I went from writing The Poverty Diaries to Writing the Life of My Dreams. #AMA

Brandy M. Miller
Feb 12, 2018

Most authors never make enough to quit their day jobs. I went from poverty and homelessness to effortlessly attracting 4 and 5 figure clients within an 18 month period - all by becoming the master of my own story.  I'm more than willing to share with you what I learned and how I did it.

There are 7 secrets I discovered to being able to attract your dreams to you rather than you chasing after them. And it isn't about money. In fact, I didn't spend a dime on advertising. I didn't even have a best selling book to my name.

The truth is that there are 7 billion people on this planet. Somewhere out there is someone who has what you need or want - it's just a matter of being able to connect with them and let them see how helping you achieve your dreams is going to help them achieve theirs.

Once you connect with enough people, and they begin to see the value of cooperating with you, you'll stop having to chase your dreams. Your dreams will come chasing after you. 


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That 4-5 figure income, did it come from the sales of your book or do have another job?

Feb 17, 6:30AM EST0

Are you a freelancer or do you currently work with a company?

Feb 16, 5:27PM EST0

How were you able to discover these 7 secrets? Do you truly believe it’s fool-proof and guaranteed to work?

Feb 14, 1:27AM EST0

Apart from being engaged in the literary community, what are your other passions in life? How do you spend your time when you are not working?

Feb 12, 6:31PM EST0

I paint, I game, I draw, and I read. I also enjoy going on walks and learning new things. I love to travel, too, and I'm getting to do more of that this year than I ever have before.

Feb 12, 7:19PM EST0

If you were to go back to your childhood and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Feb 12, 6:03PM EST0

Honestly, not much. Everything that happened to me as a kid contributed to me becoming who I am today.

Feb 12, 7:18PM EST0

How do I actually FINISH a book?  I've started serveral, but I keep getting stuck about chapter 5!

Feb 12, 3:03PM EST1

I totally understand that feeling. I used to have that happen to me all the time. In fact, my hard drive was littered with stories that stopped at chapter 5 because I didn't know where to go next.  I wrote out an article on techniques I use to get past writer's block here: https://www.goread.com/buzz/brandy142/article/12-techniques-for-getting-past-writers-block/

Last edited @ Feb 12, 3:14PM EST.
Feb 12, 3:06PM EST0

In fact, I wrote out a whole series of articles that walks you through a process I routinely use to help me get from start to finish - and even talks about the branding, marketing, and sales side of things. If you visit my GoRead profile: https://www.goread.com/author/brandy142/

and look for my articles, you will find the series there.

Feb 12, 3:14PM EST0

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted a question. I want you to know that I am honored that you showed up and that you entrusted your question to my care. You really can ask me anything. I try to live my life as an open book because I firmly believe that's how we benefit one another the most.

Feb 12, 3:02PM EST1

What was your childhood like? Were there some events you think that lead to what you later discovered? Who did you aspire to be like as a kid?

Feb 11, 4:58PM EST1

My childhood was rough, to say the least. My stepfather molested and physically abused us, my mother emotionally and physically abused us. Needless to say, I didn't learn to trust other people. I wanted to be like Harriet Tubman - someone courageous enough to lead others to freedom in spite of the dangers. I wanted to be like Louisa May Alcott - a famous female author. I wanted to be like Nancy Drew - a great detective who always managed to look good while doing her detective work. My greatest aspirations, though, were set at age 4. I wanted to be a wife and a mother. I wanted to own my own business and become rich because nobody could ever tell a rich person no and I was tired of hearing no all the time whenever I asked for things. I also wanted to become a great saint, even though I had no idea what that was going to take. Joke was on me, that's for sure. Last, I wanted to be famous because I thought famous people were always listened to, acknowledged, and admired. I didn't realize until much later that famous people get talked about negatively all the time.  

Feb 12, 1:56PM EST0

Do you think to sacrifice your present happiness worth mastery and fulfillment of your dream?

Feb 11, 4:36PM EST1

If your dream is worth having, it's going to be worth sacrificing to get. Just be sure you sacrifice the right things. Don't sacrifice relationships on the altar of your dream because your dream can't be fulfilled without relationships backing it.

Feb 12, 1:52PM EST0

The most important thing to understand when you're striving toward any dream and trying to decide if something needs to be sacrificed or not to help you achieve it is WHY you want that dream in the first place. Is your why worth the sacrifice you're making? Is making that sacrifice going to serve your ultimate reason for making the dream a reality? If not, don't make that sacrifice. If so, sacrifice - it'll be worth it.

