"Keeping my feet on the ground I want to conquer the world" World Youngest Mystery Author Sibte Ali's Ask me Anything.

May 12, 2018

Published his first book at the age of 15, Sibte Ali is the future star of Pakistani Literature. You can ask anything about his career, self-publishing and his life.

You can view his website by clicking here. If you want to look at his debut book click here.

His book is five stars reviewed on Smashwords, three five stars reviewed on Google books, and five stars reviewed on good reads. 

His book also ran for Premio Verao awards 2018.


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Were you concerned with copyright issues when you began posting on Wattpad?

May 17, 11:45AM EDT1

Yes, in the beginning, I was concerned about the copyright issue when I posted on Wattpad, but later when I was publishing on Amazon I consulted a lawyer who told me that the copyright claim of Sir Arthur is not valid but you can mention him in the acknowledgments. He also advised me to change my cover from this 

to this 

May 18, 9:10AM EDT0
Urdu is a beautiful language. Is it the main language spoken in Pakistan? Do you speak Urdu with everyone in the family and friends?
May 17, 11:08AM EDT0

Yes, Urdu is a beautiful language with a rich history. It is the national language of Pakistan but only 7% of the country speaks it. Most widely spoken language here is Punjabi. But almost everyone in the country can understand the language.

Yes, I speak Urdu with my family and friends as it is my mother language.

May 18, 9:02AM EDT0
Have you ever tried to solve any mysterious situation by mistake in your real life?
May 17, 6:41AM EDT0

No in my real life I never tried it, but sometimes I feel like James Bond mode on hahaha. 

May 19, 11:54AM EDT0
As an aspiring author who is passionate about his work, what keeps you motivated and why?
May 17, 1:13AM EDT0

Sometimes I feel like giving it up sometimes when I face a writer block or when there is no inspiration. At this moment it is my family and my friend (Hamza) who motivate me to write. They pressurize me to pick up my pen. They ask me occasionally about how many words I have written. And this helps me a lot.

Last edited @ May 19, 11:52AM EDT.
May 19, 11:52AM EDT0
Do you get time to do other things in life like playing games, vacations, and other recreational things?
May 14, 8:50PM EDT0

Not too often, my timetable is often too occupied for "other" things. But whenever I find some time I visit the nearest park to fresh up my body. 

May 16, 11:33AM EDT0
Do you follow IPL? If so, which team do you support and whose your favourite player of all?
May 14, 7:08PM EDT0

Yes, I watch IPL in my free time. I support Kings XI Punjab and my favorite player in IPL is Robin Uthappa.

May 15, 11:53AM EDT0
Do you enjoy writing in both Urdu and English? What do you think you express yourself in best?
May 14, 3:14PM EDT1

Yes, I write in both languages. I think I can express myself well in Urdu primarily because it's my mother tongue. And it is the reason I am publishing my next book in Urdu but don't worry I will publish in English too.

May 15, 11:55AM EDT0
How do you plan to balance your studies and your writing engagements? Do you have writers in your family too?
May 14, 12:54AM EDT0

It is very difficult to balance them but with some sacrifices of the playground time I can manage them off easily.

No, no one from my family is a writer.  

Last edited @ May 19, 11:56AM EDT.
May 18, 9:32AM EDT0

When did you decide you were ready to reach out to publishers?  How many people read your manuscript and offered feedback before you sent it out?

May 13, 9:19AM EDT0

Well, I published through Amazon KDP. After my success at Wattpad, several agents reached me they offered me that they will publish my story. But I rejected them there were two reasons for my choice. Firstly, I wanted to have full control over the process. And secondly, I am very impatient I cannot wait for such long dates and when you are traditionally publishing it takes a very long time before you hit the market.

"How many people read my manuscript" when it was on Wattpad readers from 39 countries had read it with over thousand comments.

