Monica Sparks here...Networking Strategist and Author... #AMA about Networking Divas...What We Do That You Don't!

Monica Sparks
Feb 13, 2018

As the Networking Diva, I will gladly answer questions and share what I know to help you build your business or personal brand to create an awesome and beneficial network. There are at least 6 reasons why people fail at networking, let me help you overcome these objections to meeting others so you can create valuable mutually beneficial relationships!

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Based on your experience as a network strategist, what role does Twitter play in the growth of the business? Do you think small businesses can succeed with Twitter, or just the big ones?

Feb 17, 6:24AM EST0

What are different ways for someone to get associated with "Networking Diva" apart besides becoming volunteers?

Feb 16, 5:26PM EST0

What's the best way of finding an effective social media strategist for an up-and-coming social network?

Feb 14, 11:17AM EST0

Is there an available course in school or online schools for those interested in networking?

Feb 14, 5:45AM EST0

What are some good books or videos you can recommend for someone who wants to learn more about networking?

Feb 14, 1:06AM EST0

How was your experience working with iHeartMedia radio? What was your main objective with the radio show?

Feb 12, 11:36AM EST0

Good Morning Diazga!  I had a great experience with iHeart, I was able to see the change from Clear Channel Media to what it has become now. Being on air helped me to realize my goals of supporting more women radio personalities and inspired/ helped me start my own radio network... www.RadioForDivas.com. We educate empower & entertain women in business. 

Feb 13, 8:50AM EST1

Is networking a good field to have a career in? What is the scope?

Feb 12, 10:35AM EST1

Stella Maris C Bangis! Thanks for another intriguing question. :) Networking is something you 'do' it is a total enhancement of your personality and your career. Business and personal development is what every good networker strives for. 

Feb 13, 9:05AM EST0

How can Networking Divas help in finding an effective PR & social media strategy for a new business?

Feb 12, 4:38AM EST1

Hello Katie! This is a great question but, my apologies, I can only give you a vague answer. Networking Divas certainly can help you to understand how to use PR and Social as part of your strategy ...but every strategy and implementation will be different based on the business. 

Feb 13, 9:22AM EST1

Could you suggest the best ways to learn networking online?

Feb 12, 3:42AM EST1

P. Petrova I do not believe in cookie cutter solutions to networking because personality is key in someone's ability or willingness to open up and connect to build relationships with others.  My favorite ways to network online includes online forums such as an @AMAFEED. I also will continue to say @Facebook is my favorite because yit offers so many features!  

Feb 13, 9:27AM EST1

Thank you for the many questions before the event. As you will see I value each of your questions and have taken time to personally answer each of them. 

I wish ALL of YOU...ALL of the BEST!

Monica Sparks

The Networking Diva

Feb 6, 4:17PM EST1

By networking, do you also offer your services to multi-level marketing companies and agents?

Feb 6, 9:07AM EST1

Dave, Yes Sir, I certainly like helping everyone that I can to build their network.  Working with a multi-level company could be great...if people knew how to build relationships the correct way. That is why many people fail at MLM...they push product, not personality and people. :)  I do offer my training services to businesses and individuals. 

Feb 13, 8:55AM EST0

What are the usual occupations that require great networking skills?

Feb 6, 8:41AM EST1

Monalisa... there is no occupation that does not require networking skills...even if it is to get the job or position...we ALL need to connect. ut to be more specific...think sales, marketing any position that comes in contact with others. 

Feb 13, 8:57AM EST1

What is your end goal as a networking strategist? What’s your ultimate dream?

Feb 6, 1:37AM EST1

Erin, my goal is to help as many people as I can learn how to build beneficial proper relationships and have a good experience at the same time. My ultimate dream is to offer my courses in colleges and businesses across the globe. :) 

Feb 13, 9:00AM EST1

What are the benefits of being a great networker?

Feb 5, 6:42AM EST1

Felipeng...The more favors you make ...the more you can take! Building great relationships as a networking professional allows you to benefit in many ways. Increased visibility and resources are definitely top of mind!

Feb 13, 10:39AM EST1

Do you also work as consultant to companies? What are the usual business types you’ve worked with or for?

Feb 5, 4:12AM EST1

Janacoquilla, thank you for your question! Yes, I do work for other companies and train on networking. I have a whole team that gives an amazing and beneficial presentation.  Typically we work with businesses that have a big need to provide awesome customer experience and service. Car dealerships, attorney offices, restaurants and other small businesses, we also teach a lot of teenagers.  

