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Dec 4, 2017

"The Origin of Dragons and Dinosaurs : Archaeological Relations between Persia and China- Its Future"

On this paper , I've introduced the Great Wall of China in a new perspective. Myth,History,Anthropology, Religion,Science are combined here to explain our future destination ..... the next world order.


→ Dinosaurs are divided into so many species.But basically they are divided into two types:

free-stock-illustration.com ,Dinosaur Bones Middle East

  1. Land dinosaurs (winged and non-winged)

      2.Water dinosaurs (winged and non-winged)

→There are different kinds of dragon.They are also divided into two types:


  1. Land dragons(winged and non -winged)

  1. Water dragons  or hydra (winged and non-winged)

→A creature,which categories were close enough to some species of  winged land dinosaurs  , is called griffin.It gets found on so many anthropological evidences.


  Double-headed Griffin Statue, Persepolis | by twiga_swala ,www.flickr.com

→ Pronunciations is varied country to country. Sometimes some words might be pronounced differently but the origin is not hard to recognize. Let’s have a look on some words again: Iguanodon (/ɨˈɡwɑːnədɒn/ i-GWAH-nə-don; meaning "iguana-tooth") and  Megalosaurus (meaning "Great Lizard", from Greek μέγας, megas are the two species of dinosaurs. Gog and Magog are names that appear in the Hebrew bible (Old Testament) and the book of Ezekiel and Revelation. Most dragons were known as Imugis (pronounced "Ee-Moo-Gi"), or lesser dragons in Korean folk mythology. Koreans thought that an Imugi could become a true dragon, or yong or mireu, if it caught a Yeouiju (여의주) which had fallen from heaven. On the other hand, Al-Qur’an states about Yajooj and Majooj.What do you think guys? Aren’t they close enough to hear or pronounce?

→Till now, it is believed that due to the breakup of Pangaea, dinosaurs were seen on the different places of the earth. Similarly,dragons and griffins are pictured on the ancient miniatures,ornaments,arts, myths of  different countries of the earth.

→ Elaborate display structures such as horns or crests are common to most of the dinosaur groups. That is also seen in some dragons and griffins.

→Some dinosaurs had wings, so had some dragons and griffins.

→Fossils of dinosaurs show us a wonderful history of its diversity. They were found in both land and water. Dragons were also.

→ According to al-Qazwini, Yajooj and Majooj can be counted only by Allah. They had only half the height of a normal man, with claws instead of nails and a hairy tail and huge hairy ears which they use as mattress and cover for sleeping. We’ve got those features as common among some types of dinosaur,dragon,feathered serpent  and griffin.

→The average time period of some myths, religious beliefs and histories that related to the existence of dragons and griffins is circa 2000BC- 400BC.

→The original and several parts of the Great Wall of China were being built as early as the 7th century BC .And that is near to the reign of Cyrus the Great (600 or 576 – 530 BC).

→ Most of the myths, ancient histories  indicating that some dragons or griffins which had horns and wings and most ferocious, were from heaven. On the other hand, the less strong which had no horns, were originated from earth.

→ Not all the works but in some ancient evidences, both Rostam and Cyrus the Great were shown as two horned and had wings.  Persian miniature shows that Dhul-Qarnayn took help from some jinn to build the Iron wall. And those jinn also had horns. Al-Qur’an states Dhul –Qarnyn as two horned. Horns are mentioned in so many other mythologies too.  

→ In Surat al-Kahf (surah 18), verses 83-99, “he ( Dhul-Qarnyn) followed a way” –is  mentioned three times.

→ Cyrus the Great is renowned as the "King of the Four Corners of the World”


 After focusing on so many sides above, here I’m going to share my very own opinion or analysis (Only Allah almighty knows the truth).

There are some debates on the origin of the father of Cyrus the Great. Some scholars say that he was from an Iranian tribe, some say Indo-Iranian. But it is more acceptable that he was from Kambojas who were actually Austric (Kol or Munda).And a dream of the grandfather of Cyrus the Great, is the key logic to accept those scholars’ opinion.  

