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Nov 10, 2017

My stories are usually of two types fantasy or mystery. They both contain high amounts of action and adventure. The stories are usually of a dark setting. All worlds are unique and created from scratch. I put lots of effort making plot twists that are really hard to bear for the reader, relationships that would attract readers, and I normally have more than just two parties after an objective (i.e I don't have just a hero and a villain, but another group/person that works against both).


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How do you get your cover design?

If interested visit my websote at

Nov 11, 6:05AM EST0

Have you tried writing a different type of story?

Nov 10, 12:56AM EST0

Does your family support your career as a writer?

Nov 7, 12:02PM EST0

I'm actually a student, and write as a hobby.

Nov 12, 8:33AM EST0

What was your first ever book or written piece about?

Nov 7, 8:04AM EST0

It was about a boy, named Kraven, who's village got destroyed, and its people completely slaughtered. The boy was left alive with a mark on his hand. 

He was saved by a chaacter who is in the 'Paladin' class of my story. This character acts as his guide, trainer, and teacher. The Paladin expains to the boy, when he was of age that he we is a target of the Hunters. 

Kraven is possessed of incrdible power. He is actually the Son of Archaeus, the highest in degree of two, the others are chosen sons. 

The hunters left the mark embedded on his skin to act as a tracker. Their plan is to reach him when his power gets released, and agonize him, so that he can lose control and become a so powerful that they can consider him a suitable prey, for if the prey is too easy then the hunt isn't enjoyed.

Kraven's power grows fast, he proves to smart be in his decisions, courages in his actions, and is a boy filled with kindess, but has a knack for fighting, and is fearless in a world that holds enemies that are completely overpowered. 

As Kraven is still uncapable of controlling his power he finds himself spontaneously teleported to various locations in the three different world's of the story. Filled with adventure and places of unique design Kraven goes on an adventure to open the doors which connect the light, dim, and dark world.

Nov 12, 8:31AM EST0

Do you think that physical books will eventually become obsolete?

Nov 7, 12:53AM EST0

Interesting question!

There are two fctors which I am considering that will answer your question differently. 

If its to become obselete, as in to say digital books will take over. I'd say no. I've had many discussions with poeple, and although I do most of my reading online, many actually dislike it. They love the feel of book in hand and reding off of paper. 

But if we had to one day have no choice, but to leave every tree standing, as to their scarcity then yeah.

Nov 12, 8:38AM EST0

How do you make an income while you are writing?

Nov 6, 9:00PM EST0

I'm a student, supported by my parents.

Nov 12, 8:38AM EST0

What's the hardest thing about planning a book or novel?

Nov 6, 3:28PM EST0

Sticking to the book. 

This is actually a personal struggle and opinion to your question. 

I get an idea, and begin working on it, but then inspiration on the ide is lost, or a new idea comes to mind. What mosting happens is I plan so far ahead and, I finish it in my mind. Then it is like I've just watched a movie. I don't go back to it. 

Nov 12, 8:41AM EST0

What is the first book that made you cry?

Nov 6, 10:24AM EST0

Maze runner. 

Nov 12, 8:43AM EST0

Who is your favorite author?

Nov 6, 8:23AM EST0

Agatha Christie and Rick Riordan

Nov 12, 8:44AM EST0

What was the first book that you read?

Nov 6, 8:23AM EST0

Percy Jackson and the Lst Olympian

Nov 12, 8:44AM EST0

Do you have a Facebook page I could like?

Nov 6, 7:33AM EST0

No page, yet.

Nov 12, 8:45AM EST0

If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

Nov 6, 6:31AM EST0

I'm a college student. Write as a pastime.

Nov 12, 8:46AM EST0

What is your favorite book?

Nov 5, 11:42PM EST0

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. First mystery book also read, and rooted my interest into the genre.

Nov 12, 8:47AM EST0

Do you have a special place where you go to be inspired?

Nov 5, 8:06PM EST0

There's not one special place. Things such as people, conversations, movies, or outdoor locations can give that spark that one calls inspiration. Anything in life can give that, if you are constantly to create/write. 

Nov 6, 5:24AM EST0

What's your favorite style of writing?

Nov 5, 8:06PM EST0

Who is a trending author to watch out for nowadays in your eyes?

Nov 5, 3:23PM EST0

Patrick Rothfuss. His style of writing, and story-telling is incredible. His book 'Name of the Wind' actually has the main character telling the story. It's very professionally done. 

Nov 6, 5:26AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 5, 12:27PM EST0

Born in Namibia, and lived there for 14 years. Origins from Morocco, and currently living here.

Nov 6, 5:28AM EST0

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

Nov 5, 10:57AM EST0

Yes, but only because that name fit perfectly with the book. My own name I think would have messed up the title. 

"John Devra's into the Mind." 

Nov 6, 5:30AM EST0

Do you have a muse?

Nov 5, 9:36AM EST0

I receive inspiration from almost anything. Since most of my works are fantasy, I have the liberty of looking at anything and transforming it to fit the story. 

Beautiful locations usually elicit this. 

Nov 6, 5:36AM EST0

What are the most important magazines for writers to subscribe to?

Nov 5, 9:35AM EST0
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