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Katie Kozlowski
May 1, 2018

Hey there! I'm Katie Kozlowski and I am 100% dedicated to talking about the truth and expressing our selves fully.  If you have questions about how to OWN your voice, find CONFIDENCE in speaking up or learning how to use your experiences, traumas or lessons to help others....

THIS AMA IS FOR YOU!                     

8 years ago I was hit by a taxi in NYC and it CHANGED MY LIFE--- and now I spend my time teaching others the value in being yourself and what can happen when you start LOVING YOURSELF & YOUR WHOLE SELF! 

I've written this book Simply Woman Stories from 30 Magnificent Women Who Have Risen Against the Odds along with 29 other incredible ladies and in it we each share our own story of how we overcome our challenges and it is a POWERFUL READ! Check it out here!


I'd love to answer your questions about overcoming fear and doubt, how writing a book can help you heal, why this particular book is SO IMPORTANT.... or ANYTHING YOU WANT!  And if you dig this and want a free gift, come check this out!

Katie Kozlowski says:

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How do you personally live a self-conscious life?
May 7, 6:37AM EDT0

Hey Khushboo~ 

I live a self-conscious life by being awake and present every single day. That means I honor my feelings and emotions. I listen to the subtext of what's happening around me and I live with an open heart. 

When you begin to open yourself to the peripheries of life-- you begin to access so much more and it changes your entire world. 

May 7, 1:08PM EDT0
What are some good ways to promote a nonfiction book like yours?
May 2, 2:11PM EDT0

Do everything possible to get yourself out there. 

Podcasts, blogs, radio, tv, guest posts.... LET THE WORLD KNOW YOU ARE HERE!

May 2, 2:17PM EDT0
Are you a full-time energy coach or do you have another day job?
May 2, 1:55PM EDT0

I am also a professional Voice Over Artist and singer! 

I've voice everything from cartoons and toys to TV commercials! 

May 2, 2:16PM EDT0
Is your book available both in print and digital format?
May 2, 10:37AM EDT0

YES! You can buy the print copy from me HERE and get a free gift! 

OR on AMAZON HERE for both print and digital versions! 

May 2, 11:36AM EDT0
What happened to you physically when you got into an accident? What physical changes happened to your body?
May 2, 6:37AM EDT0

Hey Cleozar87! 

It was quite miraculous because nothing happened to my body.  In fact, I wasn't even dirty.  

I should have been hurt and yet... nothing.  I actually WALKED home.  

It was absolutely a miracle.  The cab was going at least 35 mph and it hit my left side hard enough to roll me on the hood of the car before I hit the ground... but then somehow I managed to do a barrel roll and come back to standing!

May 2, 11:40AM EDT0
What was it like writing a nonfiction book? Did you have to go through a lot of research just to ensure the accuracy of the things you’re writing?
May 1, 8:28PM EDT0

Hey Allan! This is more of memoir-style- so not so much research as much as personal digging.  Each story is told via the woman who experienced her journey so it was up to her how deep she wanted to go and what details she wanted to share. 

May 1, 8:34PM EDT0
How exactly did your accident change your life? Why do you think it gave you a different view of the world?
May 1, 12:29PM EDT0

Maggie! I loved your question so much... I MADE YOU A VIDEO! 

Check it out over at my blog! 

May 2, 12:56PM EDT0
Aside from your website, are there other online stores like Amazon that sell your book?
May 1, 11:52AM EDT0

HI Ricky! Yes we are on AMAZON HERE! 

You can get the book in kindle there as well as paperback. 

And please leave a review!!

May 1, 11:58AM EDT0
Did you interview all 29 women and wrote about them? Or did some of them write on their own?
May 1, 10:41AM EDT0

Everyone wrote their own story! We worked with Crystal Andrus Morissette and our editor Jackie Brown to make it cohesive~ but each woman wrote her own piece. 

Check it out here! 

May 1, 10:51AM EDT0
What kind of training did you receive to become an energy coach?
Apr 29, 1:20AM EDT0

Great question! 

I studied extensively with a man named Derek O'Neill for nearly 8 years who was my teacher and mentor. 

Derek happens to be one of the most gifted and powerful teachers right now {in my humble opinion} and is a mixture of martial arts master, spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, and energy master. 

While working with Derek I studied with him in an in-depth manner and went to his spiritual workshop in Ireland where I received several initiations and teachings. I also studied with him the sacred teachings in the Bhagavad Gita, which really is a handbook for spiritual growth. 