Feb 12, 3:45PM EST0

Somewhere out there is someone who has what you need or want. "How did you connect to those people who exactly had what you needed?

Feb 11, 12:33PM EST1

I don't know if you've ever heard of the 6 degrees of separation theory, but it goes like this. We are all six degrees of separation from the person who has what we need or want in life. All we have to do to find them is connect to the person who knows the person who knows the person who knows them and they will make the introduction. That's been my experience, too.

Feb 12, 1:51PM EST0

And it stands to reason, then, that the more people we meet and get to know, the better a chance we have of being connected to the exact right person we need to meet in order to make everything come together.

Feb 12, 3:03PM EST0

Could you brief a little about your journey of 18 months?

Feb 11, 6:56AM EST1

I started getting paid for my writing in January of 2016. I got paid $3200 that January and then doubled my income by the end of February. I was sure I'd made it. But I still hadn't mastered getting clients. I was relying entirely on other people's referrals and those were slow to come. August I ended up homeless. That's where the 18 months really starts. I was still building my business while being homeless and I realized that a large part of my problem was that I lacked confidence. So I wrote a book to help others and it ended up helping me. I realized I needed to step up and make a commitment to my dream. 2 months later, I found a job for my husband that put us in Colorado - our dream for 20 years - and we moved up here. After that, I decided I needed to get better at managing my money so I traded my writing and web design services for some budget coaching and got my money story under control. Then, I began attending in-person events and getting to know people. Things started picking up and the momentum started improving. I helped 6 people with their books in 2016. I helped 18 people with theirs in 2017.  And everything I learned ended up being put to work at a conference I attended in January where I walked in an unknown and walked out with people actively seeking me out to give me their business cards. Crazy, right?

Feb 12, 1:50PM EST0

Why would a bunch of unknown people help you in fulfilling your dream of making your idea into a big reality?

Feb 10, 6:15PM EST1

When you get good at showing people how helping you achieve your dreams is the key to helping them achieve their own, people will gladly step up to be part of whatever vision it is that you are trying to realize. The trick is that you have to genuinely care about them enough to listen to their dreams and their desires so you can figure out how your goals, dreams, and desires will help them fulfill theirs.

Feb 12, 1:45PM EST0

How's your journey of building and operating Creative Technology Services shaped your understanding of life?

Feb 10, 4:58PM EST1

Creative Technology Services is where I tasted my first successes as a business owner, and it will always have a special place in my heart because it is what led me to creating 40DayWriter.com and getting into being paid to write. It was where i first began testing relationship marketing...and where I began to realize that relationships were the key to every kind of success you want to build in life.

Feb 12, 1:43PM EST0

What is your dream? What efforts are you making to fulfill your dreams?

Feb 10, 8:54AM EST1

My dream is that every person in this world would share their stories. The reason for this is simple: Our stories are like bridges that connect us. When we can walk the world through someone else's eyes and see things the way they do, we not only broaden our own perspective but we are given the gift of being able to truly empathize with them and find compassion even for the terrible mistakes they may have made along the way. This is how we build world peace - one story at a time. My goal is to create an army of people equipped to help one another share their stories because, for obvious reasons, I'm not going to be able to work with all 7.4 billion people on the planet. Right now I am working on courses to teach people what I do and how I do it so they can do it, too. My next goal is to create a Tiny House Writers Retreat Center where I can have people come and learn to do what I do by practicing it under my supervision. My third goal is to create a 40 Day Writer Reality TV show where writers compete to finish, polish, and pitch their books to publishers while learning the skills they need to succeed if they choose to publish independently instead. I want to show people that writing books doesn't take decades, it takes dedication.

Feb 12, 1:42PM EST0

Do you think the seven secrets that you mentioned to discover your dream could be different from person to person?

Feb 10, 7:25AM EST1

The dreams change, the methods of getting to those dreams don't. There really are universal truths that you have to both understand and embrace before you can start bringing your dreams your direction.

Feb 12, 1:38PM EST0

What is it that you do? What kind of clients do you have and where do you get them from? What is the service you provide?

Feb 10, 6:12AM EST1

I actually help other people get their stories out of their heads and out into the world. The clients I have are usually the kind of people who have been through something that has changed their lives dramatically and they want to share that transformation with others. I love the work I do. 

Feb 12, 1:37PM EST0

Most of my clients, about 90% of them, come from referrals from people I've worked with in the past. The rest, at least for now, come from people I've met either in person or on line. I'm working on building up my online marketing so that I can generate more leads with less effort, but that's a process.

Feb 12, 3:11PM EST0

Does getting married on the verge of chasing your dreams, a setback or a normal part of life?

