Sep 18, 2018

The good, the bad, the grim - I'm a young author, ask me anything!

Honey Due: What a lovely question! Motorhead, definitely! I'm a huge rock n roll fan :)

Created my First Series book is free for now at AMA about writing or about the book.

Shaun A Kolich: They just came to me.

Want to Write and Publish Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror? AMA!

John B. Rosenman: Thanks for asking.  I love the conceptual freedom, its inexhausible variety, its long, intricate history.  I grew up during the Golden Age of SF, and I've always been drawn to the idea of distant worlds and alien invaders.  Who know what awaits us in…
Sep 9, 2018

A full-time author lucky enough to write in Paradise. Ask Me Anything.

K T Bowes: I'm a 'pantser' so I let my heart lead and then see how far off the track I've gone when I'm finished. Sometimes I'll pull myself in half way through or when I hit a road block. Readers of certain genres have an expectation of how things will work ou…


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