If you want to fail in life, then Art of Failure and this AMA is for you.

Akhil Sharma
Jun 14, 2018

Yes, you have read it right and don’t doubt your eyes or mind to read it again to make sense of it because there isn’t any.  

We all fail at some or maybe most of the time in our life. To fall into the trap of failure, we don’t need any external help and our luck, destiny whoever you want to blame it, pushes you right into it. It’s easy to fail but it’s tough and rough to get out of it. Failure becomes a quicksand for us and the more we tried to come out of it, the more we got buried inside of it.

There are only three ways to come out of this situation:

1)     Listen to your heart.

2)     Listen to others (especially the motivational and inspirational one’s)

3)     Read my book.

Though the first two can surely help you out the third one I am not sure whether it would be of any help to you or not.

So who the heck am I: I am just another failure living around you and also the author of “I am a Failure” and the creator of the self-promoted concept called, “The Art of Failure” which aims to help you out with experiencing failure from a different perspective and enjoy.

You can try asking me anything here or maybe my twitter (twitter.com/drownedbygoogle/) or Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/in/akhil1/)

My book: 


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Are you thinking of writing any more books? Why or why not?
Jun 21, 12:59AM EDT0

Yes currently I am writing my second book. 

Why becase I have miles and miles to go before I sleep or retire in life. 

Jun 21, 2:54AM EDT0
What are the best lessons that both failure and success have taught you?
Jun 20, 7:03PM EDT0

Success taught me that one day it would soon be over and failure taught me that one day it would also be over soon. 

Nothing stays permanent and is just a regular phase of life just like day and night. Now you can never say that you like days the most and hate the nights. For one of the most interesting things in life mostly happens in night. 

Jun 21, 2:53AM EDT0
Besides the art of failure, what is your idea of achieving success and contentment in your professional life?
Jun 20, 5:45PM EDT0

Try finding your inspiration in life and it will take care of rest itself. 

Success and contentment eminates automatically when you start looking and working for your inspiration in life. 

Jun 21, 2:51AM EDT0
How do you stay motivated in your entrepreneurial role of running a startup and pursuing your hobby of writing?
Jun 20, 2:13PM EDT0

Motivation may not be the right word here. Because no one stay motivated forever without any external help. 

I would use inspiration here and you can stay inspired forever with just one flash of it and I would say that I had found my inspiration by looking into my heart and not listening to what others may or might think of me. 

I am an entreprenuer because I love doing innovation, invention and creating new things out of nothing. 

Though there are some disadvantages of listening to your heart but that doesn't bothers you much once you start listening to the music of your heart. 

Jun 20, 2:24PM EDT0
What was the feeling of getting your first book published? Were you nervous or excited?
Jun 19, 8:49PM EDT0

Something which I haven't imagined in a while.

When you are a certified and known failure and then you try getting your book published which is constantly being rejected by publishers and then all of a sudden, somebody said yes to it. 

I was nervously excited when it was published as to how would people react to it while reading it with such a title and a story line. 

But now I guess history would always remain history and you are here to create and change future so here I am and this is me and there is nowhere else I am going to be. 

Jun 20, 12:21PM EDT0
Would you consider writing your full-time job?
Jun 19, 6:30AM EDT0

Even if somebody pays me to start writing full time which I guess is a rare event but suppose if that happens then also I do keep innovating and inventing stuffs and mentoring too. 

So I guess I write when I feels like and when I dont feel like, I dont restrict myself to writing only.

I prefer to live like water, keep flowing always and never restrict yourself to anything in life.

Jun 19, 8:36AM EDT0
Do you write all the time or only when you feel like writing?
Jun 19, 5:49AM EDT0

I do keep taking notes in my phone. So I guess you can say that I am a full time but lazy writer.

Jun 19, 8:32AM EDT0
What are your thoughts about paid reviews?
Jun 18, 9:30AM EDT0

Most of them are of negative in nature. This is one thing which I would hate to do to promote my book. 

I would rather fail and remain a failure warrior rather than use paid means to become a success hunter.

