Imagine it.... You're standing amongst the chaos of a turbulent world as planets collide sending massive tidal waves to all coastal planes... You're only hope to survive is to be saved by the Author With the Pen...!!! Join us #AuthorAMA & Ask Me Anything.... Find a way to save yourself..!!! Come take a journey with me as I divulge the secrets of this haunting saga! Who am I? Author... Publisher...Business woman...... Jacklyn Carden Meet and Greet begins April 1st, 2018 @ 12 NOON!!!

Jacklyn Carden
Apr 1, 2018

Best Seller Book

Lilies in the Fall

Lily is woken up by the morning news to find that there’s an Extinction Level Event bringing imminent danger. Lily finds herself in a post-apocalyptic situation when the stars align and send Nibiru and a cluster of planets to her hometown.

This is her chilling account of the events that lead up to and after impact!

This is Book One of the Three part Series.

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Do you pay much attention to social media? How important are reviews for the books?
Apr 10, 10:19AM EDT1

I mostly use social media to market myself! Interviews and reviews are very important, they can make or break your sales! However, bad reviews only make you make your product better, or cause you to reach out to a different audience! Review a can also boost your potential of sales!

Last edited @ Sep 25, 12:23AM EDT.
Apr 10, 4:19PM EDT1
Where do you think the origin of your style of narrative haunting saga came from?
Apr 8, 11:41AM EDT1

It all derived from a very vivid dream that I had one night!

Apr 9, 7:33PM EDT1
Do you think writing is therapeutic? Also do you think writing is an inherent trait?
Apr 8, 9:02AM EDT1

I believe writing can be very therapeutic! I have often told other writers that they should write how they feel, to get those feelings out!  Writing can easily become acharacteristic in your future lifeline...My son is only 13 and he's eager to join the family business. He may become a writer as well, I'd love to publish on of his own books! It would make me so proud. I'd be willing to publish him now and let him make his own money!!!

Apr 9, 7:32PM EDT1
When you finish a book, do you not write for a long time, or do you start on the next one immediately?
Apr 8, 5:59AM EDT1

It depends.  With this book, I did not write the second part until I got multiple people who asked questions about stuff after reading the first book. Leaving it open ended, I used the second book to answer those questions that they had.

Apr 9, 7:29PM EDT1
What do you think of movies that are made based on books ? Are you for them or against them and why?
Apr 7, 8:20PM EDT1

I approve anyone who has the gumption to produce their book as a movie, however most people say that the book is always better than the movie!

I'm all for it, because if it makes them buy both...then you reach both audiences, book readers and movie goers.

Apr 7, 11:04PM EDT1
What kind of character do you imagine yourself would be if the apocolypse actually happened?
Apr 5, 1:46PM EDT1

I'd be the one who prepared years in advance, with food and a fall out shelter, with the pantry stocked until 2037 expiring food I'd have my bunker hand driven to recirculate good air and power. It would definitely have to be secured from the outside so, people wouldn't just kill me to get inside...

I've seen so many movies, where those that prepared, were attacked by the ones who didn't...and they try to take things by force. It's sad that the world has come to this though!

Apr 5, 4:57PM EDT1
You've already talked about the similarities between you and Lily, but can you tell us a little about the differences between you and her?
Apr 5, 6:11AM EDT1

A big difference between Lily and I is... No one would EVER come to me for my opinion on something. I have attempted to do things myself for the church that I used to be a member of. I've tried to spearhead youth groups for the kids, however once they found out that I put it all together, they didn't want to follow through. In this book, They look to Lily for her opinion on what the church should do and want to know her opinion.

Another difference between me and her is... I would have never traveled knowing an ELE was coming! I would've been bunkered down in a basement!

Apr 5, 9:03AM EDT1
In your opinion, what do you think is the greatest accomplishment a writer can acheive?
Apr 5, 4:48AM EDT1

Receiving any kind of accolade! "Best Seller" or a lot of sales. However, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your book finished and printed, being held inside your hands for the very first time! It's a level of accomplishment that makes it all worth it!

