Love Story: The Rented Wedding will be coming out April 1, 2018 so Ask me anything

Author Gabrial Grant
Mar 24, 2018

Love Story: The Rented Wedding, a fictitious reality story that takes place in San Jose, California. The main characters Mariah and Max meet each other by chance at work. There was a dispute in the office that brought the two together and the spark was lit from there. The two have endured many obstacles in their respective lives and as their worlds intertwine, they fall for each other more with each passing moment. As the story progresses, Mariah and Max's connection and passion for one another makes Mariah have an epiphany. Mariah has wanted to be a bride since she was a little girl playing with Barbies, hence the idea the Rented Wedding Party comes into play. This book is written in such a way where it is relatable to any reader no matter what ethnic background or sexual orientation. Each character in this book has their own unique characteristics which make this a play full of romance, tears, laughter and raw emotion.

Author Gabrial Grant says:

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What do believe to be some of the reasons behind writers procrastinating and what advice would you impart to help in such a situation?
Mar 24, 5:05PM EDT0

I know with me motivation is a big reason I procrastinate when it comes to writing. But then out of nowhere I'll see something or hear something that sparks my interest in writing all over again, then I can't stop. 

I would say find something that assist with keeping you motivated to write and use that as your goto method. 

Mar 24, 5:33PM EDT0
Who is your favourite character in your books so far and are there any similarities between their characteristics or personality traits and yours?
Mar 24, 3:27PM EDT0

Out of all my characters in this particular book I like Max. Max has some of my characteristics, he likes women, but what he really likes is kids. And Max accepts Ariel (Mariah's daughter) right away, and even ask Ariel for the approval to ask her mom to marry him. I did the same thing for my wife's kids when I asked their mom to marry me. 

Mar 24, 4:31PM EDT0
Do you think a person can learn to be an effective writer or is it a talent that one is born with, and why?
Mar 24, 11:49AM EDT0

Some people are naturally creative. I do think that one can develop the talent over time as well. Reading to obtain more knowledge is always a helpful method to develop writing skills. I also believe life experience is another way. Sometimes that raw emotion from your heart, when it touches the pages of a book it then touches the reader immediately. 

Mar 24, 1:32PM EDT0
During your process do you consider originality more important than yielding to the wants of your readers and why?
Mar 24, 7:28AM EDT0

I consider both. Originality is important because it's always good to bring a different type of subject matter to the table while also considering the likes and dislikes of others. 

Mar 24, 8:40AM EDT0
Do you plan on writing any other novels in the future?
Mar 23, 5:07PM EDT0

Yes, there will be a part two and three to this story. There will also be a kid friendly story that I started called the Life and Times of Poetic Kid

Mar 24, 3:24AM EDT0
Where are you based? Are there many publishing companies around where you are?
Mar 22, 2:00AM EDT0

I'm in Sacramento, CA 

Mar 24, 3:22AM EDT0
If you could have chosen another profession other than the writer, what would that profession be?
Mar 21, 9:41AM EDT0

I have a few different jobs in addition to being an author. However, I use to want a career in web design

Mar 24, 3:21AM EDT0
How do you feel about the ending of the "Rented Wedding" without sharing too much of the information?
Mar 21, 2:59AM EDT0

I'm happy with the ending because it ends on a happy note and it makes the reader curious about what happens next. 

Mar 24, 3:20AM EDT0
What do you believe is your strongest trait in writing?
Mar 20, 8:15PM EDT0

My strongest trait is my ability to tap into the emotions of others with my writing. I'm a poet and I use the art of poetry to tell Mariah's story.

Mar 24, 3:19AM EDT0
At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?
Mar 20, 6:03PM EDT0

When it came time for Mariah who is the main character to plan the wedding and then the actual wedding party, I felt they all needed to interact somehow and if they didn't have their own unique personalities then the book would turn out flat.

Mar 24, 3:18AM EDT0
Will your book be available in stores as well as online? For how much can one purchase the book?
Mar 19, 1:39AM EDT0

It will be available online only for $28.95

Mar 24, 3:15AM EDT0
What is your all time favorite novel and favorite author? Why?
Mar 17, 10:38PM EDT0

I don't really have a favorite but if I had to choose one that sort of motivated me I would say I Know Why the Cage Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Mar 24, 3:11AM EDT0
Do you prefer to write at home or outside the home?
Mar 17, 1:38PM EDT0

Surprisingly I write a lot when I'm away from home. I have a few safe spots in town where I would go to write. But I do write at home as well 

Mar 24, 3:08AM EDT0
Do you enjoy reading? If so, are you currently reading any novels?
Mar 16, 12:38PM EDT0

You know what's interesting is I hated reading growing up. I still don't read a lot but I did begin to read a little more  as I began my writing career. Currently I'm not reading any novels. It's to think I never liked to read but loved to write. 

Mar 16, 3:02PM EDT0
What does the cover of the book look like?
Mar 16, 3:27AM EDT0

The cover will be revealed on April 1st 😁

Mar 24, 3:06AM EDT0
What is your favorite thing about this book?
Mar 12, 11:06AM EDT0

I like building the characteristic s of Mariah and Max, giving them both a platform to talk about themselves and then intertwine the two personalities together. Also, one of the things I like is the interaction between the different people in the wedding party. 

Mar 12, 6:07PM EDT0
How long have you been writing?
Mar 12, 9:28AM EDT0

I've been writing since the 6th grade. 

Mar 12, 6:05PM EDT0
How does Mariah and Max's story differ from other romances out there?
Mar 12, 9:21AM EDT0

Mariah and Max are two people who fall in love at work. Now that has happened plenty of times to people but you never really hear of people hiring strangers to be apart of their wedding party. 

Mar 12, 6:05PM EDT0
Do you usually write books with happy endings?
Mar 11, 10:47PM EDT0

I try to, some of my poems I've written usually will talk about the trials and tribulations then the positive comes at the end. 

Mar 12, 6:03PM EDT0
What is your favorite style of writing?
Mar 11, 5:47PM EDT0

I am poet so I mainly like to write poetry but I can write anything. This will be my first complete play.

Mar 12, 6:03PM EDT0
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