Feb 13, 10:44AM EST0

What’s your thought about the negative connotation on the term networking just because a lot of people abused this word with their pyramiding schemes?

Feb 4, 6:52PM EST1

Kjen28... Ah YES! there is a negative thought as it relates to Multi-Level Network Marketing. And I totally get it. However, I can also tell you that for IT Geeks... the term Networking   is also not related to building relationships and making connections. When I speak about networking to others they generally realize that I am

1) Not in IT and...

2) have a hope that I am not selling them anything. LOL!

I think the term Networking will eventually change to collaborative relationships. :) 

Feb 6, 4:24PM EST1

Kjen28... Ah YES! there is a negative thought as it relates to Multi-Level NetworkMarketing. And I totally get it. However, I can also tell you that for IT Geeks... the term Networking   is also not related to building relationships and making connections. When I speak about networking to others they generally realize that I am

1) Not in IT and...

2) have a hope that I am not selling them anything. LOL!

I think the term Networking will eventually change to collaborative relationships. :) 

Feb 6, 4:25PM EST1

Do you offer you services online or do you need to meet your clients in person?

Feb 1, 6:47PM EST1

Deandragoss thank you for the question! We offer online services as well as meet clients in person. 

Feb 14, 12:56AM EST1

Are you available for mentoring services for aspiring networkers and strategists?

Feb 1, 2:36PM EST1

Farayola...ABSOLUTELY! I do my best to stay connected and help others any way that I can!

Feb 14, 12:57AM EST1

As the Networking Diva, do you work on your own or do you have a team?

Feb 1, 10:48AM EST1

Staudtam, there is an old African proverb that I follow... "If you want to go fast go alone...if you want to go far...take others with you!" I work with a team that includes a Vocal Confidence Coach and an image designer. Once people see you then...they hear you. REAL Networking covers different aspects of your life that meld into one big personality...YOU!:)  

Feb 14, 1:01AM EST1

In your opinion, who is the best networker of all time? What was he/she able to achieve as a networker?

Feb 1, 9:11AM EST1

Valeriia...what a great question. I could say MLK, Mother Theresa, or Gandhi. All of these individuals attempted and were successful at crossing barriers to communicate a message to build relationships with others for a cause larger than themselves. Networking = building mutually beneficial relationships. Unfortunately, they were not appreciated while they were alive. 

Feb 6, 4:28PM EST1

What a networking strategist actually does?

Jan 31, 3:11PM EST1

Rashmosh, thanks for your question! A Networking Strategist helps people create strategies to build mutually benefitting relationships.  Since I  focus on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of connecting with others...it can be very time consuming, yet personally rewarding.  (I get a lot of psychic income. :) 

Jan 31, 3:21PM EST1

What are your tips for creating an effective and beneficial network?

Jan 31, 10:00AM EST1

Good day Rhea! What a loaded question. :) I could write for hours to answer your question. Since you did not expect to read my 'book' let me answer with the top 3 tips for creating an effective network, ok? 

1 Learn to LISTEN. People will tell you plenty if you listen to learn. The art of listening is a skill many people would benefit from. 

2 Be authentic. As you network, be true to who you are in your intentions and actions. People can spot a fake immediately. Remember to be yourself...everyone else is already taken!  

3 GIVE ...and receive. In that order. Many people are on the hunt as they network to only see what they can get from others, you have to GIVE to get. Sew seeds to produce a harvest.  It's all about karma! Good Karma+Good Actions = Successful Networking.

Jan 31, 3:34PM EST1

What’s your proudest moment in your work?

Jan 31, 9:28AM EST1

Nickie- love your name :) My proudest moment was recent. (Dec 20th) The Grand Rapids Business Journal selected me as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan. I am extremely thankful and live to serve others. Having influence helps me in my Networking endeavors Thanks for the question!. 

Jan 31, 3:37PM EST1

What was your first job and what lessons did you learn for it that you still put in practice?

Jan 31, 9:18AM EST1

Farayola, my 1st job was sooooooooooooooooooooooo long ago. Many moons ago. :) I worked at Planned Parenthood as a Peer Youth Counselor in High School. I had to speak in front of a lot of people about waiting to have 'sex' as a teenager. This was very hard because I hadn't had sex yet and all I knew is that I was a square nerd for wanting to wait and telling others to wait to have sex.  Speaking in front of crowds, public speaking was definitely a skill I learned that I am so grateful for.  Thanks for making me talk about...sex! LOL

Jan 31, 3:42PM EST1

Is online social networking overtaking real-world networking?

