I’m an engineering professor turned into a spiritual philosopher. I’m also an editor and author. AMA!

Tommy Wong
Feb 27, 2018

I am a former civil engineering professor of 25 years in a university in Singapore and have published engineering books.  Over the past 10 years, I have self-published more than 15 philosophical, spiritual, and self-help books, including my autobiography “How an Engineering Professor Becomes a Spiritual Philosopher”. I’ve also written the essay “Philosophy of New Spirituality”. It is in my new book “Masters of Life on Transforming Earth into Heaven”. AMA!

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What do you like to read in your free time?
Mar 2, 11:58AM EST0

Hi DT, I like to read political blogs.

Mar 2, 8:11PM EST0
Have you ever thought about approaching a social marketing expert to get your books publicized so that more and more people buy your book?
Mar 2, 11:51AM EST0

Yes, I have thought about approaching a social marketing expert but I understand that it may not be effective. The sale of the books may not be enough cover the cost of hiring the marketing expert. Thanks for asking, Jane.

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Mar 2, 8:11PM EST0

What are your goals and intentions while writing a spiritual book, and how well do you feel you achieved them so far?

Mar 2, 9:53AM EST0

My goal in writing the spiritual books is to convey concepts that can make the world better. I feel I have achieved it. Thanks for asking, Tanja.

Mar 2, 10:30AM EST0
What did you find most useful in learning to write?
Mar 1, 5:04PM EST0

To be able to share my messages with the world in writing and leave a legacy, Majas.

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Mar 1, 8:04PM EST0
Where are you currently based at? Do you end up meeting other spiritual writers in your area?
Mar 1, 11:33AM EST0

Thanks for coming back, Abigail. I am based in Singapore and it is a very non-spiritual society. So, I don't meet other spiritual writers. It's no coincidence that the Great Spirit sent me to do spiritual work here.

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Mar 1, 8:02PM EST0
What religion do you follow today? Are you a Christian?
Mar 1, 5:37AM EST0

I have never followed a relgion. Today, I am spiritual but not religious and have formed a FB group. Thanks for asking, George.

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Mar 1, 6:25AM EST0
Do you believe in heaven and hell? Why or why not? Do some of your books discuss about this topic?
Feb 28, 5:58PM EST1

Hi Xrsespiritu, I prefer not to believe in Heaven because if my motivation of doing good is to go to Heaven. Am I really good? The concept of Hell has brought so much fear on Earth. I therefore prefer not to add any more fear to Earth by not believing in Hell. The concepts of Heaven and Hell have been discussed here and there throughout my “Wisdom on How to Live Life” Book Series.

Feb 28, 9:06PM EST1
Is your family supportive of your decision to shift careers?
Feb 28, 4:04PM EST1

My family are supportive, especially my wife who has been amazing. Thanks for asking, Vkwn.

Feb 28, 8:03PM EST1
Where can one get copies of your books? What's the usual price range? Are there digital copies?
Feb 28, 10:15AM EST0

Hi Mladen, you can get my books on Amazon or other online bookstores. Most of my printed books are priced between $9.50-11.50, and digital books between $2.99-3.99.

Feb 28, 12:29PM EST1
Your Amazon introduction talks about you being an award-winning hydrologist. Would you like to share a little bit more about that?
Feb 27, 5:04PM EST0

Yes, American Society of Civil Engineers in 2004 gave me the J. C. Stevens Award for writing the best discussion paper in the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. Thanks for asking, Silvija.

Last edited @ Feb 28, 2:58AM EST.
Feb 27, 10:33PM EST1
Have you ever met any spiritual teachers or read over the years on finding the sacred in the ordinary?
Feb 27, 4:03PM EST0

Caroline, the simple answer is no. Maybe I share with you a story from my book “Wisdom for Living as Spiritual Masters” on looking for a master.

 Once upon a time, there was a young man who was very interested in spirituality. He wanted to look for a master to guide him to enlightenment. So, he walked around his village and was looking for a person who looked like a master. He noticed an old man with a beard. The old man looked like a master and appeared to know what he was doing. The young man then went up to the old man and asked, “Can you tell me how to be enlightened?” The old man said, “Sure, you do this and that, and you’ll be enlightened.” The young man was disappointed with the answer. He thought how it could be so simple to be enlightened. Also, why would the old man share the secret to enlightenment so easily? He then concluded that this old man didn’t know the way to enlightenment.