Apr 5, 8:57AM EDT1
Is there an aspect of writing and publishing that you don't like?
Apr 5, 3:58AM EDT1

Formatting it. Sometimes, on the online uploading systems, the writing looks perfect, but when you go to approve the final copy, the chapter titles are jumbled up.

It's frustrating.

Apr 5, 4:26AM EDT1
Is there anything you would like to change about yourself as a writer?
Apr 5, 3:58AM EDT1

My marketing, I think with a stronger support system, and upscale marketing, I could reach a broader audience!

Apr 5, 4:22AM EDT1
Do you sometimes have dreams for book ideas?
Apr 4, 11:19PM EDT1

This particular book was based off a dream! The other two parts were supporting sagas!

Apr 5, 4:21AM EDT1
What do you think is the reason behind a growing interest in art that deals with post-apocalytic themes?
Apr 4, 12:19AM EDT1

Well, in my instance, it was given to me in a dream, however, for others, it may very well be the manifestation of end time events that we see coming to fruition daily!

As of right now, we are at least living in chapter 13 of Revelations in the King James version of the Bible!

Apr 4, 11:09PM EDT1

Do you want to see your book made into a movie? Who would you like to see playing the main characters?

Apr 3, 6:19PM EDT1

I'd love to!!! They are already thinking of turning it into a play! If I could get anyone to play, Angela Bassett would be Jane, Lily would be Jill Scott, Deacon Watson would be Denzel Washington. 

Apr 3, 9:56PM EDT1

However, with Lilies in the Fall only having 3 main characters, it wouldn't do me justice. If they were to use all 3 books in this series to make a movie, there would be a lot more characters!

Apr 3, 10:08PM EDT1
Would you consider diversifying your writing and attempt books in different genres that the one you are used to?
Apr 2, 9:21PM EDT1

Of course! I'd love to!!!

Apr 3, 3:17AM EDT1
Do you consider what your readers might want when it comes to ending your books or do you have an ending planned from the start?
Apr 2, 4:50PM EDT1

The first book was a cliff hanger... No ending. It left the reader wondering what happened to the congregation's tithe money, if something bad happened to any of the main characters, and what was Lily going to do about the question that was presented to her at the end!

Last edited @ Apr 3, 3:15AM EDT.
Apr 3, 3:14AM EDT1

My second book answered all of the questions that my focus group asked! It was tailored to the reader!!!

Apr 3, 3:16AM EDT1
Who would you say was a mentor to you? What valuable lessons did they teach you?
Apr 2, 11:27AM EDT1

My HUBBIE! He was the one who told me to turn my dream into a book! He pushed me to publish it myself and also was the think tank behind my company! He is the driving force that keeps me going!

Apr 3, 3:12AM EDT1
How do you come up with names for your characters? Is it random or is there a meaning behind them?
Apr 2, 9:48AM EDT1

The main characters name was a form of my lyrical name. Jane, however, was the middle name of my mom. All the other characters, the Watson's and Jenkins' were random! Their first names as well...!

Apr 3, 3:10AM EDT1
What would you say was the greatest setback of your career?
Apr 2, 7:45AM EDT1

Struggling book sales, but honestly, it wasn't a setback! It flourished my publishing company, interview platform, and our New magazine!

Apr 3, 3:08AM EDT1
Where do you see your writing shape up in next few years?
Apr 1, 7:43PM EDT1

I think my writing will reach out to other genres. I have a few thoughts already in the works! Fantasy, Sci-fi epic, possibly a children's book!

Apr 1, 9:58PM EDT1
Is there any sci-fi movie that you really like and wish to be able to develop a storyline for your book on the same form?
Apr 1, 4:12PM EDT1

I really like the Resident Evil Series!!! It may be considered more Horror, but it does have a flare for Sci-fi concepts. If I had my choice, I'd pick up where the last movie fell off, go in a whole other dimension. It would be futuristic, with some old characters making a grand entrance, yet again, and maybe some cameo appearances.

Apr 1, 5:48PM EDT1
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