I love movies, musicals, superheroes, cartoons, action figures, & miscellaneous geekery. I love talking about them even more. Ask me anything!

Roy Sexton
Mar 15, 2018

I’ve been posting my movie musings at www.reelroyreviews.com for five years now ... much to the chagrin of true arbiters of taste. And at one point a publisher (Open Books) decided to turn my online shenanigans into a couple of books. I tend to go see whatever film has been most obnoxiously hyped, marketed, and oversold in any given week. Art films? Bah! Won’t find too many of those discussed by yours truly. And every once in awhile, I may review a TV show, theatrical production, record album, concert, or book (yeah, probably not too many of those either). So ask me anything ... I act, sing, write, laugh, cry, collect, and obsess in my downtime ... and I market lawyers to pay the bills. 

Roy Sexton says:

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what would you recommend that an upcoming filmmaker do to get noticed by someone such as you? in a good way lol 

Mar 17, 12:16AM EDT1

I would say just what you were doing right now. I think the online community provides such an amazing resource to connect many of us who would otherwise not find one another. I think we lead with our best, most authentic selves online, create meaningful connections virtually, and then turn those into real life friendships. Happy to know you and to help in any way

Mar 17, 12:32PM EDT0
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What's your most prized collectibles of all time and why?
Mar 15, 1:04PM EDT0

 I would say my stuffed animals. I wouldn’t exactly call them collectibles, as they are very well loved, but I still have my Paddington Bear and Wicket the Ewok and Gizmo from Gremlins among others.  I am an only child, so those stuffed animals were beloved companions. I am sure I have a screw loose, but I was certain that they came to life whenever I left my room. In fact I still think that. I probably need an intervention. 

Mar 15, 6:35PM EDT0
What are your favorite 80s and 90s cartoons? Do you miss them or do you feel like every other development you should get accustomed to modern-day cartoons?
Mar 15, 9:21AM EDT0

 Oh, I miss my childhood very much. My parents are pretty amazing.  I had a pretty charmed life as a kid, and cartoons are a big part of that. I was never bothered that most of the cartoons of my youth were engineered to sell toys. I like toys. And maybe that’s why I like marketing so much. I do miss the simplicity and the absolute lack of irony in those shows. However, I am not afraid to admit that there are a number of shows I enjoy on Cartoon Network and Disney XD. I think Star Wars Rebels is about one of the best series on television, animated or otherwise. There is a depth of storytelling and a soulfulness that you don’t get in many shows today 

Mar 15, 6:33PM EDT0
Did you like Lego Batman movie? What do you think they could have done better?
Mar 15, 9:12AM EDT0

Oh heavens! I thought it was about as perfect a movie as could be. In fact I preferred it to most of the live-action Batman movies we’ve had to endure. I’m not sure there is much I would improve, other then it was a little manic and frenzied for an old person like me. I wasn’t always sure what I was looking at as more and more characters appeared. But as a long time comic book fan, they managed to work in a whole lot of history, have fun without making fun, and offer a pretty warm and loving portrait of the character. My review.

Mar 15, 6:30PM EDT0
Do you like comedy? Have you ever thought of doing standup comedy yourself?
Mar 15, 8:52AM EDT0

 I do like comedy very much. I think this world is completely nuts, and humor is about the only way to make sense of it all. As for stand-up, however, I am certain I would clam up and be intensely unfunny, standing before a crowd with nothing but a microphone. I tend to be funnier in response to situations, which is why I like emceeing events. There is a loose script, the audience wants to be entertained and is deathly afraid they are going to be totally bored,  and there’s really nowhere to go but up. 

Mar 15, 6:28PM EDT0
What was the most recent concert that you went to? How was it? Did you do a review on it?
Mar 11, 5:33PM EDT0

I go to strange shows. “Eclectic” is a polite word for my concert-going. The most recent were Morris Day and The Time and 98 Degrees. Yup, I reviewed both (links in previous sentence). Surprisingly (to me), Morris Day was the dud, and 98 Degrees was delightful. Go figure! One of the best arena shows I’ve ever seen was Pink. Fantastic show beginning to end. And Linda Eder and Laura Benanti are both exceptional in a cabaret environment. I loved Kasey Musgraves when she opened for Katy Perry. Carolina Chocolate Drops and Suzanne Vega were both great small venue shows here in Ann Arbor. 

Mar 11, 10:42PM EDT0
What kinds of music do you listen to?
Mar 11, 12:59PM EDT0

Everything. I love dance music especially. Madonna is an all-time favorite. I also love singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Bjork, Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Peter Allen, Harry Nilsson, Dixie Chicks. Pop music of my youth - Michael Jackson, George Michael, Prince, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson. And people who can SING! Barbra Streisand, Linda Eder, Laura Benanti, Al Jarreau, Lena Horne, Sammy Davis. 

Mar 11, 10:34PM EDT0
What inspired you to start reekroyreviews?
Mar 11, 10:16AM EDT0

 I had been posting rather sassy one or two line reviews as status statements on Facebook. People really enjoyed them, and kept encouraging me to start a blog so there would be a record of my perspectives. Ironically, when I first started the blog, none of those people were reading it. 😂😂😂 Now, however, the audience has built, and I have a pretty steady and regular leadership. Also, many of those same people come back later after they’ve seen a movie on TV or video to see if I reviewed it in the past. 

