I'm Dirk Wood from IDW:PDX, and I've just launched a print-only, hardcover, quarterly, Comics & Culture magazine called FULL BLEED! Ask me anything!

Dirk Wood
Sep 26, 2017

FULL BLEED is a brand-new quarterly, hand-crafted PRINT-ONLY 200-page hardcover “magazine,” curated and edited by IDW Publishing’s Dirk Wood and Ted Adams. By merging the best in comics, fiction, non-fiction, deep dive interviews, opinion, history, think-pieces and more, FULL BLEED will be a reading experience like no other, and a beautiful artisan addition to any bookshelf. FULL BLEED will tackle all aspects of the creative culture, and beyond — comics, music, film, tv, fine art, photography, design, politics and more. FULL BLEED seeks total diversity: diversity in content, diversity in creator and contributor, diversity in the genre. Every page turned will reveal a surprise. FULL BLEED is the premiere publication from IDW’s new imprint, WOODWORKS. 

Find FULL BLEED here: 


Not to mention, we have an exclusive Stephen King interview in the first volume! 

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Hello Dirk and thank you for being here with us!

I asked Jon a similar thing on his AMA but want to hear your thoughts as well - generally speaking artists are not good marketers but then as he pointed out (and my experience matches that) very few people are prepared to pay for guidance and advice thinking their talent (or in some cases "talent") will just work for them. What is your experience, personally and also looking around at fellow artists?

Sep 27, 3:30AM EDT1

Hey! Well, that's a great question, and I'm not sure there's one answer. Most of my work history is actually on the marketing side - But comics are different than just about anything else. The line between the creative side and marketing side can often blur. 

In this day and age, I find that artists are getting better and better at the marketing side, via the changing world and social media. Grassroots  marketing is an entirely different thing now, you know? 

But one thing I know, your talent will not just "work for you" -- Even the most gifted artists need to pound the pavement, at least for a while, to get their work seen. Especially as much competition and talent as there is in the world now. 

But in terms of paying for guidance...I guess it all depends on who you'd be paying? One of my only pieces of advice here would be to attend conventions, chat with artists you admire, and find out what THEY did to break through. 

I don't know if that's much help! But happy to follow up if you have any specific questions....

Sep 27, 12:55PM EDT1

I feel old now! With your "in this day and age":)) I was asking generally, not for myself, I don't consider myself an artist (I love drawing but never get the time so that in itself I guess means I don't want it bad enough).  

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Sep 27, 5:04PM EDT1

Hello everybody! About to start jamming through some answers here! Thanks for your patience and all the great questions already! Here comes some fun.  

Sep 26, 12:09PM EDT0

Do you have a Twitter or Instagram account I could follow, please? 

Sep 26, 12:04PM EDT0

Sorry, yeah, I should have posted that before! Here are my facebook and twitter, from a question above -- Not on instagram yet, but I might have to be soon, just to see my wife's groovy pictures of our cats and plants. 


and, here's my twitter too:


Sep 26, 12:44PM EDT0

This immediately strikes as an effort to nurture and cultivate a fandom. What's the importance of content-literate fandom, and is this something you feel is missing from american comics? 

Regarding WOODWORKS, will you be publishing creator owned series through the imprint? 

Sep 26, 11:08AM EDT0

I'm not sure that content-literate fandom is entirely missing, there certainly are a lot of great, literate comics out there that are plenty popular. But I DID feel that this kind of publication has been missing from comics for a while -- The Comics Journals that Fantagraphics was doing back in the nineties, I loved those. I loved the super-long interviews. Still have a pile of them. Really since the rise of the internet, I think our industry has been missing SOMETHING like this. I hope a few people feel that same way. As for creator-owned stuff in Woodworks, definitely! For starters, we'll be running stuff serialized in Full Bleed, that will eventually be collected as their own books. Will we be doing monthly comics in the traditional sense? Not sure, but not ruling anything out at this point. 

Sep 26, 1:42PM EDT0

What was the first book that you read?

Sep 25, 6:30PM EDT0

Funny, was just talking about this - Not sure if it was the first book I read or not, but Jack London's Call of the Wild was a big one for me at a young age. That, and Red Badge of Courage. Both of those books from my childhood still mean a lot to me, actually. 

