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Love Story: The Rented Wedding will be coming out April 1, 2018 so Ask me anything

Author Gabrial Grant
Mar 24, 2018 9:00AM EDT

Love Story: The Rented Wedding, a fictitious reality story that takes place in San Jose, California. The main characters Mariah and Max meet each other by chance at work. There was a dispute in the office that brought the two together and the spark was lit from there. The two have endured many obstacles in their respective lives and as their worlds intertwine, they fall for each other more with each passing moment. As the story progresses, Mariah and Max's connection and passion for one another makes Mariah have an epiphany. Mariah has wanted to be a bride since she was a little girl playing with Barbies, hence the idea the Rented Wedding Party comes into play. This book is written in such a way where it is relatable to any reader no matter what ethnic background or sexual orientation. Each character in this book has their own unique characteristics which make this a play full of romance, tears, laughter and raw emotion.

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Do you plan on writing any other novels in the future?
Mar 23, 5:07PM EDT0 Reply
Where are you based? Are there many publishing companies around where you are?
Mar 22, 2:00AM EDT0 Reply
If you could have chosen another profession other than the writer, what would that profession be?
Mar 21, 9:41AM EDT0 Reply
How do you feel about the ending of the "Rented Wedding" without sharing too much of the information?
Mar 21, 2:59AM EDT0 Reply
What do you believe is your strongest trait in writing?
Mar 20, 8:15PM EDT0 Reply
At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?
Mar 20, 6:03PM EDT0 Reply
Will your book be available in stores as well as online? For how much can one purchase the book?
Mar 19, 1:39AM EDT0 Reply
What is your all time favorite novel and favorite author? Why?
Mar 17, 10:38PM EDT0 Reply
Do you prefer to write at home or outside the home?
Mar 17, 1:38PM EDT0 Reply
Do you enjoy reading? If so, are you currently reading any novels?
Mar 16, 12:38PM EDT0 Reply
What does the cover of the book look like?
Mar 16, 3:27AM EDT0 Reply
What is your favorite thing about this book?
Mar 12, 11:06AM EDT0 Reply
How long have you been writing?
Mar 12, 9:28AM EDT0 Reply
How does Mariah and Max's story differ from other romances out there?
Mar 12, 9:21AM EDT0 Reply
Do you usually write books with happy endings?
Mar 11, 10:47PM EDT0 Reply
What is your favorite style of writing?
Mar 11, 5:47PM EDT0 Reply
What mistakes have you made as a writer that you would advice aspiring writers to avoid?
Mar 11, 1:13PM EDT0 Reply
How do you think the presence of blogs and self publishing online has affected the publishing industry today?
Mar 11, 10:26AM EDT0 Reply
Have you ever considered writing non-fiction?
Mar 11, 10:20AM EDT0 Reply
How long did it take you to write this book?
Mar 11, 9:59AM EDT0 Reply
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