Jun 18, 10:02AM EDT0
What if you run out of fresh ideas to write about?
Jun 18, 7:48AM EDT0

If I would fail to get fresh ideas to write then I would enjoy my failure then till I would start getting fresh ideas again.

Jun 18, 8:37AM EDT0
Is your family supportive of your writing career?
Jun 17, 6:44PM EDT0

Honestly writing is not my full time career, I am currently running a technology startup, and multiple other aspects involving innovation and product invention. I am also a  mentor for change selected by the Indian Government for their programme, speaker for the art of failure helping students and professional to enjoy the failure aspect of their life.

However coming to your question, does my family support it or not. Well they support anything and everything which keeps me happy.

I guess they believe that an unhappy son, husband or a father is useless and annoying to the entire family.

Jun 18, 1:47AM EDT0
Would you say that being an author is very financially rewarding?
Jun 16, 7:41AM EDT0

Nopes in my experience it was never financially rewarding unless you become the best of the best. 

If you are writing then you have to accept that it may be a financial disaster and after knowing that if you still want to continue then you are doing it because you want to and loved the feeling of writing something. 

Jun 16, 8:03AM EDT0
Are you the man on the cover of your book? Do you ever feel like you’re sharing too much information when you write your own story?
Jun 16, 6:59AM EDT0

Yes I am that very man who is pronouncing himself as a failure in the cover of my book. 

When you are honest with yourself and you listen to your heart only and don't care what others may or might think of you, then these thoughts would never cross your mind. 

Jun 16, 8:04AM EDT0
How can one go beyond the stereotypes established by society about failure and not see it as a negative experience?
Jun 15, 6:33AM EDT0

You have to believe in yourself and not listen to others. That would only come once you have started listening to your heart and not others. Then the entire negative experience of failure would turn into a positive and an enjoyable one. 

Jun 15, 6:43AM EDT0
What is the best question you can ask yourself after a failure?
Jun 14, 10:57PM EDT0

What did I learn from this failure is the best question to ask yourself after a failure.

Jun 15, 6:45AM EDT0
What failure led you to write your book? How did you motivate yourself to go through this challenge?
Jun 14, 3:12PM EDT0

Surprisingly this book idea was born during my Art of failure sessions with one of my student when he told me to increase the reach of my perspective to others. 

How did I motivate myself to go through the challenge. 

Well if you are a failure warrior yourself then who can stop you from trying another challenge which could have only two results possible, either you would fail or you may succeed. 

This time it looks like I had succeeded in writing and publishing my book. 

Jun 14, 3:38PM EDT0
What are some tips to overcome the fear of failure?
Jun 14, 2:36PM EDT0

Firstly, you have to accept that you can fail just like others and there is nothing new in it. 

Secondly, you have to know that no one born in this world is destined for eternal failures in life. You just have to keep trying until you succeed. 

Jun 14, 3:08PM EDT0
Is there a right time to give up and stop trying? Or should you never give up?
Jun 14, 10:47AM EDT0

There is no right answer to this. You should try listening to your heart and if it says keep it going then you should keep yourself going and when it says to stop and leave, then you should leave without thinking much about it. 

The problem is that we have forgotten how to listen to our heart and rarely do so in our daily life. 

Jun 14, 1:48PM EDT0

How many of your friends bought your book?

Which has been the most successful channel in selling your book?

Jun 14, 10:40AM EDT0

A failure doesn't have many friends and if he had many then he is not a failure at all. So whatever few I had left in my life, had purchased my book. 

For me the word of mouth and reviews posted on amazon are turning out to be the best channel so far. 

Jun 14, 1:51PM EDT0
What is one foundational concept you can share with people about making positive, bold, life changes for the better?
Jun 14, 5:39AM EDT0

Just one thing to remember whenever they try and fail. 

"No one in this world is destined for eternal failures in life. You just have to keep trying and keep walking in life".

Jun 14, 7:27AM EDT0
How do you get reviews for your book?
Jun 14, 2:37AM EDT0

Friends, Family then you can also try book bloggers, they are the best ones so far. 

In my case people who had purchased were generous enough to post their feedback on amazon without me asking it. 

Jun 14, 1:54PM EDT0
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