Life is beautiful... Live it large and live it fully... Think right and all will fall in place... Ask me anything and I will answer... Life is a party and you all are welcome...

Vashi Pandey
Apr 10, 2018

Thoughts are things... That is what drive us as we start our day... We focus on everything other than what we are actually thinking... There is the catch... We rise all anxious not even paying attention to tue energy we are spending on being anxious... Result-A bad day and then  a bad experience of life... Nothing goes well and nothing seems right...

So why not change our thoughts... Let it all be and just look at the good around us... But like all good things, this too takes practice... So start right now... Whatever you are doing... Start thinking right... Feel good for whatever you have... Notice the change... And do not forget to notify me too... 

Feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions... 

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How long on average does it take you to write a book?
Apr 14, 6:28AM EDT0
What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?
Apr 13, 7:43PM EDT0
How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?
Apr 13, 7:32AM EDT0
What is the worst thing you have ever heard about dealing with life?
Apr 13, 6:16AM EDT0
Where do you see yourself in five years from now in a professional sense?
Apr 11, 9:16PM EDT0

I would love to see myself writing more beautifully and making a difference in the lives of the others with my work. I would love to connect to more and more people and motivate them through my speeches and listening to them. I would love to share my story. I believe that is what I will call success. 

Apr 12, 12:00AM EDT0
What inspired you to write in this speciffic area?
Apr 11, 7:46AM EDT0

Life inspired me. What bigger inspiration can one have. We think a lot in a day but most of it is junk. We hardly feed our mind witj good thoughts. Which further leads to all sorts of anxieties and depression. With time I understood that we come what we eat, what we read and what we think. So take care of your thoughts and rest will be taken care of. 

Apr 12, 12:03AM EDT0
What about the process of writing do you consider to be therapeutic and why?
Apr 11, 6:11AM EDT0

We talk to much in our head but it is when we are writing we actually listen to ourselves. We pay attention to our subconscious. The more we write the more we learn and understand ourselves and that is definitely a healing. You will be amazed to hear your own thoughts when you write. 

Apr 12, 12:07AM EDT0
What message do you hope to impart with your writing?
Apr 10, 4:15PM EDT0

Believe in yourself. Whatever you are searching beyond and in this world is within you. You have all the courage and potential in the world. Situations can't change. But your reactions could. There lies all the difference. I write to inspire people about all the good they hold in them yet they look for the opinions of others. We are divine and unique. Accept yourself and love the way you are. 

Apr 12, 12:11AM EDT0
What examples of your etiquette and morals do you hope others will attempt to follow?
Apr 10, 3:39PM EDT0

To be your own self. Live like a open book and be fearless. Celebrate every expert and live every moment. Stop caring what others think of you and start listening to your inner voice. Stop competing with others and start working on your own self. Just be honest in whatever you do. World will follow you. 

Apr 12, 12:13AM EDT0
Where are you based? Is self publishing popular where you are?
Apr 10, 8:22AM EDT0

I am based in India m yes self publishing is quiet popular here. 

Apr 10, 8:25AM EDT0
How have you managed to incorporate your personality into your writing style and how does this particular style suit the message you are attempting to convey to readers?
Apr 10, 6:52AM EDT0

I have finally understood the most difficult thing to be in this world is to be your own self. It is very difficult to speak the truth and listen to it. Especially when it comes from within. I have learned to share my heart out whenever I write and speak my own truth. My thoughts are a simple message of my inner being which I believe is never wrong. So the reader connects to it deeply too. If u say it simply and honestly it always touches at the right place. 

Apr 10, 6:57AM EDT0
Did you get your book professionally edited or did you edit it yourself?
Apr 10, 4:13AM EDT0

Hello... Yes, i self edited it. I had worked as an editor with several magazines and books myself. So thought of giving it a shot. Though next time I might require a professional help. Two minds are better than one i suppose. 

Apr 10, 4:20AM EDT0
What have been some of your personal views and lifestyle choices that have been challenged and how did you deal with it?
Apr 10, 2:56AM EDT0

Yes, I was a string headed person few years back. I jumped to conclusions easily. Life teaches us a lot and humbles us by creating hurdles and setbacks. It is upto us if we see the chance of changing ourselves while going through a transition phase. Change is necessary and inevitable and when you look back you see how far you have come and what a different sort pf person you are today. Everything being temporary is subject to change and adapting to the need of the hour is survival. So far I am doing great. 

Apr 10, 4:07AM EDT0
What challenges have you faced in your life and how did you overcome them?
Apr 10, 2:34AM EDT0

Life is never suppose to be easy... That is atleast how we project is to be. Like everyone else I had my own share of problems and challenges. Few years back I used to be a different kind of person. Hanging on to expectations and dependent on others. This is surely lead you to suffer. But when you suffer, you learn a lot. Not just about others but also about your own self. Your negatives and shortcomings. This is the point when you can change your life and your focus. 

Apr 10, 4:11AM EDT0

According to you which is the best platform for self-publishing?

Apr 10, 2:13AM EDT0

Hello Mary, Internet is offcourse is the best platform for self publishing and Amazon helps you a great deal in it. A lot of readers world wide are connected through each other and your book can get a lot of exposure there. 

Apr 10, 4:13AM EDT1
Do you feel that self published book get less recognition?
Apr 9, 11:56PM EDT0

Yes, as a matter of fact I do agree to it, but I believe in time as more and more readers are looking forward to read books online and purchase them as well. I believe if the content is good, it would leave an impact and sooner or later the book will catch the limelight. 

Apr 10, 4:16AM EDT0
Why have you chosen to be an author? Why not an artist or a filmmaker?
Apr 9, 6:39PM EDT0

Nice question my friend. Well I love writing. It really keeps me going. It is like an energy drink to me. I write everyday. And I write for you all to read. I love it when people come back to me with beautiful responses that how my write up made a difference in their life. But I do not mind trying anything new. Thanks

Apr 10, 4:18AM EDT0
What are some of the disadvantages of self publishing?
Apr 9, 12:10PM EDT0

Well I think you have to put more effort in marketing your book... But as it is your own baby, who minds putting in some extra hours.... Afterall you have worked hard to get it written and published... So you find your own ways to market the book and on the way you meet many people who are ready to help you out... 

Apr 9, 12:29PM EDT0
How much time do you spend writing in a day? Do you work every day of the week?
Apr 9, 7:45AM EDT0

Writing is a discipline for me and I write everyday of the week my friend. Because I love doing it I never feel I am working. It comes naturally and I learn while I share mu write ups and thoughts with all you wonderful people. It is something the universe had gifted me with. So that is how give it back. 

Apr 9, 12:32PM EDT0
How has the sales of your book been so far?
Apr 9, 4:18AM EDT0

The sales and response both have been going great... Do read the book and share your feedback

Apr 9, 7:23AM EDT0
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