Sep 26, 1:39PM EDT0

Do you think that physical books will eventually become obsolete?

Sep 25, 4:18PM EDT0

They better not! I don't know, maybe in a couple hundred years. Long past my time I think, but who knows, the way technology moves. But I love books. Real books. And I think there are other folks out there like me. My 16 year old step-daughter gives me hope, she still prefers to read actual books. I get reading topical news on the phone, I certainly do it. But a long story? I like the printed page. 

Sep 26, 1:34PM EDT0

How do you source such a variety of content?

Sep 25, 3:55PM EDT0

One page at a time! :).... But seriously, that's pretty much it. Hitting up every creator I know, taking incoming pitches, looking for groovy stuff! So far, so good! 

Sep 26, 1:33PM EDT0

What do you do in your spare time?

Sep 25, 11:51AM EDT0

Hello Antonio! Hang out with my wife and zany teenage step kids, play guitar, do housework (I actually enjoy that - strangely), read, watch Charlie Rose, Game of Thrones or constant repeats of The Wire... Currently REALLY enjoying the Ken Burns/Lynn Novack Vietnam documentary. My wife would also tell you I'm currently obsessed with this stupid puzzle game on my phone, but that's very unlike me, and will probably be over soon. 

Sep 26, 1:00PM EDT0

What is your favourite genre?

Sep 25, 10:47AM EDT0

Hmmmm. Genre of what? I'll answer a few different ways: 

Punk Rock!

Non-fiction in both comics and prose (Joe Sacco is my absolute favorite cartoonist AND journalist) 

Gangster movies? Goodfellas is my all-time favorite film. 

I don't know if this answers the question? My interests are wide and varied though, ask me anything about....any genre of anything!

Sep 26, 12:57PM EDT0

What's the hardest thing about planning this type of publication?

Sep 25, 10:10AM EDT1

Ooh, tough question - But getting it off the ground, even in terms of concept has been a real bear. We've never done this kind of publication before, even though we've done a bunch of different kinds of books, obviously. But, how would the contracts look? How do we get photos? How do we attribute those photos, etc.? The good news is, we only really had to do that once. Now that we've settled on how this is all going to work, we just go about the business of bringing in cool stuff and getting it designed! 

Sep 26, 12:55PM EDT0

Who is your favourite author?

Sep 25, 8:48AM EDT0

Aha, I answered this above, but Hunter Thompson, historically anyway. But I'm a fan of everything I mentioned above, plus everything from Margaret Atwood to David Simon. At the moment, Ta-Nehisi Coates is blowing my mind. 

Sep 26, 12:53PM EDT0

Do you have a muse?

Sep 25, 8:16AM EDT0

Ha, yes, my wife! She truly inspires me every day, and her ability to live her own aesthetic (her home, garden, and sense of style, are all as beautiful as she is), is a real inspiration for how I treat everything from my office space to this magazine, trying to live what I produce, if that makes sense. 

Sep 26, 12:51PM EDT1

That is lovely

Sep 27, 4:59PM EDT0

What's your favourite style of writing?

Sep 25, 6:06AM EDT0

Hoo boy. That's tough. My two favorite authors of all-time would be Hunter Thompson and F. Scott Fitgerald. But I'm a fan of everything from Richard Wright to Nevil Shute to Joan Didion. 

But if hard pressed, I'd say the dryer, earlier, more fact-heavy Hunter Thompson journalism is probably the absolute top of my heap. These days I read more non-fiction than anything. But I still love comics and fiction too. 

Sep 26, 12:48PM EDT0

Did you enjoy English as a child?

Sep 25, 5:30AM EDT0

I did! In fact I was the editor of my high school newspaper. My grades basically went like this: 

English, History, Newspaper: A

Math, Science, Shop: F 

Sep 26, 12:46PM EDT0

Have you got a Facebook page I could like?

Sep 24, 10:24PM EDT0

Yes! Sorry, I should have already posted that! 


and, here's my twitter too: 


Sep 26, 12:43PM EDT0

What can we expect in the 2nd edition.  Do you have other interviewees of the same or similar calibre as Stephen King?

