
What’s the best feedback you heard or read from readers of your book?
May 2, 4:06AM EDT0

The book has only been out for a few days, but we're getting really great reviews, so far. Thank you for asking!

May 2, 7:23AM EDT0

Just released on Amazon Kindle! Get it here !!! 

May 1, 4:55PM EDT1
What’s the research process like when writing a book based on history? Was it hard finding reliable sources?
May 1, 2:47PM EDT1

Thanks for asking. The Victorian Era is more accessible due to the development of mass media. Other eras, not so much. 

May 1, 2:54PM EDT0
Who are some of your favorite historical figures and why?
May 1, 2:21PM EDT0

wow. This could take a VERY long time to answer! 

May 1, 2:25PM EDT0
Do you have any rituals before or during your writing process?
May 1, 9:23AM EDT1

Hi!  This is a fun question! The condo has to be cleaned--floors swept, everything dusted and in its place; no music or other distractions...that's when the magic happens.

And then, there are times when inspiration strikes and you grab you phone (Notes) and jot down the words or idea while you can catch it.

Creativity is an elusive butterfly. 

Last edited @ May 1, 10:46AM EDT.
May 1, 9:40AM EDT0
You have an eclectic collection of pictures on your Instagram profile. How would you describe your approach or style for this social network? How did you build such an impressive following count?
May 1, 3:26AM EDT1

Hey, I've been on IG for a few years. I've taken some classes and learned a lot--as someone said IG is the dark art of social media. It has a different technique to use. However, I believe it should reflect my style and stages of my life. It shows the various areas I've researched and things that have caught my eye instead of one theme. As for followers, once you rank with a # that has a million followers+ it's like winning the IG lottery. Thanks for asking!

May 1, 9:48AM EDT0
What is the most demanding activity when you are developing a book?
May 1, 1:45AM EDT1

Great question! I love research--even if you write fiction you have to understand what the character's experienced. Once I have the outline and main characters in place, I like to find out more about them. That's the best part. Acutually sitting down and writing a book is a grueling, lonely process. I find it draining because it requires so much thought and focus. 

May 1, 9:56AM EDT0
What was the initial public reaction to your book?
Apr 30, 1:54PM EDT1

Many thanks for your question. The book was released in the U.K. a few days ago and the response has been amazing. 

Last edited @ May 1, 8:48AM EDT.
Apr 30, 4:09PM EDT0
How long did it take you to finish the Sexuality & Its Impact on History? What was the publishing process like?
Apr 30, 10:19AM EDT1

Thanks for your questions. Sexuality & Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare has been an ongoing project since 2016. I had the concept in mind and submitted it to a few publishers. Pen & Sword Books, U.K., has worked with me and the other authors as we chose photographs to include, went through the editing and rewrites, and we launched a few days ago in the U.K. The U.S. and CA launch is scheduled for later this year.

Last edited @ May 1, 8:48AM EDT.
Apr 30, 6:06PM EDT0
How much of the book is realistic and how much is fiction?
Apr 30, 9:03AM EDT1

Annie: Speaking for my own essay, I’ve taken a number of stories which were written by the chroniclers of the time, and examined whether they were telling the truth or whether they were just trying to besmirch (good old Anglo-Saxon word!) the reputations of the queens involved.

Hunter: Thanks for stopping by! Sexuality & Its Impact on History: The British Stripped Bare is a non-fiction collection of historical essays by an all female writing team.

Last edited @ May 1, 8:47AM EDT.
Apr 30, 4:06PM EDT0
How would you describe your writing technique? Do you have a set of rules that you follow when writing?
Apr 30, 3:12AM EDT1

Annie: I have different techniques depending on whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction but the starting point is the same: research and take notes. I need to find the facts before I can either a) turn them into a fictionalized account or b) present them in an ordered way and then add my own opinions.

Hunter: Thanks for the question! I outline everything, then do tons of research. 

Last edited @ May 1, 8:47AM EDT.
Apr 30, 4:05PM EDT0
Are you a full-time writer? Do you have any other jobs or hobbies?
Apr 30, 12:32AM EDT0

Annie:  I’m delighted to be able to say that I am a full-time writer now, although I still occasionally do some freelance teaching. Hobbies for me are working out, walking in the countryside and, errm, writing. I love what I do!

Hunter:  Thanks for your question. I'm a full time writer. I love travel, fashion & any history related topic. 

Last edited @ May 1, 9:08AM EDT.
Apr 30, 4:04PM EDT0

Are follow up books on other important historical female characters being planned

Apr 29, 8:29PM EDT1

Hi Wayne! Thanks for stopping by! It's a great idea and one I would love to develop once this book is launched. There are so many remarkable women from the past, and we need to preserve their legacies before they are lost forever. Cheers!

Last edited @ May 1, 8:48AM EDT.
Apr 30, 7:01PM EDT1
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