According to Herodotus, Asytages (grandfather of Cyrus the Great) had a dream which was interpreted by his court as a prediction that his grandson would rebel against him and become the next king. At this point, Mandane who was pregnant with Cyrus was summoned back to Ectabana and the grandchild was to be killed by Harpagus. Harpagus delegated the task to Mithradates, one of Astyages' shepherds who raised the child and passed off their stillborn son as the murder of Cyrus.When Cyrus was 10 years old, Astyages suspected that the behavior of the boy was too noble and interviewed him and Harpagus. Upon Harpagus' confession, Astyages sent Cyrus back to Persia to live with his parents.However, Astyages summoned Harpagus' son, chopped him up, roasted some portions while boiling the rest and tricked Harpagus into eating his own son. Following the meal, Astyages' servants brought Harpagus the head and the extremities (arms and legs) so that he could realize that he had eaten his own son. In another version, he was presented as the son of a poor family that worked in the Median court. These folk stories are, however, contradicted by Cyrus's own testimony, according to which he was preceded as king of Persia by his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Between these two versions above, we don’t know yet which one is more close to the early life of Cyrus the Great .But there is no doubt that Asytages was a cruel, brutal ,greedy man who could go any far to protect his throne. Therefore, It is more justified to give his own daughter to a less powerful man who wouldn't be threat for him. That’s why possibility of choosing an Austric is so high.

 *In Surat al-Kahf (surah 18), verses 83-99, “he ( Dhul-Qarnyn) followed a way” –is  mentioned three times. And Dhul-Qarnyn, the two horned one, was blessed by Allah almighty with power and strength. Therefore, “He followed a way” might be meant that after having his main kingdom in earth , from where he started his journey; he conquered three more corners of the world. So, including his first kingdom, he owned four kingdoms in the world in total. On the other hand, Cyrus the Great is renowned as the "King of the Four Corners of the World”.And he also takes the two horned head as a helmet and is often pictured as wearing it. Additionally, 'world' doesn't  mean only earth always. It could be used for this galaxy too . Hence, 'four corners of world ' might indicates four  corners of this solar system.

*  Because of  massive use of internet , using some translations apps or sites like google translate, now people from any country could catch the meaning of different languages easily.On the other hand, anthropological evidence shows that the reign of Cyrus the Great was highly developed,scientifically too. Therefore,as like as time where we belong,it was not hard for Cyrus too to understand the different languages of  peoples from earth.From myths, Cyrus the Great had to face some chaos monsters. Similarly,Dhul-Qarnyn saved  peoples from Yajooj and Majooj who created chaos then. But Dhul-Qarnyn  had the phonetic communication problem with  people of between two mountains.The reason might be that  two mountains barriers were situated in two different  planets- earth and unknown planet.  And Dhul-Qarnyn  might be met those people between the link point of these two planets.He could hardly understand them as because they might be not the people of earth. The word 'people' doesn't stand only for the people like us. It may indicates another meanings too. And we all knows that every single Arabic word from the holy Al-Qur'an is so significant and has various meanings.Similarly, though Cyrus the Great had higher technological equipments, it was difficult for him to catch the words of those alien people. That’s why,Cyrus the Great has more possibility of being Dhul-Qarnyn.(Allah knows the best)

[The four-winged guardian figure representing Cyrus the Great, a bas-relief found at Pasargadae on top of which was once inscribed in three languages the sentence "I am Cyrus the king, an Achaemenian."] Winged man relief, Pasargadae, Province of Fars, Iran

* According to some scholars, Cyrus the Great couldn't be Dhul-Qarnain as because he tolerated religion in his policy which is not allowed in Islam and he respected polytheists which Muhammad (PBUH) never did. On the other hand, Cyrus ordered to kept army away from the temples and restored the statues of the Babylonian gods to their sanctuaries. To those thinkers, it's a clear shirk which couldn't be done by Dhul-Qarnain. But is it so? Why not? 

Islam is a Religion of Peace.Islam never support temples ,gods and deities but at the same time,Islam never says to disrespect other religions. The dealings of the Prophet (PBUH), with other religions can best be described in the verse of the Quran: “To you be your religion, to me be mine.”The best example of the tolerance shown by the Prophet (PBUH) to other religions may be the constitution of Medina itself.When He migrated to Medina, his role as a mere religious leader ended; he was  the political leader of a state then, governed by the precepts of Islam, which demanded that clear laws of governance be laid out to ensure harmony and stability in a society which once had been distraught by decades of war, one which must ensure the peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Jews, Christians and polytheists.So, those steps which taken by Cyrus the Great why is being criticized like that?

*Other group often complains that, Cyrus the Great made sculptures  by himself which is not going with Islam .My question to those group of Muslims is, have you studied Al-Qur'aan properly? Didn't you see There that sculptures were allowed in Islam during  the reign of Prophet Suleiman (AS)? But after this, it is banned in Islam.

 *Some thinkers criticized Cyrus because of  Cyrus cylinder . Because , he is portrayed there as the follower of  ancient Babylonian polytheist god Marduk. But following someone  doesn't mean that taking him as god always. And regarding this,those thinkers couldn't  show to us any authentic source yet.  And no one knows for sure the religion of Cyrus. Typically, he is identified as Zoroastrian. But That is not well established. And we all knows how things often lose their true colors by time and people.