Feb 9, 1:37PM EST1

I think it kind of depends on what your dreams are. For me, my dream was to be a wife and a mother and I achieved both by the age of 19. For many people, getting married just isn't something that's part of their dream and they may get married later. I don't think marriage is ever a setback. I think it's an asset if you understand what its intended purpose is: to challenge you and to make you grow in your capacity to give and receive love. It's not about being happy and fulfilled. Happiness and fulfillment are your responsibility. Nobody else can do those things for you.

Feb 12, 1:36PM EST0

Your amazon profile says these are the three career path you thought you could ever be: con artist, politician, or writer. Could you brief a bit about a con artist and politician?

Feb 9, 6:16AM EST1

It's kind of a joke, because I was born with the initials B.S., but actually I grew up in a family where lying and using people was the norm. I was really good at conning people into things when I was younger, not that I'm proud of that fact, but it's part of my history. I could look you in the eyes and lie to you. It was a talent I perfected to survive - and one which I am glad to say I don't feel the need to use anymore - well, except in my writing. There I can still write things that didn't happen as if they did happen and make you believe they are true.

Last edited @ Feb 12, 3:05PM EST.
Feb 12, 1:35PM EST0

What other projects you are involved?

Feb 9, 3:16AM EST1

Too many, actually. I have a Behind the Covers podcast that I launched in January and intend to release the next episode today. I have 18 books that I just bought the ISBN numbers to be able to release, so expect a lot of activity from me this year. Plus I am working on my two big babies: The Tiny House Writers Retreat Center and the 40 Day Writer Reality TV Show. I hope to bring both of those to life toward the end of this year.

Feb 12, 1:33PM EST0

What mistakes would you avoid if you could go back in time?

Feb 8, 8:10PM EST1

That's actually a much harder question to answer than you think. Every mistake I made taught me a piece of the puzzle that I needed to know. I think, actually, the one thing I would fix if I could was my idea that the problem was making mistakes. I was initially so afraid of making them that I wasn't committing to doing anything useful because I was so afraid I would mess it all up. Now, I realize that mistakes are just learning opportunities and perfection is a journey, not a destination.

Feb 12, 1:32PM EST0

Can people have valuable connections created online?

Feb 8, 4:58PM EST1

Yes, they definitely can. It's a little harder because there isn't the immediacy of having someone in your area to go talk to - but it can be done.

Feb 12, 1:30PM EST0

That is a wonderful story! When did you make the change from poverty to prosperity, was it a quick switch moment after you realised what you were missing or it took some time?

Feb 8, 2:50PM EST0

Overnight successes always look quick but they never are. It's been a very long journey, and I really just crossed over the threshhold.  I think it's not just knowing what you need to do but then working through the confidence that is required to put everything you know into action. 

Feb 12, 1:30PM EST0

You say it is about connecting to people who can cooperate with you, do you remember your first connection like that?

Feb 8, 6:45AM EST0

I do, actually. It was really exciting...and totally unexpected. It was like finally having someone who really got what I was trying to do and was onboard with helping me to do it. I have since created a number of those liasons, but the first time is always like magic.

Feb 12, 1:28PM EST0

How can one spot the right people to connect with? Does it matter if it is online or offline?

Feb 7, 7:09PM EST0

Never underestimate the power of an offline connection. It gives us a chance to develop a level of rapport that simply isn't possible to get via the internet. Spot the right people to connect with by determining who it is you want to attract into your life and going to groups and organizations that serve those kinds of people. For example, if you want to meet artists, go to a meetup for artists. If you want to meet musicians, get involved in a group that serves musicians.

Feb 8, 1:30AM EST0

Do you think people trap themselves into misery? Why if so?

Feb 7, 5:22PM EST0

We do - but not on purpose. We trap ourselves there largely because of unexamined beliefs that were either taught to us by the people around us as we examined their behavior or by the meaning a brain assigned to a given event that happened in our lives. For instance, when my dad abandoned me at age 4 after my mom and he divorced, my 4-year-old brain didn't understand why, so it wrote me a story that made sense of the situation. That story was "I'm not lovable." I wasn't aware that story was there, but it was driving my thoughts, feelings, and behavior for over 36 years after that point! No person in their right mind would allow a 4-year-old to drive a car, make their financial or business or relationship decisions for them, choose their life partner or when and if they should have kids, etc. etc....but when you have unexamined stories running around in your head, that's exactly what's happening. 

Feb 8, 1:34AM EST0

7 secrets, 7 billion people..is there something about that number?:) Why 7 secrets? What are they if it’s not a secret?

