May 10, 2018

Pride & Joy: LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes -- 30 global stories that will transform the way you see yourself. Joy. Love. Fulfillment. Contribution. Transformation. Overcoming even the most daunting obstacles to create a happy, successful, fulfilling life. Not just Northern European and American gay white men, but the entire spectrum of the queer community. Touted by the Gay and Lesbian Review as a "refreshing reprieve...Each subject comes across as a complex person and not just a checked box. The profiles range from famous people like playwright Tony Kushner to lesser-known but still inspiring people like Sidney Grant, the founder of Ballroom Basix, an arts education program in NYC."

Kathleen Archambeau, Author, Ask Me Anything.

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Which of the subjects of your book did you find to be the most inspirational and why?
Jun 4, 6:53PM EDT1

It may sound like a cliche, but I found all 30 of the subjects in my book inspirational -- that's why I chose them.

AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Jun 5, 7:58PM EDT0
How has the process of writing and content of the book affected your perception of society today?
May 28, 5:47PM EDT0

Writing the book has only served to make me more aware of the challenges and triumphs of my community -- LGBTQ citizens of the world. #AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Jun 5, 7:59PM EDT0
What do you consider to be some of the most daunting obstacles facing the LGBT presently?
May 25, 3:07PM EDT0

There are so many daunting obstacles -- the US SCOTUS decision that allows bakers to discriminate against LGBTQ marrying couples, the 95% of US Youth who have trouble getting to sleep and the 70+% who have been bullied in school, the TG under- and unemployed majority who suffer psychological and physical threats daily, the global repression, etc.

Jun 5, 8:02PM EDT0
Why are many younger people more tuned in to acceptance than their parents might be?
May 17, 8:42PM EDT1

I've always said that we would have equality when LGBTQ commercials abounded. Check out the Las Vegas 3.5-min. commercial advertising a Latina and her Euro girlfriend's romance in Las Vegas. Since Ellen, MODERN FAMILY, TRANSPARENT and other hit television shows, queer teens see positive images of themselves in their living rooms. As more and more celebrities and sports figures come out, LGBTQ teens see hope for their future.

Jun 5, 8:04PM EDT0
What do you think about the term "Gay Culture"?
May 17, 4:11PM EDT1

It's a bit retro, but I like the sound of it as I've always liked the double entendre meaning of the word, GAY.

Jun 5, 8:05PM EDT0
How did writing for a broad audience shape your narrative choices?
May 17, 12:35PM EDT0

Since I was writing for a global audience, I wanted to include representation from all the continents. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Last edited @ May 17, 12:51PM EDT.
May 17, 12:42PM EDT0

It really did not. I wrote the book from an LGBTQ-centric point of view. Sometimes, paradoxically, when you share the truth about individuals in a marginalized group, the majority recognizes themselves in the human stories.

Jun 5, 8:06PM EDT0
What kind of responses have you seen to the work—from parents, from adults, from LGBT readers?
May 17, 5:38AM EDT0

Parents have come seeking answers and support and learning more about what might be available to them in their respective communities. LGBTQ readers are encouraged and uplifted. Straight allies are learning to go beyond the queer stereotypes and to migrate from tolerance to embrace of their queer friends, coworkers and neighbors. Teachers are sharing the work with their students. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Last edited @ May 17, 12:51PM EDT.
May 17, 12:44PM EDT0
What is your ultimate hope for your work?
May 17, 4:56AM EDT0

My ultimate hope for my work is that it will reach a questioning teen, a tortured adult, an ill-informed teacher, a clueless boss and inspire a greater acceptance of what it means to be queer. And for that acceptance to lead to amazing contributions to the world. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Last edited @ May 17, 12:51PM EDT.
May 17, 12:46PM EDT0
Does your editing process change depending on the book you’re working on or do you employ a one-size fit all approach?
May 15, 5:50AM EDT0

When writing and editing nonfiction, I generally do both online. When writing poetry, I usually write it out long-hand first. When writing a novel, I tend to do a hybrid of both the above approaches. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Last edited @ May 17, 12:51PM EDT.
May 17, 12:47PM EDT0
When you mitigate joy, what does it turn into? What do you find that you rewrite for most of the time?
May 14, 8:35PM EDT0