* Cyrus the great gets pictured with two types of griffin mostly. One is ferocious,animal faced griffin and another is eagle type bird faced griffin. Those pictures also expose that Cyrus was fighting against the animal faced griffin; but he looks friendly to eagle faced griffins.That means, according to character and facial structure, there are two types of griffins.

* We have already known that two Persian heroes, Rostam and Esfandyar, share Labours stories with Hercules. And rest of the dragon heroes, myths and religions also have some common issues. All of them share some similarities as like as the connection to the outer planets, outer species. Both Hercules and Marduk were related to the planet Jupiter. Some other mythical characters’ also have relations to the different planets.Even Mayan mythology clarifies the interconnection among the peoples of this galaxy the then.  Some mystic structured creatures like Great Dragon, Venomous Snake, Exalted Serpent, Furious Snake, the “Big Weather-Beast, the “Hairy One, Mad Lion, Scorpion-Man, Violent Storms, Fish-Man, Bull-Man, Scorpion-Man, Centaurs, Cretan Bull, Solar Calf, Minotaur were mentioned so many times.


Epic Adventure Music - Centaur War,www.youtube.com

 They have some magical powers. They share wings, horns. Similarly,we've known already that (from previous episode) Revelation also says about horns. It says, ten kings with ten horns who have not yet received a kingdom,will receive authority as kings one hour with wild beast.And  I think those wild beast is none other than dinosaurs or dragon. In addition , battle with "Lamb" might be a symbolic word. It   means land of lambs; not the animal lamb[We all knows that Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was from that land which has  lambs]. Simply,we can say that those ten horned  kings with dinosaur/dragon  will fought against Muslims and Its alliances.But they won't be succeeded at last.

Besides these, dragon heroes are often pictured with some special dresses with horns, eagle wings, magical wand, hexdent, trident type weapons or accessories .If we take a close look then it would easy to get that those dresses are not ordinary. They have some mechanism, designed specially with instrumental look.

 Drawing of a 4.6 cm gold-plated silver Mjöllnir pendant found at Bredsätra on Öland, Sweden

And it’s not impossible that those dresses with horns, wings and hexdent or magical wand type sticks might help them to fly to the outer spaces ,walk against gravity. And might be those mystic creatures who were half human and half others, might not there real look. They might use that look only for earth to survive here just as like as the dress code of today’s astronauts.

Today's Astronauts

In addition, nowadays, some modern technology like android,wifi ,robots are often symbolized with horns! So, it's not impossible to think that those mythical, historical characters might use those horns to send signals or to do something else that would help them to go  and to stay on other planets.

3G HSPA WiFi Router with 4 LAN Ports, DDNS, SIM Slot,mobidatawireless.en.made-in-china.com

* According to present records, the reign of Cyrus the Great, the building of Great Wall of China and the dinosaurs period are not the same. But the time period of Cyrus the Great, Great Wall of China, Scythians, Kambojas and dragons are nearer to each other. And should we rely or have farm belief on the present records of timing of the history? I don’t think so! We are those people who couldn’t even identify the real birth date of William Shakespeare yet then how could we measures the time period of those ancient creatures, civilizations and people?

* Some of think tanks claim that Gog and Magog is nothing but a group of mischievous Mongolian or other tribal peoples .And Great Wall of China was built to protect from them. Few of them state that  those tribes were buried under the Great Wall.  That sounds quiet interesting! If they were just a human then only a simple cover of mud or gigantic grave of clay was enough to hide them from the world. Why this kind of special materialized wall? And is it possible for any human to survive under such a metalized  wall till the end of the time?

In addition, till now we've not found them clearly as human race. And except holy Al Qur'aan , there is no evidence which is 100% pure.In Al Qur'aan ,we've seen that how Allah almighty destroyed all the evil human nations/civilizations before.They were destroyed  completely by earth quack,flood, comets etc. mostly. But no evil human nation was mentioned There as prisoner or collapsed somewhere.


According to another  group of scholars, it was built to stop the entry of those  tribes in Chinese territory.But if it really was built to protect China from the invasion of  other ethnicity then the wall would be made as one sided. Why two sided? That means, the Chinese monarchy wanted to  separate this area from its own people too.  Besides all these approaches, few scholars like to compare Gog and Magog concepts with the relation between Russia and USA.I have no argue against them. Because, I am not that intellectual to understand their logic on that!