Feb 7, 12:36PM EST0

7 happens to be very effective in terms of getting people to look at the material you're offering. 7 billion happens to be the literal number of people on the planet today as of last headcount. :)

Feb 8, 1:35AM EST0

I will give them to you, but just be forewarned that the biggest part of the secret is that by themselves, these things are good to do but won't produce the results you want. It's not until you add them all together in the right order that the magic happens. That's the biggest part of the secret!

1. Decide what you want;

2. Know why you want it;

3. Commit to making it happen;

4. Create a concrete plan to get it;

5. Connect to the right community;

6. Communicate what you want;

7. Act to attract. 

Feb 8, 1:41AM EST0

What is the best way you found so far for marketing your book and your ideas? What is the best medium/social channel?

Feb 7, 12:13PM EST0

The hands-down best medium for selling your books is a live event. That's where you get to demonstrate the value you bring and really make a connection with people - and relationship sell books, earn referrals, and get repeat business. The second-best is to join up with some Facebook groups that appeal to the kind of people you would most like to see reading your books. That way you can start adding value to the community and let people get to know you. Don't go in there, though, thinking about what you can get out of it. Go in there looking for opportunities to serve and you'll get noticed pretty quickly because people who serve are rare while people who are there to get something are a dime a dozen.

Feb 8, 1:43AM EST0

Did you self publish your book? What was the experience? How long did it take?

Feb 7, 8:30AM EST0

I actually went through a publisher for the first two and self-published the last 5. I prefer self-publishing as it allows me greater control. The first book was the hardest as the learning curve is steep. That one took me about 6 weeks to get done. Every book since then takes me less than a week to get formatted, uploaded, and out the door.

Feb 7, 10:31AM EST0

Who was the first person you shared your book with? How did they react?

Feb 7, 6:00AM EST0

The first person I shared my book with was my Facebook audience. That's how my publisher found it and picked it up. And I wasn't even intending to publish it. I was going to use it as a lead magnet for another business I was running at the time. 

Feb 7, 10:32AM EST0

Do you think your advice applies to dating - attracting the right people that help you chase your dreams as it helps them get to theirs etc? Have you tried applying it to dating?

Feb 7, 4:56AM EST0

Absolutely. This advice will help you attract whatever dream you have. It is the same advice I use in every area of my life. I've been married for 23 years, so I don't date, but I use the advice I am giving to continually improve my marriage and keep it divorce-proof.

Feb 7, 10:33AM EST0

I think the most important thing in dating is not to date. Dating is like window shopping. You don't know what you're looking for, you're just looking to look. Be intentional. If you want marriage, look for someone who is marriage minded. Most people get into the dating scene and they go places where people are just looking for a hookup instead of a lifetime commitment. If you're hanging out in places where people aren't interested in buying what you're selling, you aren't likely to get what you want out of the interactions you have. Go to the right events, join the right groups, get involved in the right communities so that you have your best chances of meeting someone whose dream is also to get married and have a family.

Feb 12, 3:23PM EST0

Do you think it would have been possible to apply your idea without the internet? Can people still connect to the right people on local level?

Feb 7, 3:48AM EST0

Absolutely. This advice applies with or without the internet. The internet can make it easier to find communities to connect to, but this can be done offline entirely to the same effect. Sometimes an even better impact. Truthfully, I recommend using both online and offline strategies.

Feb 7, 10:34AM EST0

Are you planning your next book already? What is it going to be about?

Feb 7, 3:17AM EST0

Definitely. I am currently working on releasing a book called Personal Fulfillment. It's a fiction book about a corporate executive and her struggling entrepreneur boyfriend who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy at possibly the worst time for it to happen. I am also working on (finally!) releasing a revised version of my How To Write an eBook in 40 Days (or less) because I have learned so much more about things since I first published in 2012. I am also working on a brand new title called An Introduction To Love: How To Find, Recognize, Cultivate, and Keep Love Growing In Your Life So You Never Have To Live Without Love Again. 

Last edited @ Feb 12, 1:26PM EST.
Feb 7, 10:36AM EST0
What would you advice wanna-be writers who are doubting their abilities?
Feb 6, 6:56PM EST0

Doubt is your brain's way of telling you that you don't have enough data to be confident about your abilities. My advice to you is join a group of fellow writers and start testing your content by sharing it. All feedback you receive can profit you. The best thing that ever happened to me was a 1-star review on my first book. It told me there were things I needed to do to improve the content I'd written, and that launched me on a whole different path than I would have gone down if I'd never received that review.

Feb 7, 10:37AM EST0
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