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Kristen Collins
Jun 8, 2018

From Wild Dreams Publishing:

I am still seeking votes for two of my books to earn a chance to become Cine-Books!

To make this possible, I need your vote to transform my work into a NEW format of e-book!

Use this redemption code to experince it yourselves 9TY-7IX-FX0

I cannot do this without all of you! Help me make a dream come true!

A 1,000 votes in less than 90 days!

Vote here Now: https://cine-books.com/projects

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Why do you think the book will be able to strike a chord with readers of different age groups?
Jun 15, 8:14AM EDT1

It's not so much of a different age group, but with a different style of reading an ebook. I believe my books come to life with the words I write but I love to see it actually brought to Life with audio and visual too.

Jun 15, 9:52AM EDT0
How do you balance the world building and story with romance without letting any element suffer?
Jun 14, 4:37AM EDT1

Lots and lots of editing! Haha... I usually need a second pair of eyes (i.e. my editors) to help me catch anything I miss in the process. I also do extensive research and draw out the plans for my worlds I am building as well.I'll make a wall of writing out important points and try to map it out art wise too.

Jun 14, 11:18AM EDT0
What are two paranormal or fantasy books you think every reader should sit down and read right now?
Jun 13, 4:18PM EDT1

The Touched Saga by Elisa Amore and The Firelight Series by Sophie Jordan.

They are completely original and wonderful stories!

Last edited @ Jun 13, 4:22PM EDT.
Jun 13, 4:21PM EDT0
What has been your worst moment as a writer? If you could, what would you go back and tell yourself as a writer starting out?
Jun 13, 2:46PM EDT1

Yikes, umm... Well I think my worse moment was when I choose the first self-publisher for my novels. It was a total nightmare and I have since had topull my first two books from Amazon and republish through my new publisher (Wild Dreams Publishing). It's a really long story but the editing was pure awful and I didn't realize it myself till my new publisher looked through it all.I would tell myself to be more patient when picking a publisher, make myself mroe aware of the marketing struggles that you face as an Indie writer.

Jun 13, 2:56PM EDT0
Has lupus changed the way you think about yourself? How does it affect your writing now?
Jun 13, 12:13PM EDT1

I have struggles with Lupus since I was a child, I was diagnosed at the age of five. Writing and art was a form of escaped for me being cooped up inside for a very long time. I used to really  be embarrassed about the discoid rash that covers my arms, etc... Now, it doesn't faze me as it did, say when I was a child. I don't think it affects my writing in a bad way, it enables me to really embrace it actually. I am currently writing a novellette called, The Lupie Warrior, it's part of a multi-author anthology, For Melissa. The main character suffers from Lupus. So it's awesome to finally get to show readers a quick glimpse into the life of a person with lupus.

Last edited @ Jun 13, 4:23PM EDT.
Jun 13, 12:25PM EDT0
How much would it cost to produce a cinebook, if you had to pay it?
Jun 11, 7:22AM EDT1

I  think and I'm not exaggerating either, $60,000 - $80,000 is what they told me.

That's why this voting is so important. It attracts investor to my projects.

Jun 11, 8:22AM EDT0
Have you ever faced any setbacks or obstacles in your literary career?
Jun 11, 1:02AM EDT1

Oh tons! It's seems in the indie world if you're not online 24/7 marketing then you definitely will. I don't market hardcore like most do because as much as I love writing, I have a family I love even more.

So I face many setbacks that most traditional authors don't, yet Indie Authors definitely do. 

I think of it as paying my dues though and it's still very worth it to me to keep writing.

Jun 11, 7:12AM EDT0
Do you have any other artistic pursues besides writing?
Jun 10, 11:15PM EDT1

I design t-shirts and actually have a shop on Redbubble. I also create simple graphics and business logos.

I create art journals too and have them published on Amazon.

Jun 11, 7:08AM EDT0
Are you currently writing any more books? Is there a new project in the future?
Jun 10, 11:11PM EDT1


*~Upcoming Releases 2018-2019~*

Be on the lookout for these releases over not only this year and beginning of next as well!