The young man then left the village and proceeded to go up the mountain. He then found a holy place at the top of the mountain. He went inside and noticed there was another old man with a beard. The old man looked like a master and appeared to know what he was doing. The young man then went up to the old man and asked “Can you tell me how to be enlightened?” The old man said, “You have to work for me for ten years and then, I’ll share with you the secret to enlightenment.” The young man thought this was more like it. How could anyone share the secret to enlightenment so easily like the first old man? So, straight away he started work and he worked hard for ten years. Once the ten years were up, the next morning, the young man went to the second old man. He said, “Ten years ago, you promised to share with me the secret to enlightenment if I work for you for ten years. Now, I have completed the ten years, can you share with me the secret?” The second old man said, “Sure, you just do this and that, and you’ll be enlightened.” The young man was dumbfounded because the answer from the second old man was exactly the same as the first.

Feb 27, 10:14PM EST2
What are the biggest challenges of writing the spiritual book? What issues or ideas did you grapple with most
Feb 27, 11:31AM EST0

Money or lack of money is my biggest challenge in writing spiritual books, Nkojic. I can write day and night but there is no money coming in unless there are sales.

I didn’t have to grapple with any idea or issue as mine is inspirational writing (from the Spirit). However, I did have to grapple with how to present those ideas to the mainstream as some of them are very different from those in the mainstream.

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Feb 27, 4:27PM EST1
What sort of spiritual practices do you use to help yourself stay awake to the sacred moments?
Feb 27, 11:22AM EST0

My spiritual practice is only to be conscious we are souls and not bodies. And when we live with our souls, every moment is scared because nothing happens against the will of our souls. I discusssed the will of our souls in my book “Wisdom on How to Live Life (Book 5)”. Thanks for asking, Jov.

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Feb 27, 4:26PM EST1
What your daily life look like? Do you have any unusual writing habits?
Feb 27, 10:39AM EST0

Hi Lothric, I am not a full-time writer. Since the income from my books is so little, I do other jobs. I am a consultant, trainer, editor and author all rolled into one. So, there is no fixed pattern in my daily life. It depends on which job I am doing, which makes life interesting. In terms of writing, what I do is inspirational writing, which may be considered unusual. So, I only write when I am inspired.

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Feb 27, 2:54PM EST1
What was the turning point that finally brought about the change? Had you been unhappy in your career as a civil engineering professor?
Feb 26, 10:35PM EST0

Hi Michael, it was not my decision and not my plan to write spiritual books. I was fired by the university after 25 years. Then, I was jobless and  the Great Spirit inspired me to write spiritual books. It was all a plan by the Spirit.

Feb 26, 10:41PM EST2
How difficult was it to start self-publishing? What are the pros and cons to self-publishing as opposed to going with a publishing company?
Feb 26, 9:08PM EST1

For me to publish spiritual books, self-publishing is the only option as traditional publishers will not accept them. The pros of self-publishing are free and fast. The cons are less publicity and less credibility. It took me about one year to find my way round self-publishing and it's all worth it. Thanks for asking, Michael.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 12:09AM EST.
Feb 26, 10:00PM EST2

What is your main goal? What do you wish to achieve through your work?

Feb 26, 8:47PM EST1

To transform Earth into Heaven as per the subtitle of my "Wisdom on How to Live Life" Book Series. Thanks for asking, Bmann.

Last edited @ Feb 27, 2:49AM EST.
Feb 26, 9:52PM EST1
Did you face a lot of doubt, or were you determined about your decision?
Feb 26, 8:40PM EST2

Hi Aruccs, there was no doubt. I was inspired by the Great Spirit to write spiritual books and I could see the value in my books. So, I just went with the flow and have been doing it for 10 years now, even though there is so little money in it.

Feb 26, 9:50PM EST1
What is the biggest compliment you have ever received on your work?
Feb 26, 5:13PM EST2

Thanks for the question, Mariajota.

"Best spiritual book I have ever read" by Smudger. You can read his review here.

Last edited @ Feb 28, 9:08PM EST.
Feb 26, 9:41PM EST1

Engineers are logical people, spiritual people are about faith. How did you balance the two?

Feb 26, 5:03PM EST2

Great question, Tahira. The following is an excerpt from my autobiography, which may answer your question.

Have you met an engineering professor? Have you met an engineering professor who is deep into spirituality and writes spiritual books? I have, and he is me. I had worked as an engineering professor in a university in Singapore. I now write philosophical, self-help and spiritual books. For an engineering professor to become a spiritual author is unusual to say the least. Indeed, it is this unusualness that prompted me to write this book. Engineering and spirituality are often perceived as two ends of a spectrum, and it is. As engineering deals with the physical, and spirituality deals with the non-physical, there is actually tremendous synergy once they are combined. 

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Feb 26, 9:39PM EST1
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