I also trained with him to learn how to use energy in multiple ways through the Rising Star Healing system (which is most often what I use as part of my work with clients) and became not just a practitioner but teacher of the system which is a great honor. 

I also received training in NLP (neurolinguistic programming) which has a lot to do with how we think and perceive information and our programming, EFT  (emotional freedom technique) which helps support clearing of emotions/programming via tapping on meridians, and various meditation techniques. 

I also worked with other masters like Brook Still and  Sondra Shaye who also taught me techniques and tools that elevated my consciousness an skills and I received other powerful initiations like the Rite of the Womb and  the Karnak.

And along with that, I have my training as an actor and singer as well-- which delivered body wisdom, Alexander technique, breathing properly, vocal freedom, Feldenkrais, Fitzmaurice, Laban, Luigi, Stanislavsky and many other tools that are 100% applicable to energetic wisdom and emotional and physical presence. 

Beyond all of this, I have been a student of energy for as long as I can remember and have been convening with spirit since the time I was very young. I was one of those children who could talk to spirits crossing over, communicate with people in comas, who could see fairies and even predict the future.  So much of who I am-- I came into this world as. 

And the rest was training and learning how to use and teach my god given gifts.  

Last edited @ Apr 29, 11:12AM EDT.
Apr 29, 11:09AM EDT0
From where do you think the insecurities people have stem?
Apr 28, 7:34PM EDT0

Fascinating question NatashaV! 

If we look at the definition of insecurity... It's this: 

uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

So to me, we LEARN insecurity-- it's not our natural state. 

Meaning, as we grow and receive responses to our actions and behaviors... that is when we begin to develop insecurities... because we don't receive the response we WANT or THINK WE SHOULD RECEIVE. {which is also taught...}

When we expect things to go or be a certain way and they don't... then we begin to wonder what went wrong and we begin to develop doubt or "insecurity" because we no longer feel we can trust ourselves or the outcome. 

It's like you know you can make this leap- but one time you fall... so from then out-- you're EXPECTING TO FALL, just because of that one time you didn't make it... 

So it's a response to an occurrence. And then we qualify the experience and judge it as negative-- and them BOOM we now have an insecurity. 

Make sense? 

Apr 29, 11:18AM EDT0
For those who don't know, can you explain a bit on what your job as an energy coach entails?
Apr 28, 2:16PM EDT0

Great question! 

I call myself an energy coach because the truth is EVERYTHING is energy-- so whether you're looking to heal something, transform something, manifest something, release something or shift something... IT ALL STARTS WITH YOUR ENERGY, so Im focusing on the core of what makes you tick... 

My job is to help you identify within yourself what your energy is doing and how it got there/that way, teach you how to transform that energy, and then to work with and hold your energy after we make the shifts so you can run on your own in a new more powerful way. 

That way, we can not only clear out anything that is getting in your way- we can make space and bring more of what you want and desire. 

It's kind of like this: 

You are a computer that is healthy-- BUT you have a virus. The virus is getting in the way of how you operate and run, stopping programs from working, causing you to crash and just plain messing things up. 

So my job as the energy coach is to go in and help you REMOVE the viruses-- AKA the bugs/blocks/programs/beliefs/traumas etc that are running in your energy-- so you can have a clean operating system again and also an upgrade! 

Also, its important to note that because I am so adept at working with energy-- I know how to speak to it, spot it, translate it in ways that make it really easy for you to digest and understand so you can not only mentally grasp it but feel it in your body as well. 

And I do this through a combination of powerful energy work that helps clear blocks, release trauma, activates DNA, balances all 7 chakras and clears karma; guided  meditations based on your creative and imaginative {IMAGE IN} gifts, NLP coaching, EFT, and other various playful techniques that acess subconscious and energy blocks with great ease so you get really powerful results and healing while also learning a ton about yourself and who you truly are. 

Really we work on a three part system: SPIRIT first-- then mind/body second.  So my job is to also help you foster that healthy connection with SPIRIT-- because when you have that, the mind and body naturally align and respond accordingly. 

BUT if your mind/body are getting in the way of that connection it mucks things up-- so my job is to help you establish a healthy connection again and get all the kinks out of the mind/body as well. 

Working with energy is such a powerful tool because it's where everything stems from-- make sense? 