Jan 31, 7:52AM EST1

Jessies1025... YES! (Emphatically) Anytime I can get married without meeting the person or having a few dates in person... 1 in 4 relationships begin online. Sometimes the relationship never leaves the internet. I will say that in SOCIAL make sure that you are having a CONVERSATION...that will help you get more ENGAGEMENT and CONNECTIVITY to build an audience. 

Jan 31, 3:46PM EST1

What platforms would you recommend for business networking apart from LinkedIn?

Jan 31, 6:38AM EST1

Hello Johnmacha! I would totally recommend Facebook and Google Plus. There is so much that these platforms can do. However, once you think you learn FB they switch an algorithm or 2. LOL 

Seriously, FB and Google allow you more options to tap into the business connections with their ads and post. 

Jan 31, 3:49PM EST1

What are the first and most important steps in building your business and personal brand?

Jan 31, 1:37AM EST1

Good AM Caroline:) Thanks for your question.  First of all, make sure you are happy with... YOU! Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values and goals? If you do not know nor are confident you will not come off as someone people 'need' to get to know better. Be authentic in every way and create a genuine concern for others around you.  REMEMBER...you do not need everyone to like you, just the RIGHT people to like you. Too many people try so hard to be something they are not. Shakespear says it best "To thine own self-be true"

I wish you all the best! Monica Sparks, The Networking Diva.

Jan 31, 3:56PM EST1

You’ve mentioned there are at least 6 reasons why people fail at networking. Which reasons are you refereeing to and why?

Jan 30, 10:07PM EST1


Thank you for your question. Networking is so much more than passing out contact information or going to an event. Let's dig deeper, shall we? :)

  1. Image: Are you presenting yourself, the way you would like to be represented?
  2. Mental: What psychologically barriers are holding you back from making connections?
  3. Communication: Is your body and verbal language appropriate, in every situation?
  4. Social: Where are you posting to maximize or gain influence on the internet?
  5. Emotional: Can you pinpoint your personal fears to building beneficial relationships?  
  6. Motivation: How do you stay inspired to “put yourself out” there to network?  

Insightful questions,  Networking is about all of the above and being strategic. I wish you all the best! Monica Sparks, The Networking Diva.

Jan 31, 4:00PM EST1

Where can we find your books? Do you have any social media accounts that we can follow?

Jan 30, 8:56PM EST1

Rose:} You can find my books in Barnes and Nobles bookstores or Amazon online "Networking Diva... What We Do That You Don't"

Thank you for asking! I would love to connect with you on the following:

FB Monica J Sparks (The Networking Diva)

FB Radio For Divas or Monica Sparks Show 

Twitter MonicaSparkShow

Jan 31, 4:04PM EST1

Why should you hire a networking strategist?

Jan 30, 8:41PM EST1

Beartime...how sweet of a name is that? :) You should only hire a Networking Strategist...if you plan on NetWORKing and doing the WORK it takes to build a successful relationship or brand image. Less than 11% of people ever follow up after an encounter with others.  It takes time, effort, resources and the right mental attitude to netWORK... and a GOOD strategist will teach you how to netWORK and hold you accountable to make sure the WORK gets done.  

Thanks for your question!

Last edited @ Jan 31, 4:17PM EST.
Jan 31, 4:07PM EST1

What do you write? Where can we find more about this side of your career? Is it related to the networking strategy?

Jan 30, 1:31PM EST1

Joy, Thank you for your question. I am a published author. :) You can find my books in Barnes and Nobles bookstores or Amazon online "Networking Diva... What We Do That You Don't" My book is all about Networking, I also host 2 conferences each year in Grand Rapids.  Networking Sparks Conference and The Networking Divas Conference. You are welcome to come!

Jan 31, 4:21PM EST1
What was the greatest networking event you attended?
Jan 30, 10:20AM EST1

KGIO. Thank you for your question. Every event that I go to is a GREATEST Networking event. Why? Because I make sure I bring my A-game to make the contacts that will help me build mutually beneficial relationships.  I also host 2 annual events Networking Sparks Conference and The Networking Divas Conference. Kick A for sure! You are welcome to come!

Jan 31, 4:25PM EST1
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