Mar 11, 10:46AM EDT0
You mention singing as well. What kind of singer are you? Where do you sing?
Mar 11, 6:22AM EDT0

 Mostly show tunes and standards. I do a lot of musicals here in Southeast Michigan with a number of theater companies, and have been known to do a cabaret show or two. I also love karaoke. Probably a little too much. Also I think I do some of my finest work in the front seat of my car driving to work. 😎

Mar 11, 10:51AM EDT0
What did it feel like, to have your website articles turned into books? Was it a benchmark of success for you?
Mar 11, 5:39AM EDT0

 It felt pretty damn neat, I won’t lie. When the first box of them arrived in the mail, and I could hold a physical object containing my words, I was walking on air for about a day and a half. But then reality sets in, and you realize  now I have to get people to buy these damn things. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, so I will simply say that it is indeed a thrill to see your name on the cover of a book. 

Mar 11, 5:58AM EDT0
What kind of actor are you? Do you act in movies?
Mar 11, 3:35AM EDT0

Mostly musicals. I helped start a theater company here in Ann Arbor about eight years ago, and I have appeared with a number of local companies in shows like Oklahoma, Edwin Drood, Legally Blonde, Bells Are Ringing, Rags, Pajama Game, Xanadu, Company, Tomfoolery, Jacques Brel, She Loves Me, Side by Side by Sondheim, Urinetown, Little Me. I have been an extra in a few films, but you can’t see me in any of them. Well, you can see my hand in John Sayles’ Eight Men Out. But none of me in Drew Barrymore’s Whip Smart, though I did get to meet that entire cast. Juliette Lewis ended up being the sweetest of them all in that cast. Who knew?!?

Mar 11, 5:56AM EDT0
What is the name of the books from your website, published by Open Books?
Mar 10, 4:54PM EST0
Last edited @ Mar 10, 5:08PM EST.
Mar 10, 5:07PM EST0
What kinds of TV shows do you review? Is there a particular genre?
Mar 10, 3:53PM EST0

Mostly just special TV events - the various live musicals over the years, for example. I’m impressed by people who synopsize and review episodic television. That is a LOT of work! I’m too lazy for that!

Mar 10, 4:03PM EST0
Is it profitable financially to run a movie review website?
Mar 10, 12:46PM EST0

Bwahahaha! I would have no idea. I spend $99 a year for the hosting and the URL, and I think I sold 4 books last year for a royalty of like $5. In my case, that, then, is a big ol’ “no.” But I’m doing this just for fun. C’est la vie.

Mar 10, 1:21PM EST0
How did Open Books find you? Did you approach them first?
Mar 10, 11:28AM EST0

They actually found my mom Susie Duncan Sexton first and published two collections of her writings: Secrets of an Old Typewriter. They found her via Facebook and our postings of her columns there. Over time, they were looking for additional authors to build out their bullpen and approached me.

Last edited @ Mar 10, 11:46AM EST.
Mar 10, 11:46AM EST0
Do you think you will be authoring any books in the future?
Mar 10, 10:39AM EST0

 I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind seeing another batch of reviews collected in book form. However, the whole book publishing thing is a bit exhausting and shockingly unfulfilling. There are so many people out there promoting and publishing their books, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. There is also a surprising amount of personal expense you have to put into the process,  without any guarantee of success for yourself. Someday, I wouldn’t mind writing my great Kurt Vonnegut/William Faulkner novel, or at least I will just keep saying I want to do that to sound cerebral.

Mar 10, 10:50AM EST0
If you don't have to pay the bills, would you still keep your day job in marketing?
Mar 10, 8:21AM EST0

 I do love what I do, but, in all honesty, if money was no object I would write movie reviews and put on cabaret shows. Whether anyone read them or saw them, it wouldn’t matter. I just enjoy doing both of those things more than any other activity. Oh, and I would probably rescue a million stray animals. 😂🐕🎵

Mar 10, 10:46AM EST0
Why don't you see and review art films?
Mar 9, 6:53AM EST0

Haha! I'm mostly just being a smart aleck. I see more than I let on. I'm not sure why I find it amusing to pretend I'm a boor, but I do. I actually caught up on most of the Oscar nominees a few weeks back. You can read my assessment here. I will concede, though, that with time and money being such a finite resource, I'd much rather go to populist entertainment that will make me forget for two hours how rotten this planet can be. I also find that some highly awarded films are almost unbearable to me. I don't know if I'm just contrary, but I watch something that has already gotten heaps of praise with a pretty skeptical lens.

Mar 9, 3:05PM EST0
What is your favourite movie of all time?
Mar 9, 4:25AM EST0

This is like the super hero question. When you love movies, you just can't pick one. I like so many movies for so many different reasons. Nostalgia, exceptional scripting, great acting, transforming a genre. I love some truly horrible films like Xanadu or The Black Hole just because they meant something to be as a kid. I love The Black Stallion, Watership Down, Raggedy Ann and Andy's Musical Adventure, Star Wars because in my childhood they transported me. I love certain filmmakers like the Coen Brothers, Kubrick, Spielberg, Lumet whose films can be flawed but always have a distinct point of view. I also like ribald comedies like Bridesmaids or Girls' Trip that empower their central characters and gleefully ridicule self-importance and pomposity. I do think Singin' in the Rain is about as perfect as a film can be. Bringing Up Baby is in that camp too. But, then, I can watch Dick Tracy or Popeye on repeat, and I think I'm the only person on the planet for whom that is true.

Last edited @ Mar 9, 3:07PM EST.
Mar 9, 3:05PM EST0
Did you create the website by yourself? Do you have experience in web design?
Mar 9, 3:33AM EST0

Oh heavens, no. It's just a Wordpress template that I modified. There are people who know how to do amazing things on the interwebs. I ain't one of them. That said, I've managed a couple of web redesign projects where people much smarter than I did all the heavy lifting, and I thought that was fun. Like redecorating a room with people who actually know how to paint and aren't color blind.

Mar 9, 2:58PM EST0
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