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I resigned from my job to write contemporary erotic romance every day. Am I the definition of madness? Or am I the definition of sane for following my dream? Ask me anything and I'll try my best to answer!

Lia Peele
Sep 21, 2018 11:00AM EDT

I began writing in March 2015 and by the end of the year I'd written what became the Definition series. 

As I literally got the idea one night and twenty minutes later plunged into writing it, naturally those early versions have been buried on my laptop. 

Working as a print professional during the day, coming home, making dinner and writing from 7pm to 11pm never really took its toll because I loved writing with a passion. Forward to October 2016 and the team I worked with were made redundant. I was the only one of a four person team still employed. Unfortunately it had a negative impact on my writing. After a relatively short chat with my husband I resigned and with his support I've been working from home since December 2016.

Do I regret this? Is it something I'd do again? Would I recommend it? Does working from home have its drawbacks? How do I feel about my husband supporting my new career? Would I change anything? 

Ask me whatever you want and I'll be as truthful as I possibly can!

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You say that you write after work. What do you do to get motivated if you just don't feel like writing after a long day at work?

Sep 17, 8:51AM EDT0

Congratulations on doing what you love. As long as you have a passion for what you do, I don’t see that as madness. How do you define erotic?

Sep 16, 9:14AM EDT0

Hi Lia! I did the same thing as you and we are definitely the beginning of the wave of the future! And if we are not crazy we'd be boring. 

So, my question to you is:

How long did it take to get used to words that we don't use in everyday conversation? I mean "dirty and explicit" words? 

Thank You,

Arielle Hart

Sep 15, 1:33PM EDT0

Why did you resign from your job to write contemporary erotic romance every day?

Sep 15, 12:08PM EDT0

How many books to you currently have available? And do you have any in progress?

Sep 15, 11:35AM EDT0
Do you ever base your characters on real people in your life?
Sep 14, 1:47AM EDT0
Have you ever suffered from the writer's block? If so, what did you do to overcome it?
Sep 14, 12:11AM EDT0
Why romance and what makes your particular brand of romance special?
Sep 13, 9:11PM EDT0
What is your main advice to aspiring authors struggling with the publishing process?
Sep 13, 8:30AM EDT0
Besides your job, what are the main challenges that you faced in order to become a full-time writer?
Sep 12, 9:01PM EDT0
Do you usually write characters or parts of your stories based on people or situations around you?
Sep 12, 4:32PM EDT0
What do you miss the most about your previous job?
Sep 11, 3:43PM EDT0
What are the main drawbacks of being a full-time writer?
Sep 11, 5:58AM EDT0
What is the most prevalent archetype in your stories?
Sep 10, 10:20AM EDT0
How important in life is to follow one's dreams?
Sep 9, 5:08PM EDT0

How long did it take for you to quit your job after making the decision you wanted to write full-time?  How did you plan?

Sep 4, 10:02PM EDT0
Why did you decide to write in the genre of erotic romance?
Sep 1, 10:50PM EDT0
How has working from home full time helped your writing versus writing from 7 til 11?
Sep 1, 2:49PM EDT0
Which characters in your books are most relatable to your readers? Why do you think so?
Sep 1, 2:02PM EDT0
There are many writers who would like to do what you did. What is your advice to them?
Sep 1, 12:52PM EDT0
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