Sep 23, 3:05PM EDT0

Well, a lot left to announce of course! But let's just say Stephen King is of course a tough act to follow! But yeah, we've got some GREAT interviews coming, some confirmed, some close.... With musicians, cartoonists, fine artists, people in film.... And you've heard of them, we've got some big names in there. And some that will, or should be, big names. Stay tuned, GREAT stuff being announced soon. 

Sep 26, 12:38PM EDT0

I agree that this sounds like a fantastic addition to anyones bookshelf, but do you think Full Bleed is more geared towards the older generation?  What are your thoughts?

Sep 23, 8:27AM EDT0

Well, our goal is to excite readers both old and young alike. Sure, we do have some content that's probably geared toward older readers (after all, I'm not a spring chicken myself) -- But, we do already have some content that DEFINITELY comes from a younger generation, that will excited younger readers. One of the things in the first volume I'm most excited about is a comic by a young cartoonist named Erin Nations - An autobiographical story about going through a second puberty by taking hormones, that's both personal and enlightening. And I think an older reader that may have come across FULL BLEED for say, the great Joe Lansdale story, may suddenly find themselves interested in Erin's tale, something they may not have otherwise sought out. So honestly, we'd like to expand the horizons of both older AND younger readers. Along with things like the Stephen King interview, that really, everyone will enjoy. My aunts and uncles love Stephen King. My 16 year-old step daughter loves Stephen King. My wife loves Stephen King. Who doesn't love Stephen King? Thanks for a great question! 

Sep 26, 12:36PM EDT0

Are you able to guarentee that Full Bleed will always be ad free and if so how?

Sep 23, 5:37AM EDT0

Yes Kenneth! It's part of our mission statement, frankly. It's one of the reasons we used Kickstarter, to find subscription customers. 

Honestly, I just don't think it would work with ads. Sure, the content looks like a magazine, albeit a high-end one. But in my mind, a 200 page hardcover....ads would just look silly in there, and break up what we want to be a great reading experience. Does this mean we won't make some OTHER publication that does have ads? Not necessarily. But FULL BLEED will definitely stay ad free. Plus, yuck! I don't want to sell ads. 

Sep 26, 12:31PM EDT0

Which sectors of the magazine do you get most excited about? The comics, music, politics etc?

Sep 23, 4:08AM EDT0

Oh man. This is a tough one. Like picking your favorite kid! Honestly, all of it. Even within the COMICS it's hard to choose a favorite. What I really want, and it's starting to work, is for these things to BLEED into each other (yes, pun intended) -- A musician does a comic about politics. A politician writes a review of his/her favorite album (why not!) -- A comic artist writes a fiction story. Etc etc. It's when these creative worlds intersect and cross over that probably gets me the most excited. But frankly there's not a single piece I've received that I don't love. This thing truly is a labor of love, and every bit of it excites me. At least so far! 

Sep 26, 12:28PM EDT0

What inspired to start something like this? Did you expect this type of success?

Sep 21, 12:42AM EDT0

Well, many things inspired this, from my love of old magazines and books, the DIY atmosphere back here in my hometown of Portland, but the main genesis of this idea was a conversation between myself and our CEO & Publisher -- Ted Adams. Around last November we were talking about the state of America, and honestly feeling a little down. We talked about how it seems like we're moving into a "post-literate" society. And we really thought, "What can we do about this?" - Ted said, "We can do two things - Love our families, and make smart books, for smart people." And that's really what we're trying to do here, find the people who still enjoy reading deeper, longform journalism and fiction, beyond what you usually find on the internet. We're not so full of ourselves that we think we can solve all of America's problems with a magazine that's ostensibly about comics, but we wanted to do something we're good at, that's maybe, just maybe, a small part of the solution. 

Sep 26, 12:23PM EDT0

As for expecting this type of success... Yes! I had every hope there were people out there like Ted and myself who would love this sort of thing. But we're not stopping here! I want to make this book for a long, long time. So, we want to take it to the next level, and REALLY get the word out there. 

Sep 26, 12:24PM EDT0
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