I'm a storyteller that writes YA/Teen books in the LitRPG and GameLIT genres. I create musical playlists for all my books. Go ahead ask me anything...

Gabriel Rathweg
Mar 12, 2018

I'm a storyteller that writes in the LitRPG and GameLIT. My series uses music to increase the experience for the reader.  I currently have two series.  Eyrth Online and Warrior Academy. I am an indie author that self-publishes on Amazon.  I can answer any questions on how to get started in self publishing and answer any questions on the new genres of LitRPG and GameLIt.  Not to mention attaching playlists to books with Spotify and Youtube.  


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What are some of your personal favorite LitRPG and Game Lit books?
Mar 17, 11:18PM EDT0
How do you battle with saturation? Everything from story, idea, style of writing? What’s your strategy to navigate your way home?
Mar 15, 6:55PM EDT0
How do you revise your story? What's the strategy?
Mar 14, 10:16AM EDT0

Reread and edit.  Reread and edit.  Reread and edit...

Change font edit.  Change spacing edit.  Then edit again.

Reread it again and read it out loud.  Does it sound right?  Are you happy with the story?  Is there anything you can change to make more sense...

Then reread and edit.

Mar 14, 3:45PM EDT0
Which book/story has the most meaningful backstory to you?
Mar 14, 8:53AM EDT0

Raymond E Feist's Magician saga, I'm talking all his stuff, midkemia in general, has really greate character buliding.  I still remember reading the first time that Pug and Thomas went on their first adventure.  It's almost like I grew up with the series.  But, you just learn so much about his characters.  Multiple births and deaths, ex wives and husbands.  The series spans 100's of years so it's pretty in depth.  

Raymond E Feist's The Magician, read it!

Last edited @ Mar 14, 10:10AM EDT.
Mar 14, 10:10AM EDT0
You have written different types of book. Do you see the trajectory of your books working in any specific ways?
Mar 13, 3:24PM EDT0

Every book I write is basically practive for the next.  Each release is a stepping stone.  

I try to use what learned in previous books in my next.  Writing techniques, dialog options, different styles.  I keep trying things and keep what works and get rid of what doesn't.  

So I guess to answer your question, each successive novel is me trying to become a better writer.  Hopefully, each new book is written more deftly and is more engaging then the last. 

Mar 13, 5:01PM EDT0

For those unaware, could you describe the LitRPG and GameLIT genres?

Mar 13, 1:35AM EDT0

LitRPG- literature role playing game.  A book or story based on the the mechanics of an rpg type game.  There is consistant character leveling and a world that is shaped by rpg mechanics.  Readers should be able to see these mechanics to some extant.  

Gamelit - Any book or story that is based on video games.  These are not as game mechanic intense and focus more on story then the rpg elements.  Much more loosely defined rules and strictures.  

Ready Player One is an example of gamelit

Mar 13, 11:31AM EDT0

Do you use music as an inspiration to write and how? 

Mar 12, 8:41PM EDT0

I do use music as inspiration.  I am always listening to music.  Every song I hear I think, what could I write that goes with this song?  It's to the point where I do it subconsciously.  

I personally believe that everyone should have a soundtrack,  but that's just me.  I think every character I create has somehow been influenced by music I was listening to at the time, or music that I think belongs to that character or story.

Mar 13, 11:28AM EDT0

That is very cool. I'm a huge music fan. It has definitely influenced my writing. I think every scene I've ever written has at least one song associated with it. I definitely agree everyone should have a sound track.  

Mar 13, 11:34AM EDT0
What can budding writers learn from multi-genre authors like you?
Mar 12, 2:14PM EDT0

Writing is hard.  You need to do it over and over again.  Not only that, but not everyone is going to like your stuff.  But, it's like anything else.  Try and try again, keep doing it over and over and over.  You get better and eventually you will succeed.  

Malcom Gladwell says you need 10,000 hours at something to become a professional.  I concur.  

The best thing to learn about multiple genres is that at their core, people are the same, they just want a good story.  

A successful author I know told me once, that if a story is good it will sell, if it's not, well write another story.

Last edited @ Mar 12, 3:01PM EDT.
Mar 12, 3:00PM EDT0
What got you interested in this genre and where do you draw your inspirations from?
Mar 12, 12:34PM EDT0

I've always loved games, video or otherwise, and I have been an avid reader and lover of movies, animation, and music since I can remember.  These are the things I draw inspiration from.  

The book Ready Player One came out about 5-6 years ago and after I read it, I was like, I can do that.  People will read about video games.  It was the catalyst I needed.  So, I began reading everything in the genre and that was that.  

Mar 12, 12:40PM EDT0
If you could turn one of your books into a movie, which book would you choose and why?
Mar 12, 12:25PM EDT0

I'd like to make my Eyrth Online series into a movie.  I think It'd be fun to make a comedy.  I'm a big fan of thet Frat pack and their movies.  I'd like to do something similar.  Plus, people are more forgiving for comedy and it's just more fun.

