I'm a regular guy, on a spiritual quest, living a regular life. Ask Me Anything about love, sex, dating, relationships, wellness, spiritual seeking.

Robert Manni
Mar 10, 2018

I 'm the author of the novel THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE, host of GUY'S GUY RADIO, a syndicated blogger at robertmanni.com, successful marketer, and a Guy's Guy.

What's a Guy's Guy? A contemporary man who respects women and recognizes their achievements. He is casually confident, displays understated strength, a seductive integrity and emotional intelligence.

These days many men are not sure who they are or what to do. I say, if you're a Guy's Guy this is the best time to be a man.

Ask me anything and I'll do my best to help. 


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What do you feel is a reasonable time frame to wait to have sex with someone new?
Mar 12, 2:43PM EDT0

If it is two consenting adults, it's entirely up to them. Sex on the first date, sex on the tenth date. All that matters is when it feels right for both people. Generally speaking, sex on the first date can potentially complicate or end a blossoming relationship. More about this topic on my blog at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 6:03PM EDT0
You know of the popular saying, “Friends with Benefits.” What are your thoughts on casual sex with no strings attached?
Mar 12, 1:06PM EDT0

If they are really friends it's up to them and no one else if they want to indulge in casual sex. That said, over time it's tricky to keep the casual sex casual. One or both partners will begin to feel intimacy and when that happens it's time for a talk as things will change. Have fun, play safe and beware. More on this at www.robertmanni.com

Mar 12, 6:10PM EDT0
What channel is your radio show? What do you talk about on the show?
Mar 12, 11:34AM EDT0

GUY'S GUY RADIO is a free weekly podcast that can  be found on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher.  I interview relationship experts, dating coaches, entertainers, fantasy sports experts, metaphiscial teachers and authors, channelers, and psychic. It's a lot of fun and I always learn something. More on this at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 6:14PM EDT0
In regards to wellness, how many times a week should a first timer engage in physical activity/exercise?
Mar 12, 6:48AM EDT0

Thx for your question. I suggest starting slow and doing something three times a week. On the off days see how you feel and adjust from there. If you are feeling good, be consistent and add to your program from there. Good luck. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:28AM EDT0
Do you have other crew members that help you run your radio show?
Mar 11, 1:22PM EDT0

I have a great producer who sets up the show and troubleshoots. For now, I book the guests and sort out topics with them. I keep it simple and let the guest do thier thing. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:29AM EDT0
What personal characteristics do you consider significant in the success of an author?
Mar 11, 1:09PM EDT0

It's all in the attitude. Writing needs to be something you HAVE to do, not something you want to do. Beyond that, consistency and willpower. Tell your unique stories, but study the classic storytelling template. Good luck. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:31AM EDT0
Is it ok to date someone if you have no desired to get married?
Mar 11, 11:13AM EDT0

Absolutely. I dated for so long my family stippe asking me when I was going to get married. That said, be honest with your partner if you have no intentions of getting hitched. It's only fair. More about this at www.robertmanni.com Good luck.

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Mar 12, 8:32AM EDT0
What was your goal behind your novel? What can one expect to learn from reading your novel?
Mar 10, 8:18PM EST0

I was inspired by what I saw as a growing communication chasm between the sexes. And since then it has continued to grow. Readers have found my novel to be fast, fun and frothy. It's a tale about love, sex, power, and money with intersting characters. You can donwload three free chapters at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:34AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on online dating? Do you think online dating sites are beneficial for someone looking for a relationship?
Mar 10, 7:46PM EST0

I am a fan of online dating technology to make new connctions and meet people you would never meet otherwise. Beyond that, the real dating dance can only happen face-to-face, so I suggest keeping your online corresponce short and with a goal of meeting up ASAP. More about this at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:36AM EDT0
What are some healthy ways in creating trust, intimacy and connection in a dating relationship?
Mar 10, 4:19PM EST0

Great question, thank you. You can begin by being your authentic self, paying attention to your partner, actively listening, and being availble. To succeed at love make room in your heart for someone else and then treat them better than your best friend. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:39AM EDT0
For some, age means a lot in dating and relationships. In your opinion, do you think that age really matters? When is someone “too old” or “too young” to date?
Mar 10, 3:12PM EST0

