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Rick Lite
Jun 13, 2018

Since 2003 we have been helping authors learn proven book marketing and distribution strategies. As successful self-publishers, we have learned first-hand what goes into a successful book marketing campaign and share these same strategies with indie authors.

We offer coaching services for all things book marketing, self-publishing, and distribution.

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What methodologies has your company developed to support authors that differ from other similar businesses?
Jun 19, 10:28PM EDT0
What is our approach to tackle book distribution with new authors?
Jun 19, 9:10PM EDT0

I custom design marketing programs for each author's needs and have all of the information on my website.

Jun 19, 9:34PM EDT0
What entails the coaching services you offer at Stress Free Book Marketing?
Jun 18, 2:03PM EDT0

It's based on whatever the author's needs are. I have more information about the type of coaching topics on my website coaching page.

Jun 19, 9:31PM EDT0
Which areas are covered in your mentorship program and how does it work?
Jun 18, 1:39AM EDT0

We cover all aspects of book marketing/self-publishing related coaching. For more information please visit my website.  Thanks for the question. 

Jun 18, 4:44AM EDT0

I taylor it on whatever the author's needs are. I have more information about the type of mentor/coaching topics on my website coaching page.

Jun 19, 9:32PM EDT0
How does your company help new authors to tap into the marketing strategies needed to promote a book?
Jun 17, 12:43PM EDT0

We custom design strategies based on what the author needs and their availability to learn and help with the marketing.  After all, no one will represent and love the book more than the author. Working with the author we use a combination of doing the heavy lifting and coaching them on how to implement these strategies. As time goes on the author understands and is able to handle a lot of the on-going strategies themselves. I have more details listed on the marketing page of my site. 

Jun 18, 4:52AM EDT0
Do authors still aim to get that bestseller tag? Why do you say so?
Jun 16, 4:39PM EDT0

Some authors still look to get best seller status however most of the indie authors have realistic expectations and are happy with strong book sales.

Jun 18, 4:54AM EDT0
How should an author setup their author website?
Jun 16, 7:06AM EDT0

All you need is a 5 page website with HOME/ABOUT THE AUTHOR/BOOK/BLOG/CONTACT US.

As you get more traction you can add NEWS and other promotional pages. 

Don't forget to link to your social media platforms. I have an article on my blog that might give some insight to this topic. 5 Reasons to Build an Author Website

I hope this helps. 

Jun 16, 7:50AM EDT0
With so many ways to gain awareness, how can an author know which marketing communication activities to use?
Jun 15, 6:38AM EDT0

An author should be open to using any and all marketing strategies available, however, this should be done over time and in a certain order. When you work on the most popular strategies you are following the heards of other authors. When you try new and creative strategies you might find yourself gaining more ground and putting yourself in a unique position. 

Jun 15, 8:03AM EDT0
Why should one focus more on promoting content and building relationships, and less on selling when promoting one's book?
Jun 14, 5:13PM EDT0

Building relationships are an important aspect of any successful book and especially book series. Once you get readers to take notice they can't be sold. They will decide on purchasing and supporting an author based on the writing and if they are moved by the book. 

Jun 14, 7:58PM EDT0
What elements should be included in an author's press kit and why is this necessary?
Jun 14, 10:55AM EDT0
What’s the process behind pricing a book? What’s a decent price for a novel?
Jun 13, 10:43PM EDT0

Pricing can be tricky and a lot depends on whether you are a first-time author and if you are referring to the physical or digital version of your book. A good start would be to look up the top books in your genre to see what successful authors charge and newer authors. You can also offer your eBook at a lower price to attract readers. I see a lot of Kindle books at $3.99

Jun 14, 9:00AM EDT0
For very low budget authors, what’s a good way to promote a book?
Jun 13, 8:42PM EDT0

Social media, done correctly gets you the biggest bang for your $. I wrote an article that might offer some tips. 9 Reasons Why Authors Should Post on Social Media Every Day

Jun 14, 9:02AM EDT0
What’s the usual amount an indie author must be prepared to spend when self-publishing?
Jun 13, 8:29PM EDT0

Hi Chinks, A lot depends on the size of the book, whether there is illustrations, graphics, B&W or Color etc.  A well-designed cover (necessary), editor (necessary) proper interior design all add costs to the project. Most of the authors I help self-publish come in between 3-5K

Jun 14, 9:07AM EDT0
How many books must one sell before it gets labeled as a bestseller?
Jun 13, 7:26PM EDT0

Wikipedia says  A bestseller is, usually, a book that is included on a list of top-selling or frequently-borrowed titles, normally based on publishing industry and book trade figures and library circulation statistics; such lists may be published by newspapers, magazines, or bookstore chains.

Jun 14, 9:09AM EDT0
What are your thoughts about paid book reviews?
Jun 13, 3:26PM EDT0

If you are talking about editorial reviews that is okay, however, paying people to review your book with online sellers is a forbidden practice.  I recently wrote an article on how to get more book reviews. I hope this helps.

Jun 13, 4:55PM EDT0
How does one get in touch with your company?
Jun 13, 11:35AM EDT0
Jun 13, 12:59PM EDT0
What are the benefits of self-publishing over traditional publishing?
Jun 13, 3:46AM EDT0

There are so many to list but one of the most important is that you will need to market your book even when you are traditionally published. Since you are responsible for the success of the book, you might as well self-publish. I have an article on my site 8 Tips for Finding Self-Publishing Help if you want to read more.

Jun 13, 9:55AM EDT0
What’s the biggest market available for fiction books today? Kids, young adults, adults?
Jun 13, 3:03AM EDT0

I'm having trouble finding updated information but the following numbers might help. All numbers are in billions. 

Adult fiction $4.43

Adult non-fiction $5.87

Children's/Young Adult fiction $3.82

Children's/Young Adult non-fiction $0.65

Jun 13, 10:01AM EDT0
When self-publishing, how can one be sure of a book’s quality? Are there editors or quality control teams that can help out?
Jun 13, 12:03AM EDT0

Most of the POD companies have metrics that they use to focus on quality. For instance, IngramSpark has several steps in place to make sure the book is set up properly, however, it is the author's responsibility to proof the book at all steps.

Jun 13, 8:21AM EDT0
How important is a book’s cover especially for e-books that won’t get printed anyway?
Jun 12, 11:49PM EDT0

The cover is one of the most important parts of a successful book. The writing can be fantastic but if no one is attracted to the cover they won't take the next step. Along with a well-designed cover comes the writing, proper editing and a well-written description.

Jun 13, 8:24AM EDT0
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