Mar 12, 12:31PM EDT0
On an average how long do you take to finish one book and how long does it take you to write a book?
Mar 12, 11:55AM EDT0

For my YA/Teen books it takes about two months from inception to completion.  That is writing, rewrites, editing, more editing, and more editing.  

But, I'm also only writing about 50,000 words per book right now.  I'm working on a full length novel right now that has been under development for the last 3 months and I probably have 2-3 more months of work on it.  This is also considering that I am writing two other series at the same time.  

The first one is always the hardest and longest.

Mar 12, 11:59AM EDT0
What are the things that you’ve had to sacrifice in order to write and publish?
Mar 12, 11:36AM EDT0

The main thing is your ego.  Be prepared for negative reviews and people not liking your work.  Remember that everything is a learning process.  

Social life bye-bye.  a conscious choice to write and edit, then prepare to spend the rest of your time promoting your book on social media.  Never in my life had I expected to be on Social Media so much.  It's a toss up if I spend more time on social media than I do with my family.  

But the feeling of elation that you get if you have a successful book is worth it a million times over.  

Oh, don't forget lack of sleep, lack of enjoying personal hobbies, and just being constantly thinking of your writing and books 24/7... 

Mar 12, 11:42AM EDT0

Ok ask away!  I'm answering the presubmitted questions and am almost done.

Mar 12, 10:01AM EDT0
Have you ever dealt with writer's block?
Mar 12, 9:08AM EDT0

All the time.  It's par for the course.  The only things that seem to work are diet, exercise, and write, write, write.  Chagne stories or just blog.  but you have to keep writing and excercise helps.  

Mar 12, 10:07AM EDT0
Would you like to share the plot for Eyrth Online and Warrior Academy, without giving away the spoilers?
Mar 12, 7:33AM EDT0

Eyrth Online is a stoner comedy in the vein of a Cheech and Chong or Seth Rogen story.  It follows the adventures of Law your everyday average stoner who becomes a part of a VRMMORPG virtual reality massively multi-player online role playing game.  Comedic adventures ensue.  This is for a mature audience.

Warrior Academy is a coming of age story about a boy name HIro who attends a high school in a dystopian future where the world is destroyed and rebuilt.  Lots of pop culture, anime, and music involved.  This is a YA/teen series

Mar 12, 10:05AM EDT0
What's your idea of developing plots and characters of a story?
Mar 12, 7:17AM EDT0

There are a couple types of writing.  I'll talk about two of the main ones.  Plotter and Pantser.  

A plotter has a detaied outline or not so detailed sometimes, of the key points of where their story is going. including character development.

A pantser is a seat of your pants writer.  Basically, they write as they go and lets the story lead them.  Everything is more fluid and there are no real set parameters.  

I find that I use a mixture of the two.  I have vague outlines, ideas, and character models.  Then I use those basics and create a story around them as I write.  

Mar 12, 10:01AM EDT0
How would you describe your readers, or, do you even have any specific kind of reader base in mind when you write?
Mar 12, 5:27AM EDT0

I describe my readers as the best people on the planet.  Seriously, anyone, even the haters, if they take time to read my work I am 100 percent humbled and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  

When I write i do keep a certain base in mind and that depends on what genre and for what age I'm writing in.  For YA I try to remember what it's like to be an emotionally charged bouncy ball.  Then, for adults I write like I'm a burnt out emotionally charged bouncy ball.  

Research the genre.  Read books, read the reviews people leave on the popular books.  See what is working and what isn't.  Try to figure out what people want.   

Mar 12, 9:58AM EDT0
Going back to when you started how did you spend the first bit of money you earned as a published author?
Mar 12, 2:25AM EDT0

On bills, rent, and food.  Be prepared to be broke for a while.  

Mar 12, 9:52AM EDT0
What, according to you, are some of the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published?
Mar 11, 6:04PM EDT0


You have complete creative control of every aspect of your work.  You control the cover, the writing, the editing, the reediting, the marketing, the social media.  


You have complete creative control of every aspect of your work.  You control the cover, the writing, the editing, the reediting, the marketing, the social media.  

Ha!  No seriously.  It's awesome to be a self published author.  It's just a lot of work and takes much longer to build your brand.  

A publisher though, provides financial stability, and help editing and marketing.  The trade off is they have a say over what you can and can't do.  

Either way is a double edged sword.  Eventually though you probably want to be publshed if your goal is Harry Potter type fame.  That is hard to do alone.  

Mar 12, 9:51AM EDT0
What do you think are the challenges facing new writers in this genre?
Mar 11, 5:21PM EDT0

There are a lot of challenges as with any job.  I don't want to be a downer and list them all.  The main one that you should focus on IMHO is you.

Yourself is the main one.  I know it sounds cheesy.  But you are your own worst critic and biggest impediment to writing.  You have to get past your ego and self doubt and that is no easy task.  

The constant battle of forcing yourself to write

The constant thinking your writing is garbage... a lot of it will be... 

The ability to keep on writing even after you get bad reviews or your first book didn't sell well.  Self doub is a BIATCH!

That is the hardest thing.

Mar 12, 9:43AM EDT0
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