Marge Piercy says, "The writer writes. The great writer rewrites." As a lifelong professional writer, I cannot imagine not rewriting, sometimes, many times over. The joy comes in expressing exactly what I'm trying to say in a way that everyone can understand me. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Last edited @ May 17, 12:52PM EDT.
May 17, 12:49PM EDT0
If you could spend a day with one of your personas from the book, who would it be and what would you do?
May 14, 6:02AM EDT0

If I could spend a day with any of my subjects, it would be Tony Kushner and we would go to rehearsals, share a conversation over a cafe in Manhattan, have dinner and see a play together. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

Last edited @ May 17, 12:52PM EDT.
May 14, 7:19PM EDT0
What kind of research did you do for this book?
May 14, 5:14AM EDT0

Mostly, primary research. My subjects were often public figures with a public presence, so I was able to study their work directly. For the authors, I read most all of their works. For the choreographers, I saw online or in person all their danceworks. Primary research is so much more available now because of the plethora of resources posted on social media. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 14, 7:18PM EDT0
How big is your community and how supportive is it?
May 11, 10:21PM EDT0

It varies as life is constantly in flux. There's the writing community, open and supportive. The same-gender dance community. The political community -- queer-affirming. There's support groups at the Center for Spiritual Living -- an all-inclusive denomination. There's long-time family and friends. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:23PM EDT0

My community, like life, is constantly in flux, so the size of it varies. But all the communities I'm in -- church, support groups, writing groups, dance groups, neighbors, political action groups, friends, family -- are supportive. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:34PM EDT0
Where can your book be found?
May 11, 9:01PM EDT0

All independent booksellers. And on It's available in paperback and Kindle versions. Thank you for considering reading reads like short stories of inspiring LGBTQ luminaries. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:23PM EDT0

All independent booksellers. Target and major chains.

AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:35PM EDT0
What is the most inspiring or heartbreaking story you ever heard about?
May 11, 8:45PM EDT0

Sadly, I was asked by the President of the Georgia Tech University Pride Alliance to come and speak and the Intersex President called in their own attack on campus shortly after our Google Hangouts call to set up the reading and discussion. Scout Schultz was shot at gunpoint by a rookie GTU cop. Their slight body, bare feet, t-shirt and utility tool were found dead in the Quad before I could speak on campus. One of the hardest things I experienced. Heartbreaking that a 3.9 GPA computer science senior who planned to create medical devices died at age 21. Promise unfulfilled. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:28PM EDT0

Scout Schultz, President of the GTU Pride Alliance, asked me to speak to the group. After our Google Hangouts call to set up the presentation, Scout called in their own suicide by cop and, sadly, five GTU cops surrounded Scout in the quad, wandering barefoot in a t-shirt with a utility tool in their pocket, and one rookie cop shot the short, slight Scout dead. I never got to lead that discussion on campus. The tragic loss of a 21 year-old 3.9 GPA computer science major who wanted to create medical devices, especially for Intersex people like themself, haunts me still. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:38PM EDT0
What is the best feedback you got on your book so far? How do you feel after getting a positive feedback and knowing you have helped someone?
May 11, 4:16PM EDT0

A young Chinese American, turned out by her family at 16, left to couch surf and nearly homeless became an advocate for queer homeless and bought my book to spur her on in her activism. A seed planted is a potential tree for the next generation. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 11, 8:02PM EDT0
How important do you think are the straight allies? How can one help?
May 11, 2:22PM EDT0

Vital. Straights are fully embraced by society as a whole, so their friendship, support and affirmation only add to the self-esteem of their marginalized queer peers. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 11, 8:01PM EDT0
Why do you think so many queer people deal with depression, anxiety or any other mental illness?
May 11, 11:29AM EDT0

Society's shunning and marginalizing of the queer community. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 11, 12:23PM EDT0
Who has been your biggest influence or your biggest support?
May 11, 8:34AM EDT0

My biggest support comes from my wife and my community. They are the reason I'm able to write about these subjects with confidence.

AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 11, 12:22PM EDT0
Are you planning to write more books on the subject?
May 11, 5:28AM EDT0

Yes, as a matter of fact, my gay dad contributor, Eric Rosswood and I are collaborating on a book about the LGBTQ community's contributions. It's a great joy to both collaborate and create. AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:29PM EDT0

Ironically, yes. My gad dad contributor to PRIDE & JOY, Eric Rosswood and I are collaborating on another book about queer contributions.

AMA Author Kathleen Archambeau

May 12, 5:40PM EDT0
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