2018 Releases:

For Melissa: an Anthology

Hybrid Love Anthology: Throne of Storms & Ashes

2019 Releases:

Wicked Spawns: A legacy of Evil ~ Goldilocks

Lights Out: Y2K A Dystopian Anthology

Back to Life - Anthology from Wild Dream Publishing Authors

Jun 11, 7:06AM EDT0
Have you considered writing other genres besides the one you have already done?
Jun 10, 6:36PM EDT0

Yes, I'm actually trying my hand at dystopian anthology with other Authors right now. I also would love to write one horror story.

Jun 11, 7:02AM EDT0
Where did you hear about Wild Dream Publishing's competition and what persuaded you to enter?
Jun 10, 1:47AM EDT0

Sorry if i misspoke but Wild Dreams Publishing is my publisher but Cine-Books is holding the competition.

I just happened to stumble upon it on Facebook. When I checked out the website, it was something I could not resist.

Jun 10, 9:02AM EDT0
How will the process be if your book is selected the winner? What happens next?
Jun 9, 11:09PM EDT0

Then over the course of 6-12 months production will take place. Then the newly format of cinematic ebooks will be available.

Jun 9, 11:14PM EDT0
Do you have any other books that have been converted into cinebooks?
Jun 9, 6:17PM EDT1

Nope. I'm a newbie in the Cine-Book world. I have 2 books in the running and it's very possible for both books to be turned into Cine-Books. I would love for both to be able to be turned that way readers can see two different styles of my books.

Jun 9, 6:20PM EDT0
What are the submission guidelines for the competition?
Jun 9, 11:40AM EDT1

 I think you would find better details from this links rather than me.


Jun 9, 11:48AM EDT0
What is required of the authors that submit their work for Wild Dream Publishing's competition?
Jun 9, 9:03AM EDT1

Wild Dreams Publishing is my Publishing house. I'm sorry if you misunderstood. Cine-Books is the one holding the event.

But you submit an excerpt from your story and it goes before a panel of folks at Cine-Books and then they decide if it suits their business. Actually really simple and I was surprised by that part.

Jun 9, 9:25AM EDT0
How many other books are competing with yours? Wouldn't you have more of a chance if you had submitted one book?
Jun 9, 4:10AM EDT1

There's probably about close to 8-10 others I think. Yes one book is probably the better option to only submit but both of these stories are so unique that I couldn't decide which one to submit so I chose both.

They both passed an intense panel of folks before being chosen.

Jun 9, 9:21AM EDT0
What was it that ignited your interest in the paranormal?
Jun 8, 10:11PM EDT1

I love the impossible. The story line of an angel falling in love with a human or a person that could change into an animal. 

All that stuff just brings something else to my life. I suffer from Lupus and I can escape from reality for just a little while.

Jun 8, 10:47PM EDT0
What real-world issues and themes have you incorporated into your books and why are these issues and themes important to you?
Jun 8, 10:37AM EDT0

I'll be completely honest, a lot of the real world issues in my books, such as abuse, cheating, loss, broken heart, etc. Are things I have really truly experience. When I write, I feel to really get in touch with the readers you have to put a part of yourself into each book.

Jun 8, 10:56AM EDT0
What are the advantages of turning one's books into cinebooks?
Jun 8, 3:30AM EDT1

So turning your book into a Cine-Book means it becomes a highly digital form of an ebook. We're talking audio, real actors playing out scenes in your book and some even motion picture like! 

It's a whole new level of ebook like never before seen! You reach a whole new audience and gain more readers as fans too. Plus like I said, the reader gets to experience your book brought to Life in a new light.

I encourage you to use the redemption code above to experience a Cine-Book for yourself.

Jun 8, 10:26AM EDT0
What important parts of your books do you fear will be ignored or overlooked and why would you like to draw attention to these particular scenes?
Jun 8, 1:49AM EDT1

The pain and internal struggle these characters each face. I don't want a reader to be like oh she's so whiney or he's so boring. I truly want the readers to be involved on a personal level with each of them whether it's a love/hate relationship or not.

Jun 8, 10:28AM EDT0
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