If you are single you are never too old to date. Concerning appropriate ages, that's an individual decision. I suggest keeping an open  mind and focusing on how young at heart people are before determining they are too old or young for you. You might miss out on someone special. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:42AM EDT0
Name a characteristic that you think that most relationships lack? What can a person do to fix that?
Mar 10, 1:57PM EST0

Interesting question. Thx. I see a wide chasm in communication and understanding between the sexes thatcan only be addressed with open hearts and minds and active listening. If I had to generalize, I think a big problem is that men often don't pay attention enough for true intimacy and trust. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:44AM EDT0
Tell us a little bit about your personal life. Where did you grow up?
Mar 10, 11:37AM EST0

I grew up in the suburbs of northern NJ and have lived in NYC, NJ, and at the Jersey Shore most of my life. There is no energy anywhere in the world like NYC, but it's changed and morphed into something different over the past few decades. That said, it has been a great influence on me and my work. 

Mar 12, 8:47AM EDT0
Does your book target any audience? If so, what one?
Mar 10, 10:26AM EST0

Thx for your question. THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE is a novel about men for both women and men. Women like it because it provides a true peek under the tent into the lives and hearts of guys. Men like it because it is honest and one of the few novels that show men as they really are, and it's not all that bad! Please check it out. You can download three fre chapters on my website robertmanni.com. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:49AM EDT0
Is some of the events and knowledge in the novel inspired by real life events that you personally faced or someone close to you?
Mar 10, 8:00AM EST0

Although my novel is fiction, I had to draw on my real life knowledge of men, women, business, and dating to tell the story. My main characters are archetypes. None of them are me, but I am the voice that gives them life. And I really love them. I hope that shines through the story. You can download three free chapters at my website www.robertmanni.com.

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Mar 12, 8:51AM EDT0

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. If that trust is ever broken, can it ever be mended? If so, how?

Mar 10, 1:01AM EST0

I agree. Trust is where it's at and it often gets broken. Part of that comes from an individual's perception of the truth and also the actual truth. Sometimes th e two blur.  Can it be repaired? Depends on the people and the situation, but I suggest that when someone screws up that trust they own it and apologize. After that it's up to them to prove through actions that they understand why they broke that trust. I believe in forgiveness and redemption in mlst cases if the person is sincere in their apology and desire to right the situation. Great question. Thx. Hope I helped. Check out my novel, THE GUYs' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE. It's all about trust. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:57AM EDT0
Many people are experiencing spiritual awakening and it is possible for all who choose to. Where can a spiritual seeker look for answers?
Mar 9, 5:05PM EST0

I love this question because this is where I am at these days. I have read piles of books on sprituality and interviewed many guests in that area on my GUY'S GUY RADIO weekly podcast. I also take a spiritual unfordment class with a channel/medium. In all cases, it comes down to quieting the mind and mental chatter and looking inside for the answers. Start there and open your heart. Lots more at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 8:59AM EDT0
Aside from your spiritual quest, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Mar 9, 10:40AM EST0

Thanks for your question. I'm a regular guy and I enjoy business, fitness, travel, NYC, the beach, family, playing sports, music, reading, writing, playing with my four-year old son and getting my message out. Lots more about me at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 9:01AM EDT0
What are some tips that you can give a person on living a spiritual life and seeking spirituality?
Mar 9, 6:17AM EST0

Look inside. I believe we all have the God particle so we are all God. People have way more power than they are led to believe. Spritiual practice starts with gratitide and the right actions. That is the path to "enlightenment". We cannot contro feelings and thoughts but we can control how we act when we have them. We are human and will make mistakes. No worries. Forgive yourself and stay on the path. I also believe that we can raise our vibration by reading spritual books and partaking in spriitually based activities like meditation, holistic arts, and what we consume. Hope this helps. Lots more at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 9:09AM EDT0
When is it an appropriate time for a person to share their sexual history with their current partner? How should one do this?
Mar 9, 4:10AM EST0

Interesting question. Unless there is something specific you feel you need to share, I'm ot sure you need to share this at all unless it comes up in conversation. Ask yourself what do you have to gain by talking about previous sexual experiences before talking about it. If there is something important about your history that your partner needs to know, ask yourself wehn do you feel it is an appropriate time to surface it and proceed from there. Hope this helps. More at www.robertmanni.com

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Mar 12, 9:12AM EDT0
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