May 13, 11:00AM EDT0
Whose your favourite Pakistani author and why?
May 13, 8:47AM EDT0

My favorite author from Pakistan is Ibne Safi. There are two reasons. Firstly, he writes detective stuff and I love thrillers. Secondly, you can say that he is the Pakistani copy of Sir Arthur. His stories are nail-biting a blend of mystery, suspense, and comedy. Do try his series "The Imran Series" or "Jasoosi Dunya" there are English translations available on Amazon.

May 13, 11:07AM EDT0
Have you read Sherlock Holmes books? Which one have you liked the most?
May 13, 2:26AM EDT0

Yeah, I have completed the series twice. One which I loved the most was "Hound of Baskervilles". It was intriguing, nail-biting with a good sense of mystery. The language was very formal, and it was a written in a complete flow. Even today when you read the modern kid mystery books most of them are written on the same structure Sir Arthur wrote Hound of Baskervilles hundred years ago. 

May 13, 3:43AM EDT0
Where do you see your literary career in next 5 years? How do you think you will shape up your career?
May 13, 12:40AM EDT1

I see myself as an established author with nine to ten books under his name. I want to revive the English literature of Pakistan and Inshallah if God wills I will be successful. 

May 19, 12:18PM EDT0

What led you to writing mystery novels? Are you fascinated by the killer's psychology and what drives him/her to kill or what?

May 12, 12:26PM EDT0

I had a keen interest in this genre from an early age. Sherlock Holmes series motivated me to write. 

A killer is a callous individual with blunted emotions. They cannot express the guilt in their heart. Most of the time its a feature of their upbringing. The killer when he decides to kill for most of the time is deeply troublesome. While sometimes its a result of previous events that occurred in his/her life.

May 19, 7:16AM EDT0
What plans have you got for this year’s literary goals?
May 12, 10:11AM EDT0

This year I plan to publish 4 books in next month a historical fiction in Urdu "Wajahatnama", one in July mystery/thriller (Sequel to my first publication) "Chasing Death" and two more in September and December.

Last edited @ May 19, 12:02PM EDT.
May 19, 12:01PM EDT0
What were your early writeups all about?
May 12, 8:56AM EDT0

My early write-ups were mostly about funny essays criticizing my school's administration for which I was called to the Principal's office a couple of times. 

May 18, 9:23AM EDT0
How connected are you with the Pakistani literary community?
May 12, 8:41AM EDT1

I have some friends and connections in Pakistani literary community but only with aspiring or obscure writers. Particularly because I am new, but if you talk about world's literary community, yes I am well connected with them. 

May 19, 11:48AM EDT0
When did you decide that it was time for you to write your debut book? What was your motivation level?
May 12, 7:22AM EDT1

At to start with, I use to compose a part and simply use to distribute it on Wattpad.

I was simply looking for reviews for my works and I was very surprised when I saw the reaction, my perusers thought that it was extremely intriguing and soon my fan following came to 39 nations on Wattpad. That was an extraordinary accomplishment for a novice and one that helped my motivation level.

Last edited @ May 12, 12:24PM EDT.
May 12, 12:21PM EDT0
What are you currently studying? Besides writing do you think of an alternate career?
May 12, 6:45AM EDT1

I am currently doing O'Levels in Biology. It is excepted to be completed by August next year.

Writing is not my career it's my passion. Writing is my hobby. I want to become either a bureaucrat or Genetic Engineer in future. 

May 12, 8:29AM EDT0
What is "The next generation of bakers street" all about?
May 11, 6:57PM EDT1

"The Next Generation of Bakers Street" is a mystery novella about the grandchildren of Sherlock Holmes. The story continues from present-day London. The grandson of Sherlock Holmes (Oliver Holmes) together with his second cousins make a detective team "Team Holmes" and they solve crimes and fight a gang"Evil geniuses".

So its basically a mystery/crime novella.

May 12, 1:58AM EDT0
Do you attend literary fest? Whose the most famous author you have met till date?
May 11, 3:18PM EDT0

No, because there are no such fests here but I plan to attend overseas one soon. Online I have met Lior Gavra and Nick Stephenson, In my real life I have met no famous author yet again due to the absence of literary fests.

May 19, 11:59AM EDT0
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