Last edited @ Apr 29, 11:21AM EDT.
Apr 28, 3:34PM EDT0
Was your book a one time experience or do you plan on writing more books?
Apr 27, 9:49PM EDT0

HI Joejimar!

I working on a 2nd book now called Down the Manhole! Its where spirituality and self-help meets funny memoir. 

Apr 27, 10:01PM EDT0
Do you think fears have a necessity in life or are they just excuses that hold people back?
Apr 27, 12:50PM EDT0


I love fear--- because to me, it's the entry point to love. Meaning it's showing me the places that need more love and healing. 

Does that make sense? 

Someone else asked me about fear, and I will say it over and over.... the idea that we can "conquer" fear isn't that helpful because it makes it seem like it's a bad thing we must DEFEAT in order to rise.

BUT what if FEAR has a positive.... then it isn't so scary and we want to hang out with it more... slowly we befriend fear and then it ceases to exist. 

BUT not by domination-- through LOVE! 

Pretty sweet right? 

Apr 27, 1:04PM EDT0

Where do you work from? Do you have a studio or your own practice?

Apr 27, 12:21PM EDT0

I work virtually from my home in CT via Zoom video conferencing and all my programs are in a platform called Kajabi where I keep all my meditations, downloadables and videos. 

And then I have two locations in NYC and New Canaan, CT where I see clients in person. 

I plan on traveling a lot in 2019 so Ill be coming to LA, AZ and Ireland! 

If anyone is interested in working with me, contact me at katie@katiekozlowski.com

Last edited @ Apr 27, 12:27PM EDT.
Apr 27, 12:25PM EDT0
How does one get in touch with you for energy coaching? How much do you charge for your services?
Apr 27, 12:08PM EDT0

James! Thank you for asking this! 

You can email me at katie@katiekozlowski.com with questions.  

Or you can go to my website and contact me here!

I have a HUGE range of offerings from free tools to get started {sign up here} and then I have programs and 1:1 options that run from $47 up to $5000. 

It all depends on your budget, how long you want to work, what your goals are and where you are in your journey. 

Apr 27, 12:36PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the skeptics who don't believe in what you do?
Apr 27, 9:14AM EDT0

Hi funnybunny0, 

Love this question because it's true; not everyone is a believer and that's A-ok.

There will always be someone who is skeptical and they will be where they are until they possibly change their mind and then... BAM they're a believer too.

My job isn't to convince anyone reallly-- it's to offer something that can change their life but it's up them to try it! 

It took me a really long time to get to the point where I'm not attached to how people feel about me and my work, so now if someone doesn't agree I think that's great. 

Not everyone has to have the same beliefs for the world to go 'round and in fact, we need variety right? So I say, no worries! 

If you want to try what I'm cooking up... my door is open! And if you aren't into my flavor/style/systems... no problem!

Apr 27, 9:32AM EDT0
How long did it take you to meet all the women you feature in your book and then write about it?
Apr 26, 4:29PM EDT0

We each wrote our own chapter! So all I had to do was meet them at a party to celebrate! 

Apr 26, 4:35PM EDT0
Did you have a background in writing before attempting to write this book?
Apr 26, 11:34AM EDT0

Hi Reench! I did...sort of :)

I studied as an actress and so years ago I decided I was going to write a one woman show which soon became a blog called Sick Bitch.  Later on, I changed the blog to Miracles for a Sick Bitch and then set the project aside. 

I wrote about funny things like Smelly Sneakers Syndrome aka attachments to things from ex-boyfriends, Dating men that were like crack instead of herbal tea and other fun things like that... but I was always teaching in my work. 

I even mention Sick Bitch in the book-- because she was like my alter ego. Here she is in a pic: this was about how I used to eat my feelings: 

Last edited @ Apr 26, 7:15PM EDT.
Apr 26, 4:00PM EDT0
What was your profession before you became an energy coach?
Apr 26, 9:31AM EDT1

Hey Catalin! Love this question! 

I was.....an ACTRESS! Who worked as a spokesmodel on the side. 

I got my BFA in theatre and then spent nearly 8 years performing. I actually met the woman who first taught me Reiki at an acting class! 

So that goes to show you.... you always end up where you're meant to be. 

And what's super cool is I USE all my training in my work--- acting is an excellent way to train for energy work because you're using your body, your instincts and your feelings.  

In fact-- I am now mixing the two careers into one and playing with ways to use things like psychological gestures and sense memory exercises from acting with clients. It's AMAZING! 

Apr 26, 4:04PM EDT0
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