* In the Book of Ezekiel, Gog is the name of an individual and Magog the name of his land. In Revelation both Gog and Magog are nations ("the hostile nations of the world").On the other hand, Korean folk mythology states that an Imugi could become a true dragon, or y, if it caught a Yeouiju which had fallen from heaven. And it’s easy to understand now that heavens of Korean folk actually means another planet. Powerful dragons or dinosaur from earth also could use their  artificial horns and wings  to fly to the other planets just as like as ancient heroes.  Therefore, we can say that,” The hostile nations of the world (not of the earth!) from Ezekiel Revelation and the hostile relations of the Korean Imugi and Yeouiju are indicating to the same meaning. That is, hostile relations between the dragons/dinosaurs of earth and  the dragons/dinosaurs of other planet. It is said that the astrological sign of two dragon heroes, Hercules and Marduk is Jupiter. That’s why I think the father of Hercules was actually from planet Jupiter and his mother was from earth. That kind of interplanetary marriages often get found on so many myths.

History repeats itself. Now it’s time for us to establish a link among anthropology,mythology, science and religion. It’s true that all the information that we got from myth is not correct, but at the same time , we shouldn't take them as  ingredients of garbage. Even in this digital era we often see that how events, speeches of people lose their purity within a second! But that doesn’t mean that those peoples are not existing or those events never been happened. Similarly, all those mythologies, beliefs of thousands  years couldn’t be ignored.Moreover, if those myths were just like a lullaby then there wouldn't  any similarities be found among them. And baseless or rootless things couldn't be survived on people's tongue and miniatures  for thousands years, from country to country.  If we take a deep look on them, analyze neutrally the situation,surrounding,culture,custom,rituals,socio-political structure the then;  we might get some answers that weren’t revealed before. Those hidden truths  might lead us  to a new age, towards a new gigantic change.Revealing the secret of the origin of dragons and dinosaurs might be a part of this revolution.Additionally, it's a challenge to the theory of evolution. It proves the limitations of this kind of theories once again. Only Allah almighty knows the truth, but till now I think that Yajooj and Majooj are actually dinosaur/griffin,dragon/hydra or Gog and Magog. In modern days,griffin is found as one of the fossilized species of dinosaur. Yajooj/griffin/horned dragon came from another planet. They are aliens- a group of beastly aliens or monsters. Majooj are from earth. Once this two beastly nations emerged  as hostile nations  and created chaos in China. Therefore, China had to build a Great Wall then under the instruction of Dhul-Qarnyn. According to Al-Qur’an, there are also other living creatures in outer space or in other planets. And there is a warm whole in the earth that  is connected to another planet. I guess, that planet also has a great wall like China to protect themselves from those beastly creature. Yajooj  Majooj are trapped between two dams  -earth and another planet. Someday these dams will break and Yajooj and Majooj / Dinosaur and dragon will invade Earth from that planet and will wreak havoc on Earth again.

Copyright © 2015 by Rumana Reza



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What was the most interesting experience you had while researching and creating this project? Can you please tell us more about islamic view regarding your project? 

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When I came to know that the dragons / dinosaurs is one of  the most discussed subjects of all Religions,myths,archaeologies, countries-I got really wondered!

'Sura Al -Kahf' from the holy Al- Quran,  is the main inspiration of this project. I've already mentioned on my paper about the Islamic view of my project. Thanks.

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Are you researching modern diplomacy or diplomacy of the ancient world? What do you think about the tradition of gift giving in Mesopotamia as a part of the diplomatic relations?

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I'm researching on  both. 

I think it's a great idea and still we are following this diplomatic tradition from top to bottom in everywhere of our society.

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Do you have a page in the Instagram or a channel on Youtube?

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Yes ,I have a page on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/scribhneoir_zone/


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What are the different characteristics of dinosaurs?

Dec 3, 11:48PM EST0

Simply, Winged and horned dinosaurs are more powerful than non- winged and non-horned dinosaurs. They could travel from planet to planets ,any places. For details, you can read my paper here : 


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Thanks for your interest.

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Because, there I can write anything that I want. No pressure of  Editor's or publisher's  demands.  In addition, whenever I want, can publish my works and  can share with people instantly,no hassles of waiting!

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Every research that done by me,is closest to me. 

To me, philosophy has two dimensions.

1. "Humans are made from clay,so we are clays" type philosophy. 

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 I completely disagree with the first one. On the other hand, I support   number 2 and feel like, philosophy is the synonym of creativity. 

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People quoting my name (positively,hahaha), my works will be used as reference.

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Uniqueness ,thanks.

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History. Because,history holds everything. Thanks.

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