I’m Amanda Bloom. I write stories about the human heart, as well as decadent vacation rental descriptions. Ask me anything.

Amanda Bloom
Mar 1, 2018

Hi, I’m Amanda. I’ve been a freelance writer for more than a decade, working in copywriting, journalism, fiction, and poetry.

Bylines with The Atlantic, The Rumpus, Storm Cellar, matchbook, and elsewhere. Working on a novel. Well-versed in rejection of all kinds. Not related to Amy Bloom but love her work.

Find my website over yonder:


Read my Pushcart-nominated story “Charles” on Arcturus:


& a profile on my city’s bicycling “Masked Maniac” on Narratively:

"Inspired by Black Lives Matter, This Masked Man Patrols Under the Cover of Darkness"


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Which do you believe to be easier to write; fiction or non-fiction and why?
Mar 3, 2:14PM EST0

Nonfiction is easier for me — it's just a matter of assembling information in a compelling way. Fiction is a murky journey of the imagination.

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Mar 4, 1:36PM EST0
From all the characters you have created, which one, do you believe, is more of an extension of yourself?
Mar 3, 1:14PM EST0

A woman named Baxter in "A Hopeful Animal," a short story that's yet to be published.

Mar 4, 1:34PM EST0
What is the biggest lie you've ever told?
Mar 3, 6:41AM EST0

In elementary school, a kid punched me in the stomach on the bus. I told my mom, but left out the fact that I slapped him first. Cut to mom chasing the bus down.

Mar 3, 12:40PM EST0
In what way does music influence your creative process and what particular genre of music do you enjoy listening to?
Mar 3, 3:50AM EST0

Music can be very motivating. Putting in headphones and rocking out to hip hop is my go-to for copywriting. When working on creative stuff it's jazz or classical.  

Mar 3, 12:43PM EST0
How do you deal with rejection? Does it get easier with the years?
Mar 2, 2:48AM EST0

It used to hurt a lot, but it's gotten much easier. I don't take rejection personally anymore — a publication can decline your work for tons of reasons that have nothing to do with you or the quality of your writing.

The sooner you can be less precious with your work and more realistic about the cutthroat world of publishing, the better off you'll be. A writer's top job requirement is to get rejected. Just keep submitting, and know you're one step closer to an acceptance every time you get a "no."

Also, consider this: "Mad Men" was shopped around for seven years before AMC had the bright idea to pick it up, and Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time" was rejected 26 times. That book won a Newbery Medal, and now Oprah's starring in the feature film. 

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Mar 2, 3:59PM EST0
How important is it for writers to write about current events, such as BlackLivesMatter? What is the best way to approach such a sensitive topic?
Mar 1, 8:33PM EST0

We definitely need writers who are invested in current events and movements like Black Lives Matter. But I would suggest that writers follow their passions. You don't have to write hard news if you're dreaming of a sci-fi play. Or say you love sci-fi but you also want to write about Black Lives Matter — you might find that you have more freedom to write about the movement and what it stands for within a fictionalized dystopia.

There are countless ways to approach writing about sensitive topics. For example, a reporter might want to write about their local BLM chapter, or someone within the BLM movement might feel moved to write an essay about their activism. It's up to each writer to decide their best approach. Broad and thorough research of the topic is often a good place to start. 

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Mar 2, 5:18PM EST0
What is your favorite underrated human quality?
Mar 1, 8:52AM EST0


Mar 1, 10:58AM EST0
What is your current schedule like? Are you working on a new project at the moment?
Mar 1, 8:21AM EST0

I generally work 40 hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I try to keep my hours 9 to 5-ish, and flexible enough to grab lunch or take a walk.

In terms of new projects, I recently recommitted to a novel I started about a year ago.

Mar 1, 11:05AM EST0
When pitching clients, should one highlight the term “freelancer” when describing oneself?
Feb 28, 11:57AM EST0

If you want to, sure. Though I think freelance is kind of implicit when writers, designers, etc. pitch clients.

Feb 28, 1:13PM EST0
What should a person do if they have too many ideas to write about?
Feb 28, 10:25AM EST0

Pick one that excites them the most and write the other ones down.

Feb 28, 12:54PM EST0
Can using another established, freelancers name as a referral, increase the chance of securing a paid writing job?
Feb 28, 6:23AM EST0

Referrals and testimonials can be helpful.

Last edited @ Feb 28, 1:16PM EST.
Feb 28, 1:16PM EST0
Does a freelance writer have to choose a particular niche to specialize in or can specialties vary?
Feb 28, 1:50AM EST0

You don't have to choose a niche. But sometimes a niche chooses you.

Feb 28, 1:19PM EST0
What are your recommendations for creating a successful writer’s resume, for a writer with minimal or no experience?
Feb 28, 1:46AM EST0

Highlight any relevant education you have, including trainings and conferences. Write a blog. Get your work published. Offer discounted writing services to friends and families to get a portfolio going. 

Mar 1, 11:00AM EST0
What is SEO and is it beneficial for freelance writers to learn it?
Feb 28, 12:42AM EST0

SEO is search engine optimization, which is basically the science of how the words on a web page are picked up by Google, Bing, etc. It can certainly be beneficial, especially if you're writing copy for someone's website.

Mar 1, 10:58AM EST0
If working for a non-profit organisation, how can writers set a fee without coming across as greedy?
Feb 27, 10:55PM EST0

Come up with your regular rate, then a reasonable discount to offer nonprofits. Mine is 10%. 

Mar 1, 10:48AM EST0
What’s the most bizarre or peculiar thing you’ve ever heard of a writer getting paid for?
Feb 27, 10:17PM EST0

Writers get asked to write other people's life stories all the time. More often the writer will be asked to put thousands and thousands of hours into the book, then share in the profits "when the book becomes a bestseller." 

Last edited @ Mar 1, 10:51AM EST.
Mar 1, 10:50AM EST0
What is your method of sourcing information for your work?
Feb 27, 6:39PM EST0

I Google for news articles, books, and websites pertinent to the subject. Wikipedia is a dream. I also interview people a lot, whether it's for client work or articles. 

Mar 1, 10:44AM EST0
How do you balance the hours writing in solitude and being socially healthy?
Feb 27, 5:48PM EST0

I don't write in solitude all that much anymore thanks to a coworking space. I highly recommend working at one if possible. If not, coffee shops and libraries are a good substitute.

Last edited @ Feb 28, 1:27PM EST.
Feb 28, 1:26PM EST0
What are some effective ways to turn an attractive query into an excellent article?
Feb 27, 4:26PM EST0

I treat queries like a compact outline for an article, with the first paragraph often transferrable as a lead to the finished article. Good queries are all about research. Once you've written a good one, you have a roadmap for the finished piece. 

Last edited @ Mar 1, 12:34PM EST.
Mar 1, 10:37AM EST0

What is the one piece of memorable advice you received from another writer that helped you the most in your own journey to success?

Feb 27, 4:06PM EST0

It was something along the lines of, "Welcome rejection, rejoice in the waterfall of rejection, celebrate each rejection like it were an acceptance."

Last edited @ Mar 1, 12:35PM EST.
Mar 1, 10:34AM EST0
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