Sceptical realist, intuitive creative, I'm an Australian artist, writer, and distance Reiki maven living in Rome and trying to make it all come out even. AMA

Felicity Griffin Clark
Mar 6, 2018

I left my secure government job as a researcher and policy analyst to build an intuitive creative life on the other side of the world. 

A natural sceptic, I'm as surprised as anybody that I am a Reiki master with a special superpower in distance Reiki.  I don't know how it works but it does. It works the same way my writing works or my art works when I'm flying with inspiration.  Although weirdly, Reiki's a bit more reliable than inspiration...

I write website and blog content for money, and short stories, poems and prose pieces for the love of it. My current writing project is a fictional memoir. After years of therapy, I was sick of still being haunted by my childhood. So I chose to look at it as a bad first draft, scrap it and write another one. So Life2 is now 50,000 words old and will be finished by the end of the year.

My art is a bit confronting for those who don't like vagina dentatas, physical reality or angry women. It's a constant experiment as I play around with everything from bones and feathers, to silk and wool. Add pigment, dye and paint, even some gold leaf, stitch and perhaps some porcelain slip.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as Felicity Griffin Clark and Twitter as TheGryphonClerk, and elsewhere here

So, go ahead AMA!

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What type of writing do you? 

Mar 9, 1:44PM EST0

In my professional life, reports, web, social media and blog content, background papers, and speeches. Creative writing ranges from poetry to short stories and fictional memoir.

Mar 10, 11:46AM EST0
How long have you been working with Reiki and what training have you had?
Mar 9, 3:51AM EST0

I've been a Reiki practitioner for four years and I'm trained to Master level.

Mar 10, 11:48AM EST0
Why do you classify yourself as a sceptical realist and how does this classification affected your accreditation as a researcher?
Mar 9, 3:47AM EST0

A colleague gave the nickname of sceptical realist, because I'm deeply committed to social justice but am sceptical of easy answers. I think it makes me a better researcher and analyst. 

Mar 10, 11:50AM EST0
Do you have a positive respectful attitude toward other Reiki practitioners and masters, regardless of lineage or affiliation?
Mar 8, 4:25PM EST0


Mar 10, 10:41AM EST0
What has been your favourite aspect of being a researcher and policy analyst and why?
Mar 8, 3:24AM EST0
How difficult was to build an intuitive creative life around you?
Mar 6, 12:44PM EST0

I don't think it's difficult, you just have to make it a priority, and be ready to catch any ideas, images or phrases that come into your mind by having a notebook with you at all times. Don't think you'll remember it later, because you won't!

Mar 7, 3:20AM EST0
How is your job as policy analyst helping you to build your creativity?
Mar 6, 12:43PM EST0
Do you use an editor or proofreader to go through your work?
Mar 6, 11:58AM EST0

absolutely! and beta readers.

Mar 6, 12:29PM EST0
How did you fine tune your writing skills? Do you think education plays a role here?
Mar 6, 10:58AM EST0

Education in the broad sense, yes. The more you read and practice the better your writing will become.

A creative writing specific masters or diploma, maybe, but it's not essential.

I still think the best way to improve is to practice every day - turn up at your desk and write.

Mar 6, 12:31PM EST0
What do you think is the essential trait of a creative writer?
Mar 6, 10:27AM EST0

Openness. To ideas, to letting things flow, to seeing where the writing takes you and being open to changing what you have written.

Mar 6, 10:30AM EST0
Why didn’t you take on your childhood dream project until recently?
Mar 6, 10:25AM EST0

It wasn't the right time. I find most, if not all, my creative projects have their timeline and are ready to be worked on when they're ready!

Mar 6, 10:27AM EST0
When and how did you start with your writing?
Mar 6, 10:23AM EST0

I wrote a lot as a child, and have kept a journal/diary since I was in my 20s. It's as natural as breathing! Having a notebook/journal/sketchbook means that you can write things down or sketch ideas as they come to you, wherever you are.

Mar 6, 10:29AM EST0
How did you find your writing skills have improved when you took your childhood writing after so many years?
Mar 6, 9:52AM EST0
Do you see your creativity as your congenital trait?
Mar 6, 9:14AM EST0

If you mean inherited, no. If you mean essential, or defining, absolutely!

Mar 6, 9:28AM EST0
How can a person who is just starting to write improve his/her writing skills?
Mar 6, 8:30AM EST0

write every day, even if it's just a sentence. You can set a timer for 10 minutes and just write whatever comes into your head (this is a good way to avoid filtering or letting your Inner Critic get a foothold).

The other powerful way to increase your writing skills at any time, not just if you're a novice, is to read widely and as much as you can. Read different genres and authors. Read for pleasure and for research - analyse the writing and discern what works and what doesn't work.

Mar 6, 9:31AM EST0
Who is your primary audience? How do you reach them?
Mar 6, 6:12AM EST0

That depends on the piece of writing. Workshop writing (class notes, promotional writing) is aimed at students; professional writing is for the client and their audience; creative writing is often written as the first draft to myself and then edited with an audience in mind.

Mar 6, 9:33AM EST0

how long have you made an art?

Mar 6, 2:35AM EST0

About twenty-five years, but seriously focused on textile and mixed media art for fifteen.

Mar 6, 6:08AM EST0
How excited are you when you see that your dream project is, at last, coming to live?
Mar 6, 2:14AM EST0

Very! But the real pleasure is in the process.

Mar 6, 6:17AM EST0

What or who inspires you to create an art? :)

Mar 5, 10:53PM EST0

Creating is always running in the back of my mind so it can be anything from a colour, to a place or a piece of music. Or ideas will pop up while I'm doing something else: I always keep a notebook with me so I don't lose the idea or image.

Mar 6, 6:19AM EST0
From here, how do you want to project your creative writing?
Mar 5, 5:37PM EST0

I want to finish more projects, and become a better writer.

Mar